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Poker Dealer in Sin City loses Job after Rare Gaming Commission Hearing

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Posted on 01 March 2018 by "T".

Earlier this February, the Nevada Gaming Board Commission regulators ruled in favor of one poker player who claimed his right to win the prize from a bad beat jackpot. Now, a second high-profile case involving a poker dealer has popped up and the Commission has reached a verdict.

A poker dealer in Las Vegas suspected of stealing at his previous workplace have pushed Nevada gaming regulators last Thursday to do something they haven't done in more than 10 years.

In early October of last year, a complaint was filed against ex-poker dealer in Bally's Las Vegas casino Jesus Saucedo. The casino allegedly found out that Saucedo had taken several $5 chips off the table during live games and he discreetly sneaked them into his toke box. Even if there were the suspicions and his departure from his job dealing poker at that specific casino, he continued dealing poker at the Bellagio casino which was nearby. Bellagio is owned by MGM, whereas Bally's is a Caesar's brand.

The Nevada Gaming Commission held an evidentiary hearing, a rare event, regarding his employee registration because he had continued working in Las Vegas for months right after the alleged theft at Bally's, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Regulators have not found any evidence about him stealing chips in Bellagio's poker room. At the end of the hearing, the four-member Gaming Commission agreed unanimously to revoke his registration. With this, the Bellagio then let him go that Thursday.

Saucedo was let go by Bally's after an incident in June in which security staff at the casino saw him taking a chip. Upon further review, it showed two other alleged incidents.

At the hearing Saucedo denied the allegations, saying that one of those times it was a mistake and that the other two never happened. He told the Commission, "It was not my intent to steal from my previous employer." Regulators did not believe his defense.

Commissioner John Moran Jr. said, "I think you cheated the game. I think you cheated your employer and, consequently, you cheated yourself because I think you're a very skilled and good employee except for the fact that you cheated...I don't think this was your first rodeo. I think you've been doing this a long time. I wish we had facts for that, but we don't, but I don't need anything else than your admission and what I saw on the affidavits. I'm going to believe what I saw."




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7 comments on "Poker Dealer in Sin City loses Job after Rare Gaming Commission Hearing"

 Mober01/03/2018 14:22:21 GMT
One more case with evidence from a camera.
I dont think the judge needed anything more to rule this one out.
And of course this wont be the last dealer stealing from a casino Smile
More will try in the future, despite the security measures.
 godoy01/03/2018 15:23:01 GMT
another case where money corrupts man how can a good official do this and lose everything for so little it's crazy and more crazy for everything meste half GG
 ligador3702/03/2018 05:08:14 GMT
I never understand cases like this, to lose your job for a few bucks. Well, maybe were a few at the begining. Maybe he had a lot of yests doing this.
 LIKEIT2702/03/2018 10:07:28 GMT
Thats a smart thing to do,...stealing 5$ chips and then in a casino,..
were the have hundreds off cameras all pointing at the tables,..and the dealers,.
What a smart move it was from the dealer,..
O well now he got to deal with it Big Smile
 pochui02/03/2018 11:42:48 GMT
well yeah I have to agree with some of the comments above- this is a bit stupid thing to do, risk your current and future job by stealing small time... sure this might was a different situation if he actually amassed a decent sum by continually pocketing those $5 chips... but I seriously doubt that
 pajalnick02/03/2018 13:14:30 GMT
of course it was not just once .... just this time it was caught ..... of course a small amount of 5 dollars but if he did it regularly then in the end he had a good extra income .... but of course it's very it's stupid because the cameras in the casino see everything and hope that they will not catch him cleverly
 CALICUL02/03/2018 14:32:11 GMT
It is possible as this dealer to steal but to succeed to escape. Perhaps the cop is right, but he can not prove this. It's interesting with the wealth statement. Maybe his money in the accounts should be tracked and in this way he will be able to prove it as this dealer made money illegally.

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