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Two ladies duped of their $100k by Macau gambler on VIP room investment scam

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Posted on 17 March 2017 by "K".
Two female Singapore nationals have reported to police that they were scammed in an alleged investment scheme in a casino VIP room in Macau, according to the Macau Judiciary Police (PJ) last Monday, March 6.

The unpleasant incident started last year in Singapore, when the two ladies met with a 52-year-old male local of the city-state who informed them that he owned a company in Macau that operates a VIP room inside a casino. He then encouraged the two ladies to invest in this kind of business since it has potentially high revenue.

The women’s interests were piqued, and so on December 18 last year, they journeyed to Macau where the suspect took them to a VIP room of an unnamed casino, in which he claimed belonged to his company.

The two women ultimately decided to invest US$50,000 each (approximately MOP400,000) and they have deposited the entire amount in an account that was set up inside the VIP room.

Unfortunately, the ladies agreed with the suspect’s assurance that the signing of contracts can be dealt with at a later time, insisting that it is a formality not requiring immediate attention.  After that, the man disappeared without a trace, prompting the two women to file a complaint to the PJ on January 2017.

The authorities began to investigate on the scam, and on March 2, they caught the suspect while he was trying to leave Macau. The man confessed, and he admitted that the cash was immediately withdrawn from the account right after it was deposited. He also admitted that he does not have ownership of the casino VIP room, aside from only having an account opened there.

As for the money, he said that he had lost it all – gambling at a different Macau VIP room.


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15 comments on "Two ladies duped of their $100k by Macau gambler on VIP room investment scam"

 Gerimantas17/03/2017 13:58:45 GMT
Haha always keep your money for yourself and be very careful when someone in the casino offer you some way to invest, best investment you can make in a casino is to leave with the money you already have, play some for fun but no big bets, no investments
 T3ddyKGB17/03/2017 16:38:32 GMT
greed for more money seem to turn off some peoples brain easily and in seconds so imposter have a easy game with gullible peoples who do not check references/background.
 Mober17/03/2017 18:03:37 GMT
They wanted to invest 50k, transferred the money with ease, while signing no contract.
That was a mistake.
And even if they caught the guy there si no money to be found according to him.
In other words money gone, and they are not getting it back.
 pajalnick17/03/2017 20:13:52 GMT
Let them think that they lost this money in the casino ....... but when you play in the casino it's interesting and they played only once and they dropped a zero)))) ........... so far There are stupid and greedy people that the work of swindlers will not stop
 bowie198418/03/2017 01:46:12 GMT
Poor women. They have 50k each, yet they r too friggin stupid to realize when they are being scammed. Why on earth would private casino rooms be good investments to anybody outside of the actual casino???
 Heskor18/03/2017 07:04:03 GMT
Haha well that was not nice for the ladies they lost money in a casino and not by playing but by investing and getting conned, so sad for them they should have at least use their brain and know that this looks like a scam.

Who would in the right mind accept to invest with one person met in the casino, anyway as the saying goes when something is too good to be true then it is usually true. Anyway hope they get some money back anyway have a nice weekend guys!
 pochui18/03/2017 09:52:13 GMT
yeah me too ponders how on earth ladies who have an extra $50K to spend in some shady investment have more green paper than brains... either they have wealthy businessmen/mafiosi's for husbands or they are elite hookers who thought that they will have the chance to dupe rich customers inside this vip room that will belong to them...
 damosk18/03/2017 12:17:13 GMT
So! Give me $50k and I will turn it into $100k with no effort from you other than doing a bank transfer. Fancy it? Of course you do, but wouldn't you first do some research and due diligence to ensure that the Deal had at least some credibility before you parted with your well gained cash? Of course you would...... wouldn't you?????
 pajalnick18/03/2017 20:05:34 GMT
If the offer is very good, then you need to ask yourself: for what services do they offer such a profitable deal? ... If this was possible, then probably no one would have told anyone this and earned himself .... a simple question, a simple answer
 bowie198419/03/2017 02:18:20 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
If the offer is very good, then you need to ask yourself: for what services do they offer such a profitable deal?

Maybe this was like a pitch of timesharing but instead of a hotel suite they would have get timesharing on a VIP room or something along like that. Sounds sketchy from the get-go tbh.
 Tony_MON7ANA19/03/2017 05:06:30 GMT
I bet this 52-year-old male suspect has scammed not only these unsuspecting two female tourists but many visitors from all over the world. This is an utterly despicable crime and should not be tolerated.
 Theapple19/03/2017 08:39:23 GMT
oh well at least it was just 100k

Big Smile Big Smile
 doubletop77719/03/2017 08:58:25 GMT
Its never nice to read about these kind of stories and i hope that they can catch this guy and, at least, they get some of their money back. You must always be careful when things look too good to be true
 pochui19/03/2017 10:36:57 GMT
well i am happy to inform you doubletop777 that thy have indeed caught the guy, of which you could've been informed if you decided to read the whole article before unleashing your comment... but not so much luck with actually getting back the money, since the dude was quick enough to place it all on the red... Dollar
 bowie198421/03/2017 02:48:59 GMT
Posted by pochui:
... but not so much luck with actually getting back the money, since the dude was quick enough to place it all on the red... Dollar

Yeah, old mistake. First thing to buy when you entering a casino - with somebody else's money - is an expensive hooker, so no matter what happens after at least she will take some edge of beforehand. Less stress, more time well spent.

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