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Incredible 4-Way All-in Swing at Triton Hold’em Cash Game

Tags: elton tsang, paul phua, qiang wang, rui cao, south korea, triton poker.
Posted on 22 October 2018 by "K".

Fans have witnessed once again incredible action at the Triton Hold’em short deck cash game in Jeju, South Korea. This time, it’s a 4-way All-in battle between Qiang Wang, Rui Cao, Elton Tsang, and Paul Phua.

Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2018 Event info:

  • Short Deck Cash Game 36 cards (2's thru 5's removed).
  • Flush beats a full house.
  • Ace acts as high (TJQKA) and low (A6789) for making straight (so acts as A and as 5).
  • BUY-IN: ₩ 300,000,000 (≈US$300,000) for 300,000,000 chips - unlimited re-entry

The hand in this case began quite normally with Qiang Wang open raising A-J, followed by a couple of reasonable calls with promising hands by Rui Cao and Paul Phua. Elton Tsang suddenly goes all-in with J-10, making the audience expect everyone else to fold and get on with the next hand. However, Wang thinks for a bit prior to making what looked like a loose call and then amazingly the two cold callers decided to take a whack out of it too.

The pot was a sweet $864,000 – typically bigger than what we usually see on televised poker, but to these guys in Jeju it is one of the smaller pots out there.

The Triton Poker short deck cash game held in South Korea is definitely one of the best TV poker sessions we have watched so far. These crazy Asian gamblers play with absolute courage and bring in so much fun and excitement into the game that most poker fans will not see happen too often in the world of televised poker.

Watch the video below to see who won:

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18 comments on "Incredible 4-Way All-in Swing at Triton Hold’em Cash Game"

 Gerimantas22/10/2018 16:23:13 GMT
When i look in hands people have it is normal to raise when have AJ, to me not very smart to call when have Q10 offsuit, maybe can call or fold when have 87 suited and then very steange to gonallin when have J10 suites, i think this last guy just wants to steal pot
 shokaku22/10/2018 16:57:15 GMT
This is the kind of play one would expect at the play money tables. The guy going all in was making a squeeze play, or better: he was trying to make a squeeze, but that didn't work out so well. The calls are difficult to understand, unless the all-in guy pulled stunts like this to often.
 doubletop77723/10/2018 07:09:38 GMT
I keep watching these episodes and i am astounded nearly every time at the insanely large pots on nearly every hand. I would love to know the net worth for these players because they do not seem to care about the money at all
 shokaku23/10/2018 08:22:08 GMT
Yep, this makes one wonder if they really play for such sums, or only pretend to do so. But i guess to play high stakes, one must have some disregard for the money involved while playing, or will end up getting pushed around by those who don't care.
 CALICUL23/10/2018 08:23:21 GMT
These Asian players are not very focused, they are not very tense and they are relaxed with wine bottles. I have the impression that this game is more friendly between Asians and with some professional players who plays carefully. If they had played for a bracelet the situation was different.
 shokaku23/10/2018 08:49:53 GMT
Cash game and tourney play is usualy different. That has nothing to do with the wine.

By the way. There are rumours that Stars is planning to introduce this format in the near future. Possibly as a first step in one of the seperated networks.
 Mober23/10/2018 09:45:50 GMT
What a hand that was Great pot, wasnt the first of that magnitude and wont be the last one either Smile
That river card messed it up Smile
I liked also this "These crazy Asian gamblers play with absolute courage"
Is this courage we are talking about, with these calls? Smile
 shokaku23/10/2018 09:54:39 GMT
Calling with AJo i can see as a courageous play. And it took the player some time to make that call. For the insta calls with QTo and 87s i would find other words. Far less flattering ones. That was just poor gamboool.

Maybe something is in that wine. Blink
 Mober23/10/2018 10:06:22 GMT
For these calls im talking also. I would have folded instantly not called.
But then again, im not a professional player nor i have that amount of money Smile
Maybe their trust fund is a big one, permitting them to call with cards like that.
Who knows Smile
 CALICUL24/10/2018 08:24:45 GMT
It is possible like Pokerstars to do this thing, but honestly i'm not interested to playing this Triton. I like Omaha as a game but i prefer to play only Poker Holdem Texas. I will not try anything new if it's not an easy game. I do not want to focus too much on all kinds of games. For me Texas Holdem it's enough. I know about Cash and tournaments is different when play, but i was not referring to this thing. I was referring to lightness of these Asians. Smile
 dule-vu24/10/2018 21:30:58 GMT
he,he,some members think that they can play at triton series,like that is some poker site Big Smile !o God!that is what say,that we have people on forum that think that they know everything and because of that we dont have people at forum anymore!maybe 5,6 people write here and that is so bad,such a low number!
 damosk25/10/2018 04:36:24 GMT
Can you imagine. Gambling without a care in the world whether you win or lose? I mean, each player at the table has t have the same apporoach otherwise some poor guy trying to play properly and with regard for his or her money is going to get run over! These guys aren’t gambling tomwin, they are gambling fo the thrill of it! It’s a bit like bingo....chuck your money In and see what random act follows!
 maragatero25/10/2018 15:48:21 GMT
Oh man, I thought that a four ways all in is only possible in the micro limits and make by fishes. Sometimes I don´t know if the poker´s game is something that I never could understand or is only a theater to lucky loose aggressive players. Where are the nuts preflop? Wich rule that I read and study is sustained with those moves?
 CALICUL28/10/2018 09:07:36 GMT
Poker is never played as in the study book. There are such moments when players make absurd or lucky decisions. I do not know how much money is in this hand which the four players played but sometimes the value of the pot makes you to pay when you see a player or two playing all in. Sometimes boredom makes you to pay with weaker cards. If you want to play as in the study book, you do not always have a chance for succes, because are many aggressive players, who call with many cards. Blink
 Nightkid29/10/2018 11:03:59 GMT
Well the truth is I never saw the Asians play hahaha and I play pokerstars but the truth is not if this kind of game was implemented, but who knows how lately pokerstars is getting everything you do not know what is hahaha but lately but not having silver or tournaments you can almost play in pokerstars Angry Angry Angry
 dule-vu29/10/2018 16:43:51 GMT
when you have lot of rich people,especially younger players,who have lot of time and dont know what to do with that money,so they invent this kind of tournaments or festivals and new types of poker!so this is nothing strange to me,but would be nice that this dont change poker as game in future!
 CALICUL30/10/2018 09:18:01 GMT
These younger players are professionals and it is not easy to play against them. I do not know what real money they were playing. I refer to the amounts of money that could be increased, if you lost all stack and ask again for the new credit. I know Tom Dwan lost once and asked again for the chips with a million dollars value and after that he lose again against younger players and the rest mature players. One thing is clear: younger players know good how to play poker.
 dule-vu30/10/2018 20:30:06 GMT
when you have so many millionaires in one country,as china have it,then ofcourse you will have fesitval like this and players who want to be on tv and that people see them how they spend money and they dont care about it!its same in football,how much money they invest!

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