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Jack Sinclair and Tony G wins €250,000 and €300,000 at the partypokerLIVE German Poker Championships

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Posted on 15 August 2017 by "T".

This past weekend has been extremely good to Jack Sinclair, who just won the €25K Super High Roller event at the German Poker Championships held in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. He battled against Tony G on a heads-up match, defeated him and walked off with the title along with a sweet €250,000!

Jack Sinclair, age 26, from London was almost considered ‘just another amateurish unknown poker player' on the live tournament grounds up until he made the final table on last month's World Series of Poker Main Event, where he finished 8th place for a glittering $1.2 million. This accomplishment suddenly turned his online skills into ‘real-life' brilliance after he was persuaded to play at the WSOP Main Event by his (much better known in the world of poker) buddies Anton Morgenstern and Philip Gruissem.

This week at the King's Casino he had already placed 4th and won €30,000 in the €5K buy-in High Roller version, so by the time he made another final table again in the much bigger event, Sinclair was feeling pretty much comfortable despite being up against a gathering of famous pro opponents.

The 28 participants of the €25K Super High Roller event meant that only the top 3 players would have to share the €665,000 prize.

Even though he was short-stacked for some time, Sinclair quickly built up his stack, while it was Tony G who toppled down his famous counterparts.

They settled for a deal, Tony G taking the lion's share of the pot which was €300,000 against Sinclair's €240,000 - which left €10,000 and the title to play for.
In the end, Sinclair won the title when he toppled Tony G's pocket jacks with his own KJ.

While it was obvious that Tony G walked off with the biggest share of the prize pool, it was Sinclair who got to pose for the winner shot.

Tony G throughout the past few years has kept a low profile in the poker limelight, and fortunately for him this year, his comeback has been positively fruitful after playing a few high-stakes tournaments.

As for Jack Sinclair, he said that he will be seen again on the next partypokerLIVE event, the $5M guaranteed MILLIONS Russia, held at Sochi Casino and Resort which starts September 9.



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12 comments on "Jack Sinclair and Tony G wins €250,000 and €300,000 at the partypokerLIVE German Poker Championships"

 pochui15/08/2017 12:50:06 GMT
tony g, now that's a familiar poker face, dude with impressive foul language skills, kinda missing his bad boy image at the tables nowadays. now thinking about it actually missing tony g at the poker tables as a whole, he looks like called it a day on his poker career...
 CALICUL15/08/2017 13:05:05 GMT
Beautiful these performances of Jack Sinclair. Has captured some beautiful games and managed to win beautiful sums. 1.200.000 $ and 250.000 euros. Probably will not stop here. We also have to congratulate the return of tony g. Now let's see what will happen at the Russian tournament that begins on 9 September with Jack Sinclair
 av196615/08/2017 19:43:21 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Tony G is back to the spotlight with this result at the new hype place to play poker the czech republic
and the king`s Casino

The main players and the big names on european poker are going there they are attracting lots of attention to their poker room Worship Worship

Stay cool and enjoy life and those hot days of summer
 Mober15/08/2017 22:06:19 GMT
The second one i never liked. Im talking about tony g.
And sicne we are talking about sites going down, without paying the players.
he was a part in one in the past.
Cant remember the name but the software had his picture on it.
 Robbo199016/08/2017 00:12:01 GMT
nice to see TonyG still playing as hes kinda left the spotlight since going into parliament and enjoying family life

curious as to why the german poker champs arent held in germany?
 Tony_MON7ANA16/08/2017 04:07:46 GMT
Jack Sinclair... Yeah, I remember him pulling off some audacious bluffs in this year's WSOP main event. I am going to have to check out the replay of the heads-up games between Jack Sinclair and Tony G.
 pajalnick16/08/2017 06:51:44 GMT
Jack Sinclair is certainly a good player ... he now has a good streak of victories ... apparently now he has luck standing next to him and the winnings go one by one .... of course he earned his wins and the fact that he wins this is the result of good work above oneself
 doubletop77716/08/2017 07:24:14 GMT
It's great to see Tony G doing well again and picking up a very nice score. He has always been one of the most controversial players over the years but there is no doubting his skill
 perattin16/08/2017 15:38:30 GMT
Fabulous performances by Jack Sinclair. He has captured some beautiful games and managed to win sums in his pocket with almost 1,800,000 euros. Probably will not stop here and will go for much more. We also have to congratulate Tony's return. Now we are going to see what will happen in the Russian tournament that begins September 9 with Jack Sinclair, where we hope to repeat this hand to hand.-
 bowie198416/08/2017 23:48:25 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
It's great to see Tony G doing well again and picking up a very nice score. He has always been one of the most controversial players over the years but there is no doubting his skill

This is why I don't get it why he settled for a deal here.
 xxxpokerxxx117/08/2017 03:04:08 GMT
I miss thoughs good ol days of watching tony g and others like phil H playing,watching them play on tv was fun,especially when all the boy's and a few girls would play,awe the good ol days,know we got to watch you tube or get lucky to catch them reruns every now and then.
 pochui18/08/2017 07:56:43 GMT
really, bowie you do not understand why tony g settled for a deal where he won more money for finishing in 2nd place than the eventual winner? this sounds like an epic deal to me, and since tony g is a businessman nowadays I think this was good business.

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