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California Casino General Manager Donates Cash Won from Poker Tournament

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Posted on 16 November 2018 by "K".

A poker tournament scheduled on Veterans Day in the United States (November 11, Sunday) in Gardena, California has been won by an unforeseen fellow. What’s intriguingly wonderful was that this fellow made an astonishing move – he donated all his wins to help support a noble cause.

Robert ‘Rob’ Reid is 52 years old and works as General Manager of two Gardena-based casinos called Hustler and Lucky Lady. Most of his time is spent behind the scenes of poker/casino tournaments than in front, but this time he figured he’d join in on the fun and entered the tournament. He never expected to win it in the end!

Reid is in charge of operations at the two casinos for approximately a year. The last time he played at a poker tournament was back in 2015, so he’s expecting to be a little bit rusty. However, luck is strongly at his side this time as he started strong and never went down. On his first hand he got a pair of Queens and he knew that he has a fighting chance. He said, “It’s a good hand to sit down on.”

The tournament that had a $10,000 top prize attracted 111 player entries. After eight hours of play, there were four players left, and they all agreed to split the pot. Since Reid was the decisive chip leader, he received the lion’s share, and the rest of the pot was split among the other three.

While most winners would call it a day and go home with their winnings, Reid did something remarkable. He decided to donate all of his wins worth $2,000 to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for first responders in Southern California. These first responders are the firefighters who have been diligently battling out-of-control wildfires in the state.

After he made the selfless contribution, he said, “I watched the devastation on television. The firefighters put their lives on the line. It’s a tragic thing. I was just trying to help.” He laughed while adding “the other players weren’t as generous, deciding instead to donate their winnings to themselves.”


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7 comments on "California Casino General Manager Donates Cash Won from Poker Tournament"

 Mober16/11/2018 20:15:46 GMT
General manager in a casino, had a go in a poker tournament and won the most
after the split, which he donated for the fire fighters.
Nice gesture from him.
He sure picked right, giving that money to the fire fighters.
According t him the other winners acted differently Smile
 CALICUL17/11/2018 14:24:34 GMT
I read about Gerard Butler that he will try to host a fundraiser, for people who lost their houses in the californian fire, and that he will try to get a million dollars from his friends.
It's a good thing to help people with problems and this manager of casinos, proceed in a human way offering a sum of money to the firefighters.
Congratulations for Gerard Butler, Robert ‘Rob’ Reid and all peoples who will help people affected by fires inclusive firefighters. Worship Worship Worship
 bowie198417/11/2018 15:05:12 GMT
How is this news worthy? He will get a nice tax credit on this money so overall he won the same amount twice while giving it away only once... I would have done the same because it really was not that lifechanging kind of amount. Still, good for him.
 sohelbd7717/11/2018 20:31:19 GMT
general manager of California casino is so kind full person. this is such a great work for the poor people. generally people are playing casino or doing gambling to win money for themselves, but here he is creating a different and praiseworthy history of casino world.
 CALICUL18/11/2018 15:00:12 GMT
This news counts for those who want to donate money.
Many people who lost their houses in the California fire and they have no roof over their heads and they sleep outside.
I refer to those who are not rich.
At these times, people should solidarity and to donate money for these people beaten by fate.
You agree with me?
 Gerimantas19/11/2018 07:44:36 GMT
I personally think he donates all prize money won from tournament because only one reason- it was only 2000 doolars. If this eij is two millions then 100 percent that he not donated all maybe 10 thousands or something liie this
 CALICUL22/11/2018 15:17:16 GMT
Surely if this General Manager at two casinos would have won a tournament and the prize for the first place was two millions dollars he would not have donated more than $ 50 k or $ 100 k.
This does not matter now but his gesture counts.
People like him should exist all over the world.
That is humanity and dedication for affected people or for those who help. Smile

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