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Philipp Gruissem joins partypoker

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Posted on 29 January 2018 by "T".

Philipp Gruissem, German professional poker player, began playing live poker 9 years ago and has been competing at the highest level ever since. Gruissem has won many high roller and super high roller titles including his biggest live tournament cash, the 2014 Monte Carlo €25,000 High Roller event, where he took home $1,378,059. Phil also went on to win the same event in 2017 for almost $530,000. His live earnings now stand at over $11 million.

Gruissem read his first poker book and started playing online at partypoker under the alias ‘philbort' where he won his first tournament for $200. He commented, "It was this win that drove me to learn more about the game."

Later in his career he co-founded and now using poker as a tool for self-discovery, he comments: "I feel great about joining partypoker! They are now bringing healthy competition back into the market and partypoker has a new and fresh vibe that will grow our poker community."

partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters added: "I am honoured that Philipp has agreed to join us at partypoker. Philipp is such a well-respected player both in the German and global poker community that he is a perfect fit to join the team. He also has a great character and experience and will bring something a little different to the team."

Gruissem kicks off 2018 playing in POWERFEST that started January 21st and will sit down in events including the $1,000,000 guaranteed, $5,200 buy-in Powerfest #46-H on Sunday 4th February. Philipp will make his first live appearance as a partypoker ambassador at MILLIONS Germany that starts on 4th February.


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11 comments on "Philipp Gruissem joins partypoker"

 Samarietis29/01/2018 16:05:45 GMT
Plenty of well know poker players have joined the party poker network , it just seems that they are trying to over come Pokerstars , as there have been a lot of Pokerstars pro that left the fields ... But anyway best of luck to party poker as i am tired of pokerstars and the never ending bad beats Smile
 bowie198429/01/2018 20:23:45 GMT
Why would somebody with double digit millions as lifetime earnings need sponsoration from any poker site let alone party? This is at best pennies on the dollar deal for him so I just do not get it why.
 pochui29/01/2018 20:35:29 GMT
well to answer the question above- I guess even if it's not million but still a decent salary for doing nothing basically. some photoshoots, some interviews and voila- money is in your account. and those lifetime winnings do not really show how much he has left... I guess lifetime losses graph along with winnings would make matter more clear.
 fini29/01/2018 21:24:26 GMT
I have a kinda good idea who will this event. This man is amazing. I think I would accept the same offer of partypoker. Smile
 doubletop77730/01/2018 08:16:39 GMT
This guy has been at the very top of the 'High Roller' tournaments for many years now and it is no surprise to see him landing one of these jobs. Well done to him and it is thoroughly deserved
 CALICUL30/01/2018 09:27:12 GMT
It's interesting to become a partypoker ambassador or another big poker room. This player is one of the most talented and i think it deserves this. Let's not forget that he managed to win over 1 million dollars in a live tournament a few years ago. Good job for Philipp Gruissem.
 Mober30/01/2018 10:38:54 GMT
While i have never heard of him before, he has decent winnings and all that for nine years.
More than a million per year if you divide the whole bankroll.
And now that he went to party poker, he will be getting extra money for practically nothing Smile
 bowie198430/01/2018 21:19:00 GMT
Yeah, but these deals are probably payed out huge amounts of tourney dollars, right?
I mean most of these so called ambassadors are not getting their six figure payouts in straight cash, right?
 godoy07/02/2018 02:54:17 GMT
I dream of what it would be like to win such a great prize so a tournament that would change my life and my family forever what it would feel like to win so triumphant and these monkeys feel it every day that beautiful and wonderful sport and poker
 Mober07/02/2018 10:39:14 GMT
godoy any chance you are using google translator?
Cause i can understand your dream. It is one that most of us have winning an amount
of money like that.
But i do not understand why you are calling them monkeys Smile
 Sandmanilo08/02/2018 16:08:31 GMT
Lol. Maybe godoy is a little bit jealous about the fact that some people are winning big money from tournaments, while he is not yet, so he decided to call them that way Big Smile It's not nice, godoy, it's better to work on your own game and maybe someday you'll get lucky.

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