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Poker Pro Billy Vogel conducts ‘Toys for Kids' Charity in Atlantic City

Tags: Billy Vogel, poker charity.
Posted on 05 December 2017 by "T".

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's a great way to share one's blessings by giving back to the community, especially to those who have way less than others and are in need of aid. Take for instance online poker player Billy Vogel, who, for the eighth time in the past eight years, shall be raising money to help support children's hospitals as well as conducting a toy drive to allow children to have a happy and much better holiday this Christmas season.

Billy Vogel may not be a well-known name in the world of poker, but he has over $96,763 in live tourney winnings starting from 2012. His biggest win so far was the $63,753 for dominating at the 2012 DeepStacks Poker Tour Western New York Championship. In the 2013 Borgata Summer Poker Open $230 NLHE Deepstack, he finished runner-up and won $16,788. For settling at 13th place in the 2012 Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza II $1,100 NLHE, he won $2,682. He finished 142nd place for $2,601 in the 2012 WSOP Event #44: $1,000 NLHE.

Winter Wonderland, a yearly event in Atlantic City, enables everyone to enjoy the casino town's convention center which is turned into a pop-up holiday carnival for the town's children, ages 3 up to 12, featuring rides, magic shows, bounce houses, games, face painting, sitting on Santa's lap, and toy giveaways.

The event will be held on December 9 this year, and this time Billy Vogel's Toys for Kids program has partnered with the Atlantic City Police Department.

So far, Vogel has raised over $3,500 on this year's drive and has donated the full amount. He wrote in his Twitter account, "We've blown by last year's total ... There's a local children's museum that teaches with interactive play that could use some supplies. [We're] in talks with the Virgin Islands to help bring toys to their hurricane relief."

He also said they have spent over $2,000 from the donations on toys for the upcoming Winter Wonderland 2017 event in Atlantic City.

The inaugural ‘Toys for Kids' charity program was in 2010 and it raised $3,500 in donations: $1,600 was given to an organized toy donation center drop off while $1,900 was used up to buy toys which were then donated to a US Marines ‘Toys for Tots' charity drive. Ever since then, Vogel's charitable efforts have managed to raise over $30,000 for children!

Poker pro Matt Affleck said on the 2014 drive, "Toys For Kids Charity was started on TwoPlusTwo six years ago, as a way for poker players to give back to the community. Players worked together to provide smiles for kids. Eventually, the charity became too large to be promoted on TwoPlusTwo. Now Billy Vogel has taken the reigns to make sure the charity goes on."

Billy Vogel said, "I'm an online poker player. I have friends from all across the world that decided we wanted to help out, so we raised money and they donated it to me. I went and bought all the toys." On the 2014 charity program, Vogel purchased so many toys that he had to store them at the Ritz Condominiums in Atlantic City until they were ready to be distributed.



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10 comments for "Poker Pro Billy Vogel conducts ‘Toys for Kids'' Charity in Atlantic City"

 doubletop77705/12/2017 08:38:49 GMT
Well done to Billy Vogel for hosting this initiative and its nice to see. These sorts of things can make a very big difference and, especially at this time of year, should be applauded
 DaCapo7105/12/2017 10:46:36 GMT
Thats a verry nice charity project to spend toys for kids in a hospital, And Billy Vogel was a good example for other high stakes poker player. Some of them don´t know what they can do with their money, see the sidebets in the last time.
 pajalnick05/12/2017 16:11:36 GMT
this is certainly a very good initiative from a good man .... many children in hospitals are very sad because they can not celebrate holidays with friends and close people ... and these gifts will lighten up their sadness ..... maybe other people will also support This initsiativu and do good
 pochui05/12/2017 17:42:40 GMT
well its always nice to see some sort of donation project coming through and raising cash, especially an ongoing project. basically its good to be good, and I always give a fat thumbs up to those dudes who show initiative
 Mober05/12/2017 20:41:10 GMT
It is always nice to see people helping with such events, raising money or gifts,
especially when it comes for children, at this time of the year.
And he has been doing this for quite some time. A job well done.
 CALICUL05/12/2017 22:23:12 GMT
Very beautiful gestures from this man. There are plenty of children's homes which could make people to donate money. For those who do not trust donating money, they should buy toys and send them for children. Tradition in my country is like tomorrow 6 December by the holy nicolae to be made gifts in the pairs of shoes.
 Ingrind3305/12/2017 22:39:02 GMT
Being successful at something and making money with it is good thing to do, but it is just GREAT thing if you can help people. For kids with kids with poor parents it is just a very great thing because they are in need, this month can be very expensive. but also this month we must think more about each other and everybody needs a little bit of extra attention. The guy did a good thing!
 Mober09/12/2017 22:30:21 GMT
Not often that you see, people that have the money and time, are involved in
charities.There a re quite a few of them all over the world, but for sure, few more wouldnt hurt,
the ones that really need help.
In some countries it is even get deducted from the tax.
 Tony_MON7ANA09/12/2017 22:59:18 GMT
Giving away gifts to underprivileged children for the holiday season is a very nice gesture of goodwill. It is comforting to know that there is still some good in this world. I wish Billy the best of luck in all his future endeavors.
 godoy19/02/2018 01:07:47 GMT
That is a good action and must be imitated by all poker players because the top players always earn real fortunes and can help and presentiar many people for that and note 1000

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