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PokerStars #GameOn Challenge features Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart

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Posted on 24 November 2017 by "T".

PokerStars is very enthusiastic when it comes to promoting their re-named PokerStars Caribbean Challenge, which is all set to happen next January in the Bahamas, and to keep with the tradition of endorsing the always-popular live tournament series, PokerStars ambassadors Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt shall be doing again their #GameOn challenges.

To see which of these two celebs could ‘keep their cool' the longest time possible (an important skill for any aspiring poker player), a huge tin tub full of ice and super-cold water was set up for them to climb in to. The one who lasts the longest in the tub is declared the winner, and of course PokerStars is there to film the challenge once more.

Watch the video here:

As the comedian Hart took off his robe to reveal his vintage-looking swimsuit attire with matching shower cap, he looked very uneasy, especially when he realized the tub was almost as tall as he was. Meanwhile, Bolt psyched himself up and then took a dip. Bolt's pained expression haven't encouraged Hart at all for him to jump in too, and he only tried to dip in a measly toe in the icy water before conceding the challenge to the Olympic sprinter, saying "I don't know what this has to do with poker faces or anything else!" while performing a ‘diva' style storm off the set.

The video footage concludes with referee Daniel Negreanu explaining from the frozen depths of the ice bath why it is crucial to stay cool under pressure, while effectively maintaining one's poker face.

So, after you watch the video, we're sure you'll agree that Kevin Hart fled faster than Usain Bolt on this one!

Expect more interesting and funny videos over the next few weeks until Bolt and Hart finally get together over the felt for a heads-up match which will take place during the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in the Bahamas.

Who do you think will win, Usain Bolt or Kevin Hart?


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10 comments on "PokerStars #GameOn Challenge features Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart"

 doubletop77725/11/2017 08:33:27 GMT
I love these sort of things and this video did make me laugh. I have always been a very big fan of Kevin Hart and, i can only imagine how funny it would be to actually play poker with the guy
 CALICUL25/11/2017 16:24:14 GMT
These videos with beautiful moments are good for relaxation. To see a professional poker player, a comedy actor and a Jamaican sprinter is a rare thing except for various award ceremonies. It's not a shame that kevin hart did not want to enter on the ice water. I think his body was not ready for this.
 DaCapo7125/11/2017 17:25:22 GMT
Usain Bolt is the perfect ambassador for the Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas this year. Normally i don´t understand the strategy behind the sport star ambassadors for poker rooms, but for this tourney series it was the right guy. And it was a nice dream to play poker in the Bahamas in the winter time Blink
 Mober25/11/2017 21:07:56 GMT
It was a nice video Smile I like Kevin Hart so, i was expecting to laugh as i did.
How did Usain Bolt even went and sat in that thing Smile
I got cold only by watching that video.
Lets hope they will put more videos like this up soon.
 Gerimantas25/11/2017 21:24:57 GMT
I don't know what this is ude to me like poker player, yes it is fun video and i get good emotions from see ot but as poker player o don't need ambassadors o need good promotion where k cam get some no deposit bonus, or some frre ticket or even deposit nonus, so thos is what i thoml.
 pochui26/11/2017 11:33:11 GMT
I dunno, funny or not I personally do not see a whole lot of reasoning behind such pr. not that it will attract new players to cabibbean poker adventure series, its just good videos to spend a minute of your time and move on.
 pajalnick26/11/2017 16:42:29 GMT
Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart of course very famous people .... and they will certainly attract new players to this poker room .... in this case it seems to me that their attraction is certainly beneficial for these people and for this poker room .... mutually beneficial cooperation
 CALICUL26/11/2017 18:00:42 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart of course very famous people .... and they will certainly attract new players to this poker room .... in this case it seems to me that their attraction is certainly beneficial for these people and for this poker room .... mutually beneficial cooperation

Of course is a mutually beneficial cooperation and these stars people will be part of the strategy of the stars group(amaya group). Pokerstars begins to change stars too fast i do not know why but it's nice to see many stars playing poker or making fun videos. Now pokerstars need to come with good decisions for the players or maybe not. We will see.
 Tony_MON7ANA26/11/2017 18:17:38 GMT
Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart. Two big names are better than one. I really would like to know how much these PokerStars ambassadors are getting paid. Maybe at least US$250,000 a year over a two or three-year period? Maybe a lot more?
 godoy09/05/2018 23:59:22 GMT
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk will he run behind some mulhonario award or will it be a comanda estandaup comedy kkkkk whatever these two sdao very cool and has many charisma and will trace muitop more money for very good afranquias

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