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Man Robbed after Hitting Jackpot Twice at Casino

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Posted on 12 June 2019 by "K".

A man who hit the jackpot twice last week at a Milwaukee casino immediately had his great luck go drastically turn to a bad one as he was robbed a few days later.

A resident of Milwaukee, Christopher Czarnecki, won $12,000 at the slot machines of Potawatomi Hotel and Casino on June 3. He won another $13,000 on June 5 in the same casino.

Czarnecki said regarding his winnings, “I was excited as heck.”

He purchased a used car (pictured above) and a safe with his winnings, saying he only told a handful of people about his good fortune. Come Saturday night, Czarnecki along with his roommate Hunter Marks, were at home when they heard someone knock at the back door.

Marks said, “The door kind of pushed opened a little bit while I was reaching for the handle," Marks told the television station. I looked to see a guy standing there with a mask on and a pistol pointing toward me. He nearly hit me in the mouth with it.”

According to the authorities, the robbers hit Marks in the head with a gun, then tied him up with his 77-year-old mother using zip ties. After they forced Czarnecki to open his safe, they tied him up and his girlfriend as well.
Czarnecki said the four of them were placed in a bedroom and the robbers then pushed a stove in front of a door. After freeing themselves, Czarnecki and Marks got to kick the door down, but it was too late – the robbers were gone with the money.

Czarnecki said it was a tough lesson for him, promising to himself that if he wins again at the casino, he will no longer bring the money home, “The bank is probably the better way.”

Investigation regarding the robbery is still ongoing, according to Milwaukee police.

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13 comments on "Man Robbed after Hitting Jackpot Twice at Casino"

 CALICUL12/06/2019 12:47:45 GMT
Dangerous people in this country which is called the United States of America. It is possible like this money, never can not be recovered. This man was supposed to know that he lives in a dangerous country and can be robbed. He's right when he says the money has to be deposited at the bank but this mistake cost him. We do not know if this men will be lucky again and the thief will be caught. A mistake it's a mistake.
 Sandmanilo12/06/2019 14:27:28 GMT
Obviously he should have put his money in a bank, but still robbers could steal something else from his house if they couldn't get money... Extremely unfortunate situation for this man, hopefully the police will do their job and he'll receive his money back.
 dule-vu12/06/2019 16:46:04 GMT
its not only problem that he had money in house,its problem did anybody talk about this winnings to other people and did somebody heard about this!if he or somebody from his house talked to other people,then its not strange that this happend to him and that somebody take a chance to attack him!
 bowie198412/06/2019 17:00:35 GMT
Posted by Sandmanilo:
Obviously he should have put his money in a bank, but still robbers could steal something else from his house if they couldn't get money...

Dude, he bought a used car from the 25k he won - there was literally nothing else they could have stolen from him besides the money. He was just dumb not putting it into the bank right away, probably the same people robbed whom he purchased the safe from.
 dule-vu12/06/2019 17:13:54 GMT
americans dont belive in banks,especially when you are poor and then you make some money!they want to have this money in hand when they want and to be close to him!they afraid that on some way goverment will take tax or something from it!now he will learn lesson!
 pajalnick12/06/2019 20:29:01 GMT
there are criminals in any country ..... if you won some big money you don’t need to advertise it to anyone .... it’s better to keep it secret so that there are no problems in the future ..... This person apparently boasted to his friends and in the end was robbed .... of course I would like the police to work well and catch the criminals
 dem1an13/06/2019 09:55:55 GMT
Everyone knows that you need to keep money from your wife!))) The safest place, they will not be stolen, but there is a risk that my wife will want to buy something. Why not just keep money on a card or on several cards in different amounts? Question
 dule-vu13/06/2019 19:48:08 GMT
question is does he have bank account and if he have for waht he use it!americans dont like them much!and what is even strange for me,on picture we VW,probably passat,which is very strange for me to see that somebody from america buy it,from money that he win in casino!
 pajalnick13/06/2019 20:33:19 GMT
bank accounts are also not always a guarantee that you will save your money .... For example, now in Russia, any bank may require you to explain where your income came from .... And if it is income from a poker game, then your money will be confiscated .. .. Since the online poker game in Russia is prohibited ..... therefore, of course in different countries different laws .... it’s not always that in one country it’s good in another country is also good
 bowie198413/06/2019 20:49:42 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
question is does he have bank account and if he have for waht he use it!americans dont like them much!

Well, they do like having multiple credit cards and you could hardly get one if you don't have a bank account.
 CALICUL15/06/2019 15:25:09 GMT
What a shame. Probably Sua is the safest country in the world and i'm voted again with minus because i did not tell the truth. Then why this man was he robbed? Because he was supposed to go the money to the bank. Now he will suffer if the thief will not be caught.

 copyyy2k15/06/2019 15:38:03 GMT
its not that he got robbed because he is from USA it would happen everywhere if person behaves like that and doesnt deposit money in bank he is an idiot.
 CALICUL17/06/2019 06:13:53 GMT
It's good when you win money in casino to have the decency and to call a taxi and after that to be careful. You need to to look, so as not to be followed by someone who wants to rob you. Sua is a so developed country but with many dangerous peoples.

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