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Jaime Staples and Younger Bro Win $150K Weight Loss Prop Bet from Bill Perkins

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Posted on 27 March 2018 by "T".

It has finally been a year since poker player and hedge fund manager Bill Perkins challenged Jaime Staples and his brother Matt to a lucrative prop bet - that both brothers need to get within 1 pound bodyweight of each other in one year in order to win $150,000. If they lose, they only have to shell out $3,000.

Their initial weigh in was made 6 days after the bet, in which Jaime's weight was at 310 lbs (140 kg) whereas Matt was only 135 lbs (60 kg).

Fast forward to February 2018, Jaime was able to successfully lose 100 lbs, whereas his younger brother Matt, on the other hand, had to increase his weight so they could meet halfway.

On March 25, 2018 Sunday, the momentous weigh in was scheduled.

Jeff Gross, a friend of Perkins and also a PokerStars ambassador just like Jaime, officiated the proceedings to make sure that the weigh-in was legit.

The younger brother Matt was weighed first at 188.3 pounds, 54 pounds more than his starting weight.

Next came Jaime, who started his weight loss journey at an unhealthy 310 pounds, and as he stepped onto the scale, it matched his brother's weight - exactly! Not only Jaime's health is better now after the course of one year, but both he and his brother are now officially 150,000 richer!

Jeff Gross shared this on his Twitter page:

Matt and Jaime livestreamed their journey via Twitch, and over 10,000 viewers watched.

Watch 150K Weigh-In #ultimatesweat from PokerStaples on

Also, their personal trainer Mike Vacanti was present at the weigh in, and has been documenting the final days of their training on YouTube.

Jaime Staples also announced their victory via his Twitter page, "We did it. We won the ultimatesweat bet and 150k. I feel so surreal right now."

Many in the poker community expressed their congratulations to the brothers on social media as well as credit was also given to Bill Perkins for encouraging the once-obese online poker pro to get in shape.

Perkins wrote, "Congratulations on your progress so far and a life long journey of health and fitness oh and also on winning a 150 Bananas."

Trainer Mike Vacanti said he was "so proud" of these two brothers that he mentored and he was glad to be a part of changing their lives, especially on helping Jaime get to a healthy weight. He explained via Twitter the method Jaime used to lose a humongous amount of weight in just one year:
"Jaime didn't do Keto
Jaime didn't do Fasting
Jaime didn't do Vegan
Jaime didn't do a Cleanse
@jaimestaples lost 112+ pounds in one year by:
1) Eating in a calorie deficit
2) Tracking his macros."

And so ends Jaime and Matt Staples' weight loss prop bet. If you wish to lose a massive amount of weight successfully, remember the name Mike Vacanti. If you wish to get rich by losing weight, contact Bill Perkins.



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12 comments on "Jaime Staples and Younger Bro Win $150K Weight Loss Prop Bet from Bill Perkins"

 pochui27/03/2018 12:19:03 GMT
ok for my untrained eye it actually looks like the fatter dudes has actually became the skinnier dude of the pair... lol nice challenge, I would have nothing against going after one similar myself if someone offered me 150k for my efforts.
 Sandmanilo27/03/2018 14:43:35 GMT
Congratulations to Jaime Staples and his brother on winning this amazing bet. We know that poker players sometimes make crazy bets, and this is a good example of those. Must be good for his heath!
 CALICUL27/03/2018 15:55:19 GMT
I'm glad because these brothers have won this bet and a lot of money. 150k for an interesting bet is very good for them. One of the brothers has to do regular sports and not start eating again chimicals, fries or another other poisons... Is the best for him. Congratulations for the beautiful gain, i think Bill Perkins is upset. Cool
 doubletop77728/03/2018 08:27:57 GMT
You have got to take your hats off to these guys for winning this bet. I think that the incentive was there for them and, if someone had offered me this amount, i could probably have done it as well
 LIKEIT2728/03/2018 11:11:35 GMT
Yea nice propbet,..and ofcourse nice win and effort Worship
 pajalnick28/03/2018 11:12:23 GMT
I saw this story today in another forum and I was amused by the photos of my smaller brother .... he had apparently close to the end of the bet, there is much because a thicker brother could not lose weight .... and eventually he became thicker in about one and a half times .... well done
 Gerimantas28/03/2018 13:33:28 GMT
Yes very interesting story, I think it is very hard to lose so many kilograms from your body, so it is noce to thst all this hard work was paid wery well, 150000 of dollars is serious money, you can buy a flat gor this money or a nice car or some tasty stuff and get kilograms back
 maragatero29/03/2018 03:10:31 GMT
Ohh man...where I could find some challenge like that? I´m specialist in up and down weight. I could have 30/40 kg of diference between winter and sumer. And for a $150000 prize I could do it better! If you are tall (I´m 1,90 mts) you could do it very easy. The problem will be if the weight up it´s measured as a percentage of body mass. But, for $ 150K I would do it!
 Tony_MON7ANA30/03/2018 00:45:38 GMT
Wow, big congratulations to Staples brothers on winning US$150,000, and very well done to their trainer Mike Vacanti! I didn't expect they were going to make it when Bill Perkins announced the deal a year ago, to be honest.
 Mober02/04/2018 04:46:03 GMT
They have won the bet, but like some others have noticed from the pics,
the one that was skinny has some extra kilos now Smile
Not a big problem though if he ants to drop back where he was.
And the prize was for 150k, so why not Smile
 bowie198402/04/2018 23:28:23 GMT
Posted by pochui:
ok for my untrained eye it actually looks like the fatter dudes has actually became the skinnier dude of the pair... lol nice challenge, I would have nothing against going after one similar myself if someone offered me 150k for my efforts.

He was the taller to begin with so thats why he looks leaner now.
 godoy11/04/2018 23:06:16 GMT
was very cool and interesting and very motivating because it made a very nice person get a greater sense to be able to reach the goal since poker and the competitiveness and the strongest point of them with this slimmed down and became more saldaves and happy and with a little more than dollars in the account

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