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Charity Auction of Mike Sexton Memorabilia to benefit Poker Gives

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Posted on 12 October 2020 by "T".

When the poker community learned that WPT commentator and Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton passed away in September, many were shocked and saddened by the unfortunate news.

To honor him, his family then encouraged people to make memorial donations to his charitable group Poker Gives. To keep carrying on with that goodwill, an auction as a tribute for Mike Sexton will be set up, starting Sunday midnight and will run for a good two weeks.

The items up for auction, provided by his family, would be 80 various memorabilia once owned by Sexton, collected from all the years of his exciting life.

Mike Sexton Personal Collection - Charity Auction

  • Duration: October 12 to 26, 2020
  • *80 pieces from Sexton's private memorabilia collection up for auction
  • *benefitting Poker Gives

Remembering Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton was one of the founders of Poker Gives - the proceeds from the auction will benefit said organization, as he would have liked. Poker Gives honors and supports military troops and their families, provides support for those less fortunate in Las Vegas and looks to get involved in programs which benefit the community.

Sexton's life was full of wonderful moments. Many remember him well for his constant promotion of the game, thus earning himself the moniker "Ambassador of Poker" both live and online.

He was most known in the poker world as the longtime voice of the World Poker Tour (WPT), serving as a TV commentator for a good 15 years, alongside fellow commentator Vince Van Patten. To those who watched at home, Sexton was their first man to learn an introduction to Hold'em from - he explained "The Cadillac of Poker" rules, a game that takes just "a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master." In every episode he would end it with, "May all your cards be live, and may all your pots be monsters."

A former Ohio State University gymnast, Sexton volunteered as a U.S. Army paratrooper assigned to Vietnam. He also taught ballroom dancing and contract bridge before he became a professional poker player in 1977. His neighbor Danny Robison was the one who first taught him the game during his childhood days.

He relinquished his commentating career in 2017 to take on a new role, as chairman of partypoker, an online poker site he had helped launch in 2001 prior to the poker boom.

Aside from being a poker ambassador and diligent promoter of the game, Sexton also had some substantial achievements as a poker player - he won a WSOP bracelet in a stud split event in 1989, and he won the 2006 Tournament of Champions for $1M, half of which he generously donated to charity.

In 2016, a few years into not being able to play in WPT events due to his commentating role, he won the WPT Playground Poker Fall Classic for $317,896, and his name was engraved on the WPT Champions Cup Trophy as a tour winner.

Just this July, the WPT renamed their trophy to honor him. He said, "I was most proud of being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. I didn't think anything could ever top that, but in my mind, this does."

Mike Sexton Tribute Auction

The event has been posted on Facebook by Poker Gives, entitled Mike Sexton Tribute Auction and described below:

The Bigger-than-Life Mike Sexton was a fan of his fans. Everyone who knew him has been permanently marked with a fond memory. Mike's family wanted to share some of his personal things with his fans. The family graciously donated many of Mike's personal collection of photos and keepsakes to be auctioned off for his founding charity, Poker Gives.

From October 12th to the 26th, you can bid to own something special of Mike's. Each collection item comes with a special sticker to confirm it came from Mike's collection.

Feel free to bid on any and all of the first 80 items from Mike's personal collection in the auction. The last half of the listed items are on consignment to us. Your purchases support the programs Mike was passionate about; homelessness, youth, and military families. We hope you will see all of it as generous contributions to Poker Gives. Thank You!

You can begin bidding at Midnight on Sunday 10/11/20! Simply scan the QR Code on the banner image, or visit

Thank you all for your generous support!



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10 comments on "Charity Auction of Mike Sexton Memorabilia to benefit Poker Gives"

 dule-vu12/10/2020 09:49:56 GMT
probably every of this item will be sold and even if you dont need or want something,they will find person who will buy it and to give this charity money,that they can help to somebody else!its good that his family do something like this soon after his death and that they will use this on something that this people really need or if somebody lost father,son in wars!
 CALICUL12/10/2020 17:55:27 GMT
Most donations will come from professional players, poker rooms and casinos. After that will be the customers, This thing is something little special because they does in his memory. Is not bad for those who knew him to offer something...
 dule-vu13/10/2020 11:24:40 GMT
as I can see on this link in news,where are all of his things,you can see that lot of them already have big price on it,even they started with just 10 $ or 20 $,but now they already on 500 or 750 $!who knows where it would be end of it and how much money they will earn from this items!
 antonis32113/10/2020 21:04:00 GMT
This charity on memory of Mike Sexton will benefit a very nice cause , I am sure poker players , known to him or not , friends of his or frinds of the game will donate to help the causes he has chosen for his charities . These items I am sure they ae going to be sold to players who want to help to honour Mike's legacy and contribution to the game we all love Smile
 CALICUL14/10/2020 07:30:03 GMT
His family is very generous in this case because they prefers for donate over 80 items that belonged to Mike Sexton. In this way give help to Poker Give. A wonderful thing because it is not easy when you give up at memories.
 dule-vu14/10/2020 11:43:02 GMT
I know that he was in army and thats why his family doing this and money will go to them,but maybe much better thing would be if this money would go to some kids who also need it!in this case this money will also go to families and soldiers who have problems,but we all know that other people need money!
 antonis32114/10/2020 23:30:53 GMT
Many have needs , children are the ones most people prefer to help , but others do exist , people with disabilities , they also have families , which means children of their own, also wives , sometimes unemployed or also with some health problems .

The world is full of problems and it lacks will to apply the solutions , only when humanity and compasion and people with their charity campaigns come together , then solutions are applied , then future becomes brighter for children , for ill people , for the human being as a whole Smile

I am sure this charity'cause will help the right people Smile
 CALICUL15/10/2020 08:52:17 GMT
It depends on the human soul because in this world many persons are evil and stingy. Others have good mentality, more money or other values... that is not important to them. They decide for donate them. Good decisions when you want to help.
 dule-vu15/10/2020 14:39:30 GMT
antonis we all know what kind of bad things american soldiers do in whole world,especially in last 20,30 years,so its not that they are people who really need to get money,more then some others!its about usa goverment to take care of them,when they are in bad situation because of wars in other countries!
 CALICUL16/10/2020 09:32:35 GMT
Dule-vu, Americans do these ugly things not because of themselves. Guilty are who lead them. Their bosses are Jews. In many countries same...They don't donate money, but most good Americans are generous. You are? have u ever donated anything? or you're stingy?

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