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Grandpa travels to Las Vegas just to check off bucket list - Wins $2.6 Million!

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Posted on 27 July 2017 by "T".

Let's take a look at one of the runner ups of the 2017 WSOP Main Event final table, and you'd be surprised to learn that he's just an ordinary 64-year-old grandpa from Bridlington, England.

His story is something that dreams are typically made of. What starts as an ordinary wish to just be able to play the main event of the WSOP has ended up something truly wonderful for the 64-year-old grandfather to seven grandkids.

John Hesp is a semi-retired caravan home salesman, who traveled to Las Vegas this summer in order to simply check off one of the things in his bucket list.

Well, for one thing, the World Series of Poker is a world-class championship poker tournament, and anyone can play, provided they shell out the $10,000 entrance fee.

A total of 7,221 players signed up for the Main Event and tried to endure the first seven days of intense poker action at the Rio Casino to reach the final table, where the coveted first prize includes a sweet $8 million cash!
Hesp managed to become one of them, but what makes his involvement in the final table even more remarkable is that he has never actually played a tournament with a buy-in bigger than £10!

The recreational senior poker player, who is usually found shuffling chips on Sundays at his local casino in Hull, actually barely plays and it's only just once a month.

He said, "I am to poker what Donald Trump is to politics - an amateur."

Amateur or not, he has bested some of the greatest names in poker history while in the WSOP tournament. In making it to the final table, Hesp has secured a minimum payout of $1 million. To him his previous best was certainly enough for his caliber, or so he thought at that time, a £785 win.

Hesp came into the final table with the second-biggest chip stack. He said, "I've never played a big competition like this but it's one of the things I've had on my bucket list for a while now. I said to my wife about three months ago, ‘Would you mind if I went and played? ' and came with a pal of mine from Bridlington."

Not only his amazing story is garnering the interest of the poker community, but also his colorful jackets are causing quite a stir. A panama hat on his head, the quirky Hesp is seen grinning his way through the competition wearing a unique patchwork of blazers with matching shirts.

The 2017 WSOP Main Event final table ended with Hesp settling at 4th place, with a wonderful $2,600,000 payout! Not bad for his first time ever at a WSOP tournament, right?



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10 comments on "Grandpa travels to Las Vegas just to check off bucket list - Wins $2.6 Million!"

 doubletop77728/07/2017 06:54:35 GMT
This has been one of the feelgood stories of this years' World Series. For this guy to get through all these players' and reach the final table was quite extraordinary and well done to him
 CALICUL28/07/2017 10:07:01 GMT
For an amateur is something wonderful. I did not watch his game but I do not think he's even an amateur. You need to know some poker to get to the final table of a big tournament. Played with many professionals is not so easy if you do not know how much this poker holdem. Honor him but the money won will enjoy his grandchildren Big Smile
 dule-vu28/07/2017 11:46:22 GMT
I cant believe what a story this is and that stars were on his side!to be on final table of main event,to win such a big amount with 64 years on his back,its just amazing!congratulation to him on such a big success and hope that he will secure whole family with this amount!
 pajalnick28/07/2017 17:25:29 GMT
It's very nice to hear that at such a respectable age people can fulfill their dreams .... I am now 45 years old and I hope that in my life there will be something like this happen to me))) ... good news for all the elderly people
 av196628/07/2017 17:31:05 GMT

That`a feel good storie something like a Hollywood movie the nice guy wins at the end Thumbs Up Thumbs Up but this also can be taken as a warning to all of us Question Question

He is not to old so he will enjoy the money but the lesson or the warning is don`t stool your actions live your life to it`s full power don´t let for tomorrow what you can do today Smile Smile
 Mober28/07/2017 20:46:24 GMT
First of all i had to google what a bucket list is. I didnt have a clue about it Smile

And into the subject, it ended up very well for him.
From nowhere, comparing his previous poker accomplishments and habits if you like,
playing up to 10$ buy ins, to riches Smile
Thats the way to do it.

Winning millions in WSOP... CHECKED !!!
 pochui29/07/2017 08:37:06 GMT
well just like mober i had to check what the heck is a bucket list too. cool story though, it's what hollywood movies are made of. perfect script to make it into a great fun to watch movie. congrats to the semi retired caravan home salesman.
 Gerimantas29/07/2017 15:15:28 GMT
Wow 2.6 millions of dollars, this is really so much money that you can change your life. And he is an old guy so this money is really important to him, noe he can make some dreams to become real and I think all people have some dreams that they cannot make real without bigger money.
 Tony_MON7ANA29/07/2017 19:49:25 GMT
John Hesp — a married father of four and grandfather of seven — is a likable person with a humble disposition. I am so impressed with the gentlemanly way he comports himself at the table. I wish him all the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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