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2017 WSOP: Dieter Dechant wins The GIANT - $365 NLHE

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Posted on 12 July 2017 by "T".

On July 9, Sunday was an awesome day for Dieter Dechant, who won 2017 WSOP's Event #19: $365 GIANT No-Limit Hold'em, an event which started on June 9 at 7pm. The event drew a massive number of 10,015 participants, building a prize pool of $3,004,500.

This is actually an inaugural tournament event for the 2017 WSOP, and 56-year-old Dieter Dechant was lucky enough to emerge on top, winning his first ever WSOP gold bracelet and a grand prize of $291,906!

Dechant said after the event, "I have dreamt of this moment for 25 years. It's surreal."

Dechant works as a shift manager in a Las Vegas poker room. He nearly fulfilled his dream to win a WSOP gold bracelet a few weeks ago when he finished third in the $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em event for $281,691.
"The GIANT" is an all-new and unique poker tournament which had one starting flight a week that began on June 9, with each of the five flights commencing at 7pm local time on Friday eve. The ones who survived returned on Saturday, July 8 and played down to the final three tables.

Dechant returned for the final day in 7th place with 27 players remaining, including some veteran pros such as WPT champion Ravi Raghavan (12th place, $20,582) and bracelet winner Eric Baldwin (17th, $12,766).
Dechant was able to stay strong, build his stack, and emerge victorious.

He said after the event, "Number one is, never give up on your dreams. That's the first thing. Perseverance and taking advantage of the opportunities as they come. Don't let them slip by. I stayed in the moment. Didn't think about tomorrow or the next day or the final table. I played one hand at a time and the next thing you know its four days later and here you are. The locals can compete and a 56-year-old man can compete with the 22 and 25-year-olds."

Final Table Results:

1 Dieter Dechant $291,240
2 Hrair Yapoudjian $180,455
3 Vera Kulh $134,154
4 John Hutchinson $100,737
5 Martins Kleins $75,752
6 John Myung $57,792
7 Marcus Laffen $44,057
8 Andrew Crookston $33,871
9 Michael Guzzardi $26,950
10 Martin Zamani $20,582



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9 comments on "2017 WSOP: Dieter Dechant wins The GIANT - $365 NLHE"

 doubletop77712/07/2017 09:15:31 GMT
Many congratulations to Dieter Dechant on winning his first bracelet and the first prize of $291,906. To beat a field of over ten thousand players is quite a remarkable achievement
 DaCapo7112/07/2017 09:33:42 GMT
Gratz to the winner of this amazing WSOP No.19 Event with over 10k entrants! A prize pool over $3 million Dollar are great and it must be a great feeling to be a part of the final table in this massive field of players. And this elder guy was the lucky bracelet winner . Thumbs Up
 av196612/07/2017 14:34:25 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Well another champion from the WSOP another first bracelet a big chunk of money ,more then a quarter million dollars Worship Worship , but also and something that will be his for ever the bragging rights Big Smile Big Smile

That is the ice on the cake Thumbs Up Worship Smile

Stay cool and be nice
 pajalnick12/07/2017 19:44:34 GMT
To beat 10,000 players is certainly a very remarkable achievement ..... this man is damn lucky and of course this is an excellent motivation to play further ..... winning a quarter of a million is certainly also very cool
 Tony_MON7ANA12/07/2017 20:53:10 GMT
Congratulations to Dieter Dechant on winning the GIANT No-Limit Hold'em tournament. It must be an extraordinary feeling when you become a first time WSOP champion after topping the enormous field of 10,015 entries.
 Mober13/07/2017 19:26:36 GMT
For 365$ buy in, you could and he did get almost 300k for it Smile
The best way to finish a tournament.
Chasing a first position for 25 years is quite something.
Working in a poker room makes it even harder not being able to do it,
but i guess he was persistent and lived his dream.
 perattin13/07/2017 19:45:02 GMT
"Number one is, never give up on your dreams That's the first Perseverance and taking advantage of the opportunities as they come Do not let them pass by I stayed in the moment Didn 'I think the next day or at the final table, I played one Hand at a time and the next thing you know is four days later and here you are, locals can compete and a 56 year old man can compete with The 22 and 25 year olds. " I was struck by these wise words of the winner, I feel totally identified since I am 48 years old and in life everything can.
 CALICUL02/08/2017 16:09:18 GMT
Must be a winner in each game. And you are right, it is a great performance to beat 10.000 players. I was glad when I beat 1000-1300 players in BankrollMob tourneys with 5.63$ 1st position Smile but this guy he beat 10,000 in the live tournament and won a large suml of money. Joy of indescribable for him

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