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Triton Poker Episode 5 of SHR Short Deck Cash Game produces Amazing Cold Deck Poker Hands

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Posted on 18 October 2018 by "T".

Paul Phua with pocket kings

Episode 5 of the 2018 Triton Poker SHR Series in Jeju has now been released, and while we don't see Tom Dwan in this one, one round had produced one of the most extraordinary hands fans will never see too often - for one thing, the stakes were incredibly huge at $1,248,300 for the entire pot after the players were done betting, and the other is because the cards battling are Aces vs Kings vs Queens, a showdown that could only appear approximately once in every 25,000 hands!

Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2018 Event info:
Short Deck Cash Game 36 cards (2's thru 5's removed).
Flush beats a full house.
Ace acts as high (TJQKA) and low (A6789) for making straight (so acts as A and as 5).
BUY-IN: ₩ 300,000,000 (≈$300,000) for 300,000,000 chips - unlimited re-entry

Tom Dwan has not participated in this episode, understandable since he's been having the worst luck so far in the earlier three episodes.

Players on the high-stakes table featured elite high rollers including partypoker ambassador Jason Koon, Malaysian high roller Paul Phua, Mikita Badziakouski, Elton Tsang, Tan Xuan, Qiang Wang and Rui Cao.

Just like in the earlier Triton Poker short deck cash games, the action is definitely blood-pumping. While the 36-card game format of poker typically means everyone can get a nice starting hand, the not-so-good thing is that a smaller deck brings a confusingly chaotic percentages of hand matchups.

Halfway throughout the episode, there was something in their cards that made the players overly excited, and even if Jason Koon had K-Q in his hands, he sensed something was off, thus chose to fold and let the others battle it out...

His hunch was right - the remaining three players were holding high pairs:

Qiang Wang - pocket Queens
Paul Phua - pocket Kings
Rui Cao - pocket Aces

So who do you think won in this incredible round?

In the end, it was Rui Cao who raked in the $1,248,300 pot.

Watch the video below to find out how he won:


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15 comments on "Triton Poker Episode 5 of SHR Short Deck Cash Game produces Amazing Cold Deck Poker Hands"

 shokaku18/10/2018 08:19:51 GMT
This format plays more like Omaha than the 52 card version of Hold 'em. Lots and lots of multiway hands. So hitting the flop becomes more important. Maybe one cause of Dwans problems. His greatest stregth is outplaying one opponent, and he will rarely have a chance to do this here.
 dule-vu18/10/2018 13:17:49 GMT
I cant say that I understand this format of poker and never heard about him!I see that they remove some cards,that combinations for winning hands are different!flush beats full house and other things are much different and you need to watch every card,epsecially when you are new in this type of game!
 Gerimantas18/10/2018 15:44:32 GMT
Very interesting situation where this big pot is with so good starting hands from three players, aa vs kk vs qq, not every day you see this. And also i nit understand where episode 4 is because tom dwan lost in first three episodes but nit kniw what happens in episode 4
 Mober18/10/2018 16:40:55 GMT
If it wasnt for all the big names in this game, i dont think that it would have many viewers.
More would follow with a less popular format like omaha hi/lo Smile

What decision there to fold his hand, with the other three players holding monster hands Smile And of course aces won, but with a straight, if im not mistaken.
 shokaku18/10/2018 17:13:44 GMT
Yep, the ace completed the straight, but he would have won without that, as the other players didn't improve their hands. And this games are held for the asian market, where the preverences for certain game types may be different from europe or the us.
 doubletop77719/10/2018 07:28:08 GMT
This is the sort of hand you might see in a really cheesy poker movie. I do not think that i have ever been involved in such a hand and it was nice to see that the pocket aces held up for the massive win
 CALICUL19/10/2018 08:16:19 GMT
I did not watch episode 4 but i noticed that Tom Dwan is no longer at the table. Probably lost and quit to buying other chips. An interesting hand between AA, KK and QQ and won the best pocket. The other players were not lucky to catch a King or a Queen. It's a beautiful show but not so impressive. If other famous players would play it would be very interesting.
 bowie198420/10/2018 15:54:39 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
I cant say that I understand this format of poker and never heard about him!I see that they remove some cards,that combinations for winning hands are different!

Honestly it adds nothing for me in a form of fascination. I really don"t get these new formats because it adds nothing to the already established things within the game only changes up/tweaks minor things.
 dule-vu20/10/2018 18:35:45 GMT
for me also this dont mean anything,because I would never played this kind of poker for my own money!maybe with some free ticket I would try,but would spend my money to play against other players!dont play much normal poker either in last months,I am at casino games in last year or two more!
 shokaku20/10/2018 20:27:28 GMT
This format just leads to more action. With a lot of the duds removed, the chances of getting a playable hand have increased. Just look at the amount of players seeing a flop there. But of cause one could just play PLO, if a lot of action is what one wishes.
 Mober20/10/2018 20:45:17 GMT
A free ticket would have been the only way for me also, to try and play this game,
in a real money tournament.
I would even consider playing this game for fun money also.
Where is the point anyway, playing a game that you dont like,
when you play for fun only Smile
 shokaku20/10/2018 21:02:42 GMT
I guess this is more a format for cash games, than for tourneys. As the is a higher chance that there is a flop, and therefore rake for the house. So i would be surprised to see free tourney tickets for the variant at any online room.
 CALICUL21/10/2018 08:20:05 GMT
It does not matter in what format it is, we are not professional players who play there. The important thing is to watch and learn something good, if we really want this. It's interesting how those Asians play. They are more relaxed ( maybe it's from wine ) but the atmosphere there is pleasant.
 dule-vu22/10/2018 13:00:15 GMT
Dont understand why they need to invent so many different type of poker in this days!they want give so many games and especially for online players!I understand this is game for high stakes players and they can play for fun with their millions,but still so many changes in todays poker!
 Nightkid31/10/2018 16:13:57 GMT
It will be all very nice but leave me with the holdem hahaha and the omaha I do not understand very well or I want to learn more enough with everything in my head to get to see how to play the different types of cards hahaha Confused Confused Confused

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