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Poker Pros create Prop Bet on 2020 WSOP Likely Getting Cancelled due to Coronavirus

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Posted on 04 March 2020 by "T".

Various annual huge events this year 2020 have already been postponed, moved, or even cancelled due to the coronavirus scare. Such cancelled events include: Google's yearly conference which is its biggest event of the year, major and minor sports events like the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix in April, and the possible postponement or even cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games in July. Therefore, it is understandable that there's a possibility that the World Series of Poker could also be cancelled.

Here are some key points that WSOP could be cancelled due to the coronavirus:

  • WSOP attendees may drop significantly due to fear of getting infected
  • The illness can spread quickly like wildfire throughout poker rooms
  • WPT has already postponed tournaments in Asia

The coronavirus outbreak that closed down Macau casinos for two weeks have prompted some poker players to assume that this ongoing pandemic will trigger the shutdown of the 51st annual WSOP this summer in Las Vegas.

At the time of writing, the total number of coronavirus cases has reached 93,191, with 3,203 deaths, but nearly 60,000 have recovered so far, according to

Due to the increasing number of cases happening daily plus the left and right cancellation of minor and major events, the poker community is abuzz about whether or not the biggest poker event of the year will also get marked off the calendar.

Poker pros Doug Polk, Mike McDonald and Dan O'Brien are some of those willing to bet that the summer festival will be cancelled.

Last week, 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk tweeted "I think there is a real chance of WSOP being cancelled."

As a common thing in the poker world, soon Polk announced he would be taking bets from other people who believed that the event would still go on as scheduled. He's willing to take all action as long as he was being laid 20:1 on his bet.

At this time, the WSOP organizers have no intention of cancelling the event, but clarified they will continue to monitor the outbreak and may make changes if needed.

Vice President of Corporate Communication for the WSOP Seth Palansky said, "We've been monitoring the situation and will continue to lean on the experts in this field for guidance. At this time, all our events and schedules remain intact and are planned to go on without interruption. We would be prepared to expand measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, again leaning on the experts."

Polk isn't the only one taking action. High stakes reg Mike McDonald tweeted he would take slightly worse odds than Polk, provided the other is willing to risk at least $40,000.

Dan O'Brien also was keen on taking action at 16:1 as well. Later on that day, McDonald dropped the price to 12:1, at which point O'Brien did the same.

A few known pros decided to take on McDonald's offer. Josh Reichard, a 12-time WSOP Circuit ring winner, wrote to McDonald to work out the details of the prop bet via private message. His tweet also attracted two-time WSOP bracelet winner David "ODB" Baker to bet against McDonald too.



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36 comments on "Poker Pros create Prop Bet on 2020 WSOP Likely Getting Cancelled due to Coronavirus"

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» Poker Pros create Prop Bet on 2020 WSOP Likely Getting Cancelled due to Coronavirus

 demodawggy10/03/2020 17:33:47 GMT

... Big Smile< ...A card table is a veritable petri dish where 'things' like coronavirus can incubate and infect EVERYBODY...!!!

... Big Smile< ...Even without that threat, I still don't like the idea of handling cards, because if you watch card games, you'll see people rubbing their eyes, ears, and pick their noses at the BEST of times...

... Big Smile< ...Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww..... Confused
 CALICUL11/03/2020 02:28:26 GMT
The coronavirus scared a lot of Romanian citizens who left Italy because of fear. They came to my country and went into quarantine. I believe that action must be taken everywhere. Schools will be closed for a period and other institutes as well. I don't think the WSOP will be canceled. In hot temperatures the viruses can be stopped, i think.
 MarkWest11/03/2020 14:01:00 GMT
Yes , let's hope that this virus will stop and disappears even it don't like so right now.
Don't know about how this virus acts when it's hot temperatures but now see that this virus stay also some countries where have now higher temperature ... It's new virus and no have much information about it so have to only look how does it go...
 dule-vu11/03/2020 14:08:35 GMT
people dont know will we have olympic games or european championship in football,but they know that we will have WSOP this year!?cant believe what people write and what stupid things they can say!now uefa want to make decision to stop cahmpions league and europe league after this stage,so how can anybody know what will be till summer?
 antonis32111/03/2020 19:33:11 GMT
Governments take this outbreak really very seriously . Athletic events get cancelled , casinos are closing , schools or universities close for some weeks , many are in quarantine to sequre the safety and health of the rest of the citizens in many counties , Greece , Italy , everhywhere . Especially in Italy too many are the peolpe who got ill . The situation is concerning . I hope everything goes back to normality soon in the future , find a way to restrain this virus outbreak . The fear and panic
are more contagious than the virus itself .....
 MarkWest12/03/2020 11:53:43 GMT
Still no sign to better , now virus touch NBA , football in England and many other countries , NHL also have to think what next ? Formula 1 get also bad news in Australian GP , McLaren will not start because of this virus... , this list of cancelled events just keep going... seems like travelling going to be no possible but it's maybe best way to slow down this virus.
 CALICUL12/03/2020 13:27:19 GMT
The United States of America can be blamed for this coronavirus, and i think that's exactly what happened, and that's only, because of the globalists... While newspapers scare the population,
American tanks run through Italy at night and the soldiers have no masks. Their excuse is military exercise.
 dule-vu12/03/2020 14:07:47 GMT
nba is also stopped this morning,even one game was canceled when players were on court,so you can see what will happen with WSOP if this dont finish in next month or two!champions league will also stop,so for everything we dont know what will be!this will be very crazy summer!
 MarkWest12/03/2020 17:59:58 GMT
For now it seems that all bigger events will be cancel , now some events play without any people to watch and much events already cancelled or move to play later... Nobody knows what that later means... is it weeks , months or year time will show how much this virus will change our lives in this year...
 dule-vu13/03/2020 14:17:08 GMT
almost everything is stopped in europe and lot of things in rest of world!best thing that show how everything is not secure and how thing can finish,is todays news from lithuania,where zalgiris is already champion in basketball after 19. rounds!regular season wasnt over,but federation made decision that there will be no more basketball in country and that they are champions!
 CALICUL13/03/2020 15:29:31 GMT
It is unacceptable that Italy has asked for help from the European Union and was refused. I sit and wonder: EU leaders must respond in front of justice or not? because this thing is very ugly and it would have been logical and normal for them to take attitude.
 MarkWest13/03/2020 17:08:54 GMT
Few countries closed already and seems like there will be more... is it too late like it seems to be...
Think nobody knows it before what kind of situation have now.
All around world in few months and all what can make is only watch and see how badly situation will go...
 antonis32113/03/2020 22:58:36 GMT
Well , personally I don't believe such a great event for so meny players in the USA or around the world will actually be cancelled . But if it gets cancelled , not just postponed , that would be a stupid decision made by the US government .

I mean , I am reading , watching the news , etc , are they kidding man ?? Are the really serious about the danger of this virus ?? Ofcourse we should take some precautions , and those that say that they don't , probably they are lying . Even if it's a common cold you'll get precautions . But is it so dangerous really , so as to behave like hysterical madmen or madwomen ?? I watched today in the supermarket old ladies wearing gloves , not just one lady but many , with these announcements they drive them crazy , especially the old women with the foible ''I want to live for ever '' LOL Big Smile . I couldn't help me not laughing with this hysterical old women , hahahaha.

Now , seriously , if a virus or sth else contagious is really dangerous and you want to isolate it , you DON'T take ''aspirin'' kind of measures , like : '' We 'll close some cafeterias or clubs , but most of other shops will remain open . We forbid stores that sell food to serve it to the people IN their stores , but delivery IS allowed !!!!!?????!!!!!..!!!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile We postpone events for one week , then everything goes normal , then again we postpone for two weeks , then again everything is back to normality . We have advertisements of famous people advice us not to go outside from our homes , to avoid it , when actually these guys everyday they go to thei theaters where they play , or to prepare the episode of the TV series where they are the protagonists . They might postpone football matches , but basketball or other sport matches still go on Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile. They stopped the lessons in schools or universities for two weeks , but all their bureaucracy services are opened to all students , or students clubs for students to go and eat there , so students can get in touch there all of them , LOL (actually a lot more students got to the students' club (to eat with the students they are friends with) than the university lessons everyday , everyone knows this hahahah Big Smile) ETC, ETC, ETC

I am starting to think something is not right at all , sth tricky , rediculously silly is go on . Are they kidding , if it's a real danger , this is how you deal with it ???? Oh man , maybe the rich men/governments do really have the antidote , I might change my beliefs and think that maybe actually this virus is man-made .....
 dule-vu14/03/2020 15:36:52 GMT
what a hell you talking about antonis?how do you mean for so many players from USA?and where is NBA?they canceled whole league and you say that would be normal to play poker and in room with several thousands of people?
in most of countries where is corona problem,you cant have on one place more then 100 people,so how you think that poker can be played?
 CALICUL14/03/2020 19:08:49 GMT
This coronavirus thing is a big scam. The number of victims in Italy is a lie of the government of this country. The new world order is trying to produce a global crisis, or maybe a war with Russia or Iran and cares the population with manipulative news.
 MarkWest14/03/2020 19:16:19 GMT
Now have already news about cancelled tournaments and casinos what closed because of virus so it keep going... and will close much events than we think maybe few weeks ago.
Need big miracle and quickly to keep that hope of playing alive.

Caligul , is it really you who write ? Or some green man from space installed some never seen before virus to your computer ?
Or should we all be relieved because all news about this virus is only fake and big scam?
Yes I know it's Saturday but I never found that kind of drink what you maybe found Smile Smile
Need that prescription Smile Smile
 dule-vu15/03/2020 18:57:52 GMT
love your post markwest,would give you 10 thumbs up,but I dont have privilege to vote,so cant do it!yeah,when you read some posts,you cant believe what people write!you cant say is it so funny or so stupid!
about WSOP,big chances are that everything will be canceled,when we see NBA and other thing in america!but its better not to play,when you see whats happening in rest of world!
 CALICUL15/03/2020 21:09:19 GMT
Markwest, Coronavirus is not fake but the lies about it are very false and is related to the US Army in Europe. Number of people who dying in every winter from the flu is much larger than that victims of Covid 19. We have a lot of news that is not true and that means a scam with the USA at the top of the list.
 MarkWest16/03/2020 00:37:16 GMT
Yes there is much news what isn't true but those news about corona virus from so many country can't be false , every winter people dying because of flu yes it's true but I never see this kind of situation only because it's winter and someone might have flu.
So there is something more seriously than winter flu.
But we will see how does it go... hope it stop and disapears some how...
Hope also there will not be war with Russia or Iran " read world war 3 " like you think and write before.
Just finish poker session , without good results Smile Smile now need zzzzzzzz
 dule-vu16/03/2020 21:04:28 GMT
like every sport that is stopped,poker also should be played,ofcourse I mean on live poker tournaments!there is no difference is it live poker of football,when you have many people on one place!nobody would regret much if this years wsop would be moved on next year!in my town,even we dont have any person with corona,from tomorrow you cant go in hospital on normal examination,just emergency cases!
 MarkWest16/03/2020 21:39:32 GMT
Yes just looked about that map what we have in news where have found virus and Croatia seems to be clean , there is still big risk that one day it found also there and it's important start make some changes , it's better start little bit too early than little bit too late, so not like we make , few weeks ago some specialist say , it's not going to be big problem and now country close like many others also ,
Now only look how it's going...
 CALICUL16/03/2020 22:05:22 GMT
We will see what happens because the theories are too many and i don't know what they are trying to do. The precautionary measures differ from country to country and England for example he defied coronavirus with a Bath Semi-Marathon competition - March 15, 2020.
 antonis32127/03/2020 03:36:48 GMT
Unfortunatelly ..........After the cancellation or postponement of so great events such as the Olympics or the Euro 2020 , many others as well , after this lockdown in many Las Vegas casinos , also other casinos in all over the world , the only sure to bet this time is the final cancellation of WSOP for the 2020 year . So many players in every room would infect easily one another . If so easily they cancelled events , which might be able to be run without spectators or some more precautions by players and people participating in these sport or cultural events , the easiest bet is that WSOP 2020 events will not be played .

I searched internet , didn't see a final announcement yet for this cancellation , but I believe that maybe this is s a matter of hours/days .
 CALICUL28/03/2020 00:45:23 GMT
This is not a problem. Now you can drink more beer or eat something good and enjoy yourself because you are taking a gambling vacation... I mean live but online you can find what you like and play with your skills & luck to make money. Good luck with that.
 antonis32128/03/2020 02:43:31 GMT
Well I play online , I have always played online , live poker is expensive and doesn't worth it here in Greece (prizepools , etc) , but some day in the future I wiill go at a casino , just for the experience .

To go and play on a event such as WSOP , I would need a bankroll I do not have , lol . For players like me nothing changed (only for the better due to increased games' volume these days ), we can still play online . But players who love playing live , with the appropriate bankroll and skills , especially if they do this for a living , this crisis is really devastating . Not ofcourse for the multimillionaires winners Blink ( One more example why you have to sheek for perfection and maximum profits/winnings/wealth in life Blink ) But for all the rest .

Ofcourse the cancellation of WSOP , the greatest poker event of the year , if it actually doesn't take place this year , will make sad most of them .

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