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Macau Casino Revenue Continues Recovery with 1,014% Growth in April

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Posted on 04 May 2021 by "T".

Macau's gambling revenue rose to 1,014% year-over-year in April to 8.4 billion patacas ($1.1 billion), according to a report released Saturday by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. This outcome was actually below the median analyst estimate for a 1,054% jump, Bloomberg reports.

The revenue increased only 1% from the previous month, and is down 65% from April 2019, right before the pandemic hit.

The latest jump compares with a low level a year earlier when Beijing imposed travel bans to help curb the spread of the virus. In April last year, gambling revenue sank a record 97% to less than $100 million.

The accumulated revenue in the first four months of 2021 reached 32.04 billion patacas (approx. $4 billion), up by 2.6% year-on-year. In February 2021, the monthly gaming revenue climbed 135.6% year-over-year.

Because of the negative impact of the 2020 pandemic, Macau's monthly gambling revenue continued to have a year-on-year decrease. However, thanks to the stable epidemic situations both in Macau and the mainland, the drop in monthly gaming revenue has eased in the second half of 2020.

This year, the Golden Week holiday in May is expected to increase revenue for gaming operators, with MGM China and Melco Resorts both predicting that they will have strong holiday performances.


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26 comments on "Macau Casino Revenue Continues Recovery with 1,014% Growth in April"

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» Macau Casino Revenue Continues Recovery with 1,014% Growth in April

 dule-vu04/05/2021 18:54:30 GMT
this will affect on their business for months and months,because people will not travel there for long time,maybe some players from few countries and they will lose lot of money because of that!ofcourse its better situation then in last year and they earn something,but ofcourse this isnt even close ot situation from 2019.!
 Cesar1404/05/2021 21:42:17 GMT
The recovery of the income of the Macau casino is recovering little by little, we cannot say that it is enough, but at least there is a glimmer of hope, it has not been easy for the casinos to face this pandemic, but of course better moments will come when this happens, but now the reality we have to be strong and assume our losses.
 CALICUL05/05/2021 15:34:13 GMT
a 97% decrease is destructive when you think of business logic, but many things it settles down normally and business will grow. This "pandemic" has made a huge hole in the economy of all countries. We shouldn't be surprised. The important thing is people to have jobs and many will stop at the casinos.
 Cesar1405/05/2021 22:19:35 GMT
The decrease in income in these casinos compared to other years is abysmal, hopefully they can recover slowly, but it is difficult to do so in these years that we are still struggling with this pandemic, we have all suffered it and hopefully this changes for the well-being of all.
 geseco1206/05/2021 01:19:14 GMT
The decrease in income in casinos is a reality throughout the world, not only happens in Macau, but in all casinos, but I think that being one of the largest in that country, you usually feel the drops because they were used to billing millions of dollars a year, now the reality is different, we hope this improves.
 CALICUL06/05/2021 15:46:11 GMT
Macau casino can no longer recover the money from that period, but they will have to provide quality for their customers and people will come to play there in large numbers. The situation can no longer be remedied in terms of the money which he would have won, while the casino was closed.
 geseco1207/05/2021 04:08:50 GMT
It is hard to recover from this crisis, but surely they will have better opportunities in the future to be able to bill as they did before, a shame for that, but we cannot do anything about this situation.
 CALICUL07/05/2021 15:52:30 GMT
The problem of recovery no longer exists. That money that should have been earned is gone. Now begins another stage, where people will come to play. There will be profit, but the calculation is only now , because what would have been gained in the Covid 19 period... has been lost forever.
 Cesar1407/05/2021 16:52:58 GMT
Money is lost of course, it is already difficult to recover from losses, it will take years to return to normal, how important this happens so that again it begins to grow in income which is what we all want, hopefully this can change.
 dule-vu08/05/2021 01:57:32 GMT
we all know that they have a lot of money and that they will not be hungry because they didnt work normal for such a long time!ofcourse by this,I mean on owners and managers,but bigger problem was for all people that work in this casinos,restuarants,hotels,who didnt have job and money because of situation!hope that soon everything will be normal,but we will still wait for some time that we can travle on places like this!
 Cesar1408/05/2021 23:47:36 GMT
That is true, those who suffer are those who are down, the situation is difficult, not all of us have that love for others to support, for example, Neymar's academy has been paralyzed since the pandemic, and Neymar is paying everyone the salary as if they were working, that is not done by just anyone, great, the managers of the casinos should do the same.
 geseco1209/05/2021 05:32:34 GMT
I am happy for them, that they can, even if it is not much, but these news give them a little encouragement to continue, I think you have to have a lot of faith, life gives us challenges and obstacles sometimes difficult, but we can solve it, hopefully the casinos can be opening little by little and that they can recover income.
 dule-vu09/05/2021 11:18:33 GMT
it would be good to see numbers from macau and what is number of people that got vaccine that they can work like las vegas or this wasnt case there!they will recover in next months for sure and they will back money that their didnt earn in last year,but just not to press people that they must do something!
 CALICUL09/05/2021 17:33:51 GMT
we must to be happy because jobs exist. This casino do better than us. They have clients and can make money, and if that thing doesn't happen then they go bankrupt and that's it. Macau casino is still alive and can live a few years or maybe much longer.
 Cesar1410/05/2021 02:12:19 GMT
I do not think that this casino like the one in Macao disappears, it is the essence of that country and it is as if it were a tourist center, but we will have to give it some time for everything to return to normal, the vaccines are arriving to immunize all humanity and to be able to be calm.
 dule-vu10/05/2021 12:31:26 GMT
they will not close it for sure and they will work for many years,but in this situation when everything was closed,they couldnt earn anything,so now when everything is open in macau,they will have lot of tourists and will back some of money that they have lost in last year!we will see some new numbers in next months!
 CALICUL10/05/2021 18:16:51 GMT
I know that people are desperate to come and play in any big casino from the world. It will be the same in Macau, because here are fabulous sums of money. Let's not forget when a professional poker player said about Tom Dwan that he lost a $ 20,000,000 pot in Macau. People will play a lot there.
 Cesar1415/05/2021 01:50:35 GMT
Macao is an icon and a reference for casinos, especially poker, many professionals have gone, now it is more difficult because of the situation, but that the recovery is going from low to high and I am sure that they will be able to get out of this soon.
 dule-vu15/05/2021 15:38:09 GMT
in macau there is maybe even bigger money then in las vegas!I know that we have so many rich people in usa,who come on weekend just to spend few millions their and to return home,but somehow this macau is biggest gambling place in asia and so many legal and ilegal things happen there and thats why I say that maybe even bigger money is in game there!
 CALICUL15/05/2021 21:22:39 GMT
It is important to see what customers will have Macau from now on. They may be more successful than before or have a lower profit than it was. However, this territory of China is something more special. There will be large sums of money again.
 CALICUL05/09/2021 21:32:47 GMT
the return will be even greater if the restrictions do not reappear and things return to normal. Their profit will be very good as long as the casinos there can have customers. Most of those who visit that city will definitely have the pleasure of playing there.
 CALICUL06/10/2021 00:06:26 GMT
little more and it will end with these restrictions, because people join the lawyers, Dr. Fleming and Professor Luc Montagnier, demanding with the International Criminal Court, with all the strength and maximum responsibility, the indictment of world governments for crimes against humanity. Covid 19 is a huge lie and i said that in 2020. Journalists and televisions received money to lie, and because of this, all the holiday places with a casino or not suffered and humanity as well. This grow is very nice
 CALICUL28/10/2021 17:32:31 GMT
I'm curious if they'll close again now or they're already done with the waves of lies. I think it's a shame that there are total restrictions and people don't have a chance to play. They will lose money and the pleasure of playing. We wll see what happens in the next weeks.
 CALICUL17/11/2021 21:04:21 GMT
I don't know what it's like here at this time, but it seems that many countries in Europe want a fierce dictatorship that will vaccinate the entire continent. I have the impression that the Kalergi plan for the destruction of the white race and on other sides, including Asia, is a drastic decrease in population. It's not good at all.
 CALICUL06/12/2021 09:17:42 GMT
Things are not going so well in Macau because they have a partial state of emergency and travel conditions may be good for anyone who wants to go on holiday there. The holidays are coming and I suppose there are enough Europeans or other people who will go there. They will be lucky

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