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Ex-VP of Mohegan Sun sentenced to 32 months in prison for slots scam

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Posted on 22 June 2017 by "K".

Ex-Vice President of Mohegan Sun Pocono casino Robert Pelligrini shall spend 32 months (or 2 years 8 months) in federal prison after admitting that he had a role in a money-laundering scam that cost the casino over $420,000.

Senior U.S. District Judge A. Richard Caputo carried out the sentence on a hearing last Friday, at the Max Rosenn Federal Courthouse located in Wilkes-Barre.

Judge Caputo deviated from the suggested sentence guidelines, which was 46-57 months after he heard the pleas from Pelligrini’s lawyer William Ruzzo as well as Pelligrini’s family members. Ruzzo said that his 51-year-old client is deeply remorseful for what he had done and takes full responsibility for it.

Judge Caputo also pointed out that Pelligrini had no previous serious criminal history.

Ruzzo suggested that Pelligrini be sentenced to only a year in jail, and noted that his client is just an addicted gambler, and with him working at a casino was equivalent to an alcoholic tending a bar.

Pelligrini said to the judge that he regularly attends meetings of Gamblers Anonymous.

Aside from the jail sentence, Pelligrini is asked to pay restitution for the money lost at the Mohegan Sun Pocono. The scheme was that from May 2014 to April 2015, he used $478,350 in free slot play to illegitimately win $422,147 at the casino in Luzerne County.

Pelligrini and his accomplice, Mark Heltzel of Dallas, both pled guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit money laundering in October 2016. They duplicated players’ cards and cash, converting it to money from the free slot play.

A third member of the scheme, a cocktail waitress named Rochelle Poszeluznyj, also pleaded guilty to her part last year. She stole the PINs and used them to access the duplicated players’ cards.

Caputo stated that Pelligrini will serve his sentence in federal prison come July 10.


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10 comments on "Ex-VP of Mohegan Sun sentenced to 32 months in prison for slots scam"

 Gerimantas22/06/2017 19:03:15 GMT
I think people are so greedy that they decide to do anything to get the money especially the bigger amount of it. So they step the line and make crimes, they rusk and they know that they can get in hail but still they rusk maybe money makes them blind?
 Mober22/06/2017 19:53:37 GMT
Not sure that i understood how they did that scam with the pins and the free money in slot.
How someone get so much free money to play slots in a physical casino.
This is something that needs to be more detailed.
 dule-vu23/06/2017 00:24:52 GMT
its hard to work in casino and not to play there or try to earn some extra money!he didnt lost money by playing and that he tried to return money,he just wanted to get money from slots and for this not a big amount he will be in prison for almost three years!
 doubletop77723/06/2017 07:51:09 GMT
This was a very big amount of money to launder and, i think, he got off pretty lightly with his sentence. Casinos' are ideal places for this sort of thing to happen and the security must be pretty good there to catch these guys
 pajalnick23/06/2017 10:50:33 GMT
The term of imprisonment is not very large and the person roughly understanding this decided to take a risk and commit a crime ... of course we do not know all the events and maybe he did it for some reason that is not described here ... ... but of course he should be in prison
 pochui23/06/2017 12:17:46 GMT
well half a million is not the biggest scam in history, but it is decent money i guess, so i can only say well done dude for owning the casino, shame that this achievement was treated like a crime, better luck next time.
 Tony_MON7ANA25/06/2017 16:35:45 GMT
It takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort to misappropriate such a large amount of money. I am glad to know that the wrongdoers got caught and penalized by the authorities.
 JUGADOR201125/06/2017 17:49:00 GMT
That pay for their crimes of scam, but also that pay back to the users of the casino, in how many casino will not be happening the same and only comes to the light publishes a small amount with this problem
 Gerimantas25/06/2017 19:22:54 GMT
I don't think that such guys are doing very bad crimes, they are not killers or maniacs they just use some mistakes in the system and make money from this, and also show security people what needs to be done somthat no such mistakes are left in the future, so inthink prison is too strong, I think they need to return money and pay some fine.
 DaCapo7128/06/2017 09:50:32 GMT
Perhaps he used the time in the prison to be a serious guy in the future... That was verry strong to do that as, a Vice President. It seems he have not a good character for this job... Perhaps they found a better person for this position.

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