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Poker pro agrees to Prop Bet - Eat $1K worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours

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Posted on 17 May 2017 by "T".

A professional poker player has just agreed to a high-stakes prop bet in which the challenge is to try eating $1,000 worth of McDonald's fast food in 36 hours, and the prize if he accomplishes the dare is over $200,000!

The poker pro who's going to attempt the challenge is Mike Noori (picture), who will be getting 5:1 on the bet declared by legendary tournament director Matt Savage. Nobody knows the exact sum that Noori will win in case he manages to pull this off, but he said on Twitter that so far over $200,000 has already been booked on the proposition wager, but only a very small slice in there is his money.

Aspiring food blogger and fellow poker pro Jimmy Fricke of said on the twoplustwo poker forum, "This is impossible. If he eats the lowest calorie/dollar food available (southwest grilled chicken salad) this is still 66,000 calories."

Another poster said otherwise, "It can be done; 20,000 calories a day combined with exercise is already something many men do in training. It isn't easy but if he exercised throughout and had little rests it would help greatly."

The Game Plan
Just like those who aim to win, Noori definitely has come up with a game plan. He is going to begin with $500 worth of apple slices, followed by $200 in salads, with add-ons of cheese, bacon and guacamole.

These specific prices on the apple slices and salads were set as the maximum caps as part of the conditions of the prop bet.

With three apple slices in each bag priced at $1 each, it is still a body-torturing 1,500 apple slices that Noori would have to gulp down before even getting to the weightier burgers.

Blenders Not Allowed
Of course, there has to be burgers on the menu. In the written rules of the bet, $300 has to be spent on "hot food items", which should include at least $50 worth of burgers. Drinks don't count. Also, Noori has to eat everything that comes with the order (except the Happy Meal toy). Furthermore, using a blender is not allowed.
His safety is also put into consideration. In the official rules, it says that "puking is okay as long as he doesn't force the puke or puke repeatedly."

Massive Calorie Splurge
The typical healthy male consumes around 2,500 calories per day. This prop bet is looking to give Noori more or less 66,000 calories in a span of 36 hours. If he loses the bet and manages to survive, he will have to shell out $1000 for the food bill. If he wins, then he has to contribute $500 on his gorge session.

The fastfood burger-binge prop bet is scheduled on May 19-21 at an Arizona McDonald's.



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29 comments on "Poker pro agrees to Prop Bet - Eat $1K worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours"

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» Poker pro agrees to Prop Bet - Eat $1K worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours

 Robbo199018/05/2017 06:05:20 GMT
smash 1000k on chicken nuggets!
 Tony_MON7ANA18/05/2017 06:51:33 GMT
So, he has to eat $1k worth of food at McDonald's in 36 hours? This sounds absurd. Many foods are full of unhealthy fat, calories, cholesterol, carbs, and sodium.
I have to say, I admire his guts. Really. Taking on such a challenge should not be underestimated!
 Calmplay18/05/2017 08:00:08 GMT
having seen his picture I think he'll successfully do it, it is a sick goal as I would have not been able to do this even more 1 million bucks Dollar Dollar Dollar
 doubletop77718/05/2017 08:50:06 GMT
At first glance, i thought, that this was a very winnable wager but it is beginning to look more and more unlikely. 66,000 calories in a day and a half sound impossible and i cant wait to see how it plays out
 pinotte18/05/2017 16:33:54 GMT
I would not call him a poker pro with around 400K. life winning he is just a poker player.

However this kind of challenge is just insane and not that much interesting to obtain publicity for it.

He is probably doing it because he can't make money playing poker so 200K. for him would be very good.

You will never see a real poker pro trying this kind of thing. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 dule-vu18/05/2017 16:38:04 GMT
on what people bet in life,its just silly!but when you have people who will accept bets on anything,nothing is strange!and ofcourse most of this things come from america!just hope that this guy will have some medical help near him,if something go wrong!its too much food in 36 hours,especially junk from McDonalds!
 Davydave18/05/2017 16:53:30 GMT
He'll be using $2000 worth of toilet paper....
 StheP18/05/2017 17:30:24 GMT
well he would not accept bet if he doesnt think that he have any sort of edge, and think that is preaty doable.... I think its almoust impossible if you are not 300kg heavy, but if he accepted bet, than I dont know what to think...
 Mober18/05/2017 18:01:36 GMT
What a bet. Where do they find all this?
From the picture it doesnt look he can make it Smile
The sure think is, that afterwards he will needs tons of sodas, not to mention he can be vomiting
in the process Blink
 StheP18/05/2017 18:39:05 GMT
Posted by Mober:
What a bet. Where do they find all this?
From the picture it doesnt look he can make it Smile
The sure think is, that afterwards he will needs tons of sodas, not to mention he can be vomiting
in the process Blink

it is alowed 1 or even 2 vomits, but not induced... if he induce vomiting, he would be disqualified
 Gerimantas18/05/2017 19:51:44 GMT
Funny promotion or bet they say, i don't think i would try this offer even if someone say i will ger 10 billions of dollars because i know I cannot do it, i eat a couple of burgers and a bag of potatoes and I cannot eat another bite no matter if I am paid or not.
 DaCapo7119/05/2017 09:52:40 GMT
Perhaps it was the better idea for his health to eat the money directly Big Smile It seems, that some poker pros have to much money or they feel boring at the poker tables... But why not, he can eat a lot of children menu and collect some gifts Blink
 Mober19/05/2017 18:43:44 GMT
When you have so much money that you dont care of losing it in any way, then
you go and do things like this bet.
Cause if it mattered to you, you would prefer to either keep the money,
or do a smarter investment Smile
 Gerimantas20/05/2017 12:54:53 GMT
I do not think that he has so much money he can lose it eith no pain, so I think that he decide that it is a good chance to him to win this bet, even when guys make crazy bets they always do so because they think there is a good chance to win something.
 Mober20/05/2017 19:04:09 GMT
Well if he doesnt have that much and he is worried about losing then it is simply a dumb bet.
At the end the one who has to eat all that, he might get sick out of it,
but it is not something impossible to do.
Although if he is a bit thin for the job. from what is see in the pic Smile
 Robbo199021/05/2017 04:05:07 GMT
lol you dont have to be fat to eat lots. like the people who do those competitive eating comps arent fat. when I was thin I could eat 2 large pizzas and a garlic bread in one go. plus with places like mcdonalds the food only make you full for an hour or so and then you are hungry again.
 dule-vu21/05/2017 11:15:48 GMT
in this text I see that he want to lot of apple slices and salads,on this will spend 70 % of money,but still 30 % will be on hot food,burgers and others!so wonder who will affect on him this kind of junk food!
 pochui21/05/2017 12:51:39 GMT
so did this eating bonanza started yet? i want to follow all of this epic action with semi regular vomiting in the midst of the fun... left and right burgers disappearing, French fried being annihilated and apple slices are being tossed into the stomach at will.
 Tony_MON7ANA21/05/2017 14:20:25 GMT
I will be damned if McDonald's comes up with new menu items.
$10 French Fries, $15 Ceviche Salad, $25 Premium Angus Beef Burger, $40 Kobe Beef Sandwich, $50 Special Deluxe Filet-O-Fish, etc! Then he might be able to consume $5,000 worth of food in 3 days, LMFAO!
 demodawggy21/05/2017 15:53:35 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Guy surely likes to go all in.

... Big Smile< ...I'd hate to see the toilet bowl after buddy has gone "all in" it in the days following...!

... Confused< ...EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWW....!!!

Big Smile< heheeeeeeee....
 Mober21/05/2017 19:26:19 GMT
You dont have to be fat indeed to eat much, but when you have a bigger stomach,
you can put more in it, i believe Smile

I have seen once a food competition on tv, in some documentary
and i got disgusted with it, left before it was over Smile
 Gerimantas21/05/2017 19:59:35 GMT
Yes people think of all kind of funny and interesting bets and then they go and try to do all they can to win those bets. I think some people are too interested in gambling and these bets are alzo gambling but a little bit different form, but it would be funny to watch dome short movie a about this eating.
 Odysseus10126/05/2017 11:37:28 GMT
He failed miserably, but it was apparently a stunt for a charity raise, so whatever. No such thing as bad publicity.
Shouldn't it be possible? If a skinny teenager can competitively eat 30 hot dogs in 12 minutes or whatever, why couldn't someone eat this much MacDonald's?
Clearly, the number of calories isn't all that relevant. At some point your body will just be trying to push it through your digestive tract without fully digesting, no? Any doctors out there?
So if the calories aren't the issue, then wouldn't having the ice cream or mcflurries be the way to go? They aren't "drinks" but would be processed by the body as such.
And I wonder if it's possible or likely that you'd do any serious long term damage to your liver? 200K isn't worth it if you give yourself diabetes overnight.
 dule-vu26/05/2017 14:28:19 GMT
yeah,everything for publicity and for advertisement!who know what is behind this,but also he just dont know what to do in life!but now he is on news and on internet,so got what he want!hope that he wont try something like this in future!
 pajalnick26/05/2017 14:49:54 GMT
In this case, it can save only a huge appetite and a really abdominal stomach ..... Of course similar bets are often found in the world of players but there is something new ... I wish him luck and great appetite
great appetite

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