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BankrollMob's 10th Birthday Coming Up! Get Ready To Celebrate!

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Posted on 24 August 2017 by "T".

It's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun! That's been the case for us who have worked with since the very beginning!

It's hard to believe that our beloved gambling portal is turning 10 on Tuesday, August 29th 2017! Many bonuses have come and gone thoughout the years, but BankrollMob still remains one of the best places for casino, poker, betting and bingo bonuses on the World Wide Web!

Not to forget our amazing forum, mob games and exlusive promotions that continue to run to this day! 

Now, are you ready to celebrate the big birthday with us?

Of course you are! Make sure to join our $1,000 Birthday Freeroll at partypoker at 20:00 CET on Tuesday! Everyone is welcome to the party - just make sure to fetch the password here shortly before the freeroll begins!

Until then, here are some BankrollMob memories we would like to share with all of you:


This is what the first website looked like. The mafia dude sitting in the chair is looking pretty badass! Wouldn't you agree?


In 2008 the website turned green... just like Bruce Banner when he gets angry...


The current website design (in case you forgot what it looks like - see picture below this text) is so damn fine that we have kept it since 2009.

All joking aside, we are actually working on a new mobile and tablet friendly website that should be ready in a few months.

About time, huh?

Enough with the website designs.

The first member to join was 'marshy18' from United Kingdom.

It's been a while since he logged on though...9 years, 11 months and 2 weeks to be exact.


'marshy18' might have been the first member to join BankrollMob, but it was our very own 'Fat Tony' who posted in the forum first!

A big round of applause for our favorite The Simpsons character! 


Whilst honouring 'Fat Tony', it's 'aalleexxhhkk' from the land down under who will forever be rememebered as the first member (not an admin like Fat Tony) to create a forum thread!

The answer to his question remains the same today: Yes, request as many bankrolls as you want! But just one account per site! Pinky Promise? 


About a year after the launch of the site, we decided it was time to share some news with our members and vistors. We can only imagine how much gambling news you guys missed out on before that day!


... and here's the first Newsletter. The offers were great back then as well, but it looks like the designer had a hard time finding the right size/fit for some of the pictures.

We are not enterily sure, but we think that Titan Poker was the first to offer a No Deposit Bonus on our website.

What we do know is that a dude from Germany was first to request a free $50 bankroll from Full Tilt Poker.

50 bucks was a great deal of money back then. We can't help thinking that he made it big, really big! 

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81 comments on "BankrollMob''s 10th Birthday Coming Up! Get Ready To Celebrate!"

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» BankrollMob''s 10th Birthday Coming Up! Get Ready To Celebrate!

 arsenej129/08/2017 16:54:20 GMT
goodluck yall home with the kids today so will be playin mobile so no chat for this guy. PokerBrat_21 on party. been awhile so taker easy on me Blink
 Calmplay29/08/2017 16:57:06 GMT
Registered for the game but not sure will find a forum regular on my table cause I believe we could get at least 1000 entrants, anyway good luck and hope someone from here take it down Cool

 arsenej129/08/2017 17:03:09 GMT
with late reg for an hour im sure there will be many password thiefs. can only play for a couple hours myself so will be going to chips or bust early lol
 StheP29/08/2017 17:10:19 GMT
Posted by arsenej1:
with late reg for an hour im sure there will be many password thiefs. can only play for a couple hours myself so will be going to chips or bust early lol

tournament is turbo... 6 min blinds... so no need to rush... I saw you regged... now I hope I see you at my table Blink
 Mober29/08/2017 17:20:50 GMT
This is the day, they were expecting in BRM.
The 10th birthday is finally here. Smile
Happy Birthday and with many more to come.
With so many signed up members i dont think this will be a problem,
in spite the shaking in online gaming world, all over the planet Smile
 Odysseus10129/08/2017 17:21:10 GMT
Happy Birthday to BRM, and best wishes for continued success. I've been around for less than a year but I've enjoyed it so far, very much. I keep it open almost all the time, looking for cool posts by other mobsters, sometimes chiming in myself, and of course hitting the calendar too. Thanks for everything and keep it up!
 avaldoski29/08/2017 17:41:23 GMT
Parabéns por continuarem firmes e nos apoiarem neste tempo todo !!!! Continuem com esse sucesso !!! Que venham mais 10 anos !!
 jhaspion29/08/2017 18:36:11 GMT
parabens por nos ajudar a galgar algo grandioso
 Franpok29/08/2017 18:48:46 GMT
10 years wow!!! Good job.

 vaci3829/08/2017 18:54:50 GMT
Happy birthday Bankrollmob Worship Thumbs Up Smile I am lucky to be a member of this wonderful site Big Smile I registered in the tournament and saw that there are many players but that is normal there are many members of the Bankrollmob, good luck to all Thumbs Up
 pajalnick29/08/2017 19:09:00 GMT
Unfortunately I played for a very short time ... and it's very sad because the prizes were very good ... but in general, nothing surprising happened .... of course the players were not very much, but it seems to me to 10 level is typed yet a lot of players ... and so everything is ok
 arsenej129/08/2017 19:14:07 GMT
out in 600+ pushed with 89. was short stacked only had AA once and A10 once rest was garbage. gooooodluck
 TheIrish7729/08/2017 20:14:18 GMT
Still in it 45/180 remaining. 37K stack currently.

Just saw our friend Demo get ousted but he did cash at least! Good job mate!

Out in 130th for 1.60$.

Took a shot WIth A 10 suited and lost to AK.

Thanks BRM for the freebie today!
 sammybeyo29/08/2017 20:48:04 GMT
well done to TheIrish77 and demodawggy on the cashes its always good to win some free cash I unfortunately wasn't so lucky I played a tight game but unfortunately I just came up short of a min cash at least 340th place had top pair JJ with the highest kicker AJ but my opponent slow played the pocket kings and I was out tough way to lose but still was a fun event can't wait for the next exciting freeroll event to play good luck to the other bankroll member winners and see you all at the tables soon Big Smile Smile Worship Thumbs Up
 vitek66042829/08/2017 21:02:48 GMT
Right before the start of the tournament in my house turned off the lights and turned on after 2.5 hours so it was not possible to play it very sorry for him Aww crap!
 CALICUL29/08/2017 23:11:33 GMT
Posted by vitek660428:
Right before the start of the tournament in my house turned off the lights and turned on after 2.5 hours so it was not possible to play it very sorry for him Aww crap!

You have to request for the electricity company moral and material damage. If it was not you who stopped the light. I'm joking of course. I know this feeling. I played once in full tilt 4 games with 8 dollars buy in total 32 $ and surprise. The electricity company made me a beautiful surprise it was the day not night. It happens to have bad luck. GL in future.
 pochui30/08/2017 08:24:22 GMT
well I want to congratulate all forum regs who took part in this great freeroll tournament with $1000 prizepool, especially those who got a slice of the pie in the process. also a shoutout goes to bankrollmob for organizing it and for being in business for such a long time... keep it going dudes, we're happy to ride along with you.
 T3ddyKGB30/08/2017 08:35:19 GMT
too bad, i was gonna participate for fun but PP has no paypal option anymore Angry
 StheP30/08/2017 10:38:56 GMT
I was out near bouble... around 270th place... had 9BB pushed from mid position with 22... D call me with KQoff... Q on flop...
 dule-vu30/08/2017 12:42:59 GMT
I was out arround 800 place,played good,but lost with pair of K on flop,other player had set of 6!good tournament,but lot of players!congratulation to BRM on 10th birthday and on this freeroll!hope that we will see many things from them in next years!
 Tony_MON7ANA30/08/2017 13:43:53 GMT
I could not participate in the special anniversary event yesterday. I was driving all night. Congratulations to all the mobsters who cashed in the freeroll tournament. I look forward to next year's event!
 perattin30/08/2017 14:01:41 GMT
Congratulations to all who participated in this tournament for the birthday of BankrollMob, also to all those who entered in prizes. I was not lucky and I said goodbye early of the tournament since my AK could not prevail against the 88 of the rival in turn.-
 dule-vu31/08/2017 13:08:28 GMT
it would be nice that we have this brithday freerolls every year and to celebrate every birthday with some promo!thanks to BRM for everything that they are doing and every offer and money that they give to us!
 Fakiry31/08/2017 20:21:29 GMT
Who cares about FB, T and all the other famous social networks if they don't give us what we all look for? A group where we can freely talk about a common interest without being judge, receive constructive and helpful replies that can help us in our future and still have the chance to enter the best way (for free and with some cash advance) in some sites we love, not forgeting we also have the daily free chances to build a point wallet which can be converted in what we all love most: money!!! Happy Birthday BankrollMob, i wish you all the best for the future, what can also mean a better future for me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you BRM team!
 bowie198402/09/2017 00:00:18 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
I was out arround 800 place...

I went out early too, 900ish. Pocket sixes, flopped open ended straight draw but a guy with pocket queens beat me because none of my ten outs arrived after I went all-in.

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