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Jaime Staples Dreading to Lose $50,000 in Ultimate Sweat Challenge 2.0

Tags: Bill Perkins, Jaime Staples, Matt Staples, prop bet.
Posted on 09 November 2018 by "T".

If you missed the Staples brothers' amazing weight loss journey, here's a refresher:

This week, Jaime Staples posted an update via Youtube regarding the Ultimate Sweat 2.0 Challenge hatched on April 2018, and he's very sad to tell this news to his fans. Clearly he's struggling to reach the new goal. It is approximately 4 months away until March 25th, the deadline of the challenge, and he's beginning to lose hope that he'll be able to make it.

His personal trainer Mike Vacanti guesstimates that the odds would currently be 100 to 1 that he would be able to achieve a body fat percentage of 9.9.

Could Jaime pull off a miracle come March or would he and his brother Matt have no chances but to lose $50,000? Only time can tell.

Watch his announcement below entitled "I'm failing..."

Jaime said at the end of the video, "I'm not sure if it's possible, but we're gonna try and do it."



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8 comments for "Jaime Staples Dreading to Lose $50,000 in Ultimate Sweat Challenge 2.0"

 doubletop77709/11/2018 09:32:28 GMT
These guys do love a bet and some of the prop bets they come up with are remarkable. These two brothers are really putting their bodies through the mill just to try and win the bet and i hope that it doesn't cause them any long term damage
 bowie198409/11/2018 19:43:06 GMT
Weight loss, weight gain within this short period is a huge-huge stress test for the whole body, but mainly on the heart and the liver so if they loose it then loose it. Their health is ten times more important IMO...
 Mober10/11/2018 10:51:06 GMT
They went through the first one and won it. That was something amazing,
and of course their efforts got pai. But i hink this is where they should have stopped
with the bet. If they wanted more they should have done it for themselves,
and only for themselves. No need to push it that much with their health and stress, for the money...
 CALICUL10/11/2018 13:33:42 GMT
The first bet made by these brothers with that man was a very interesting one. I know they put a second bet but i could not quite understand what it was all about. I would like these brothers to win the second bet but they will have to make an good effort for that. We are waiting for the end of this bet to see the result. Cool
 bowie198410/11/2018 23:05:27 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
I know they put a second bet but i could not quite understand what it was all about. I would like these brothers to win the second bet but they will have to make an good effort for that.

I think this is way less about the reults and way more about the expostion on social media for them. Kinda sneaky marketing.
 Nightkid11/11/2018 05:33:34 GMT
Well the truth was that I did not know that there were such events, in fact it is the first time I read something like that hahaha I do not have to comment on this but I was just passing by after hanging out like a good Saturday and did not know what to do because I'm not sleepy yet hahaha Blink Blink Blink
 Gerimantas11/11/2018 07:35:53 GMT
Hard thing to achieve and not tips from professional personal trainer can help. But like say in article miracles can happen and maybe he can make it and win 150000 dollars. Big risk to make such challenge of course he get good odds but still hard thing to achieve
 CALICUL11/11/2018 13:34:40 GMT
They know very well this bets between them, but interesting is the fact like the fatter brother has lost many kilograms.
His ambition is to be praised.
There ( in the USA ) are many fat young people and many of them would not risk to making those sacrifices, to win a good amount of money. Smile
This brother had a lot of ambition.

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