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Bad Beat Jackpot Winner Avi Shamir to receive $62K Reward as Affirmed by NGCB

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Posted on 15 February 2018 by "T".

For poker players and fans out there, bad beat jackpots are quite the rare occurrence, but it does happen. But what if you're supposed to win money from a bad beat jackpot and the casino refuses to pay you? This is the dilemma that a certain poker player was in, and this happened back in December 2017.

Avinoam Shamir, age 83, was dealt with a bad beat that was ill, lost the hand with a straight flush to opponent poker player Len Schreter.

Station Casinos refused to pay out when the bad beat jackpot hit at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Their excuse - a technicality occurred. However, the players who stood to win the cash from the hand have not given up their claim to get paid, and so the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) stepped in to make a ruling.

In a bad beat jackpot, the rules stipulate that the losing hand wins half of the entire jackpot. In Shamir's case, he should have won $60,000+. The player with the winning hand shall then receive 25% of the remaining pot - $30,000.

The other 25% or the rest of the prize money, $30,000 is then equally distributed amongst everybody else who played poker at the time in Station Casinos' five Las Vegas card rooms. A total of 80 players were entitled to get their share of that $30,000.

The ‘Technicality'
There are certain rules that players must follow when a poor beat-worthy hand (namely quads losing to quads or better) comes up, or else the casino is not required to pay the winnings. One of the rules say that before the action concludes, if a player exposes their hole cards to others at the table, then the casino has the right to not pay up.

Customary whenever a bad beat jackpot hits, the surveillance video has been reviewed, and the casino determined Schreter exposed his hole cards to other players out of turn, before the ending of the hand.

As a result of his egregious action, Schreter is at the mercy of the NGCB, which heard arguments from 15 individuals, including those involved in the hand. Control Board members watched the surveillance video and heard witness testimony. The video ‘clearly' reveals Schreter exposed his cards out of turn.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

For refusing to pay the jackpot prize money, many on social media expressed their anger towards Station.

Good for Avi, but not for the rest?
There was some confusion concerning the exact payouts that the two players must receive, but the Disposition clearly stated the amount of $62,126 to Shamir, which should be 50% of the total bad beat jackpot prize, thereby making the overall jackpot worth $124,252.

In turn, Schreter is entitled to receive 25%, about $30,000+ and the remaining would go to the ‘table share', divided amongst players seated at the table where the jackpot hit, and ‘room share', split amongst all players active in a cash game at Red Rock as well as other Station Casinos around Las Vegas at the time the jackpot hand occurred.

It is crucial to note that at this time, the only payout mentioned in the NGCB Disposition from last week's meeting was the one meant for Shamir. It has not been disclosed whether the payouts to other players will also be carried out.



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15 comments on "Bad Beat Jackpot Winner Avi Shamir to receive $62K Reward as Affirmed by NGCB"

 doubletop77715/02/2018 08:57:11 GMT
I am glad that common sense has prevailed and these players' will get their money. It must have been an exciting time when they thought they had won but it must have been a horrible feeling when they said they wouldn't pay out.
 pajalnick15/02/2018 12:23:10 GMT
the casino has so many tricks to not pay players their winnings ..... it's certainly very sad .... well that there are organizations that defend the player's rights so that the casino is not insolent very strongly ..... but as I understood from the article The remaining players do not yet know about the win or not
 Mober15/02/2018 13:33:41 GMT
Technicality or not it is the rules.
And you are not supposed to show your cards ever.
That is a rule, with the cards reaching the showdown.
It wont be easy getting the money and if he does, the casino will have done him a favor.
 CALICUL15/02/2018 13:42:02 GMT
categorical feeling is a frustration when the casino refuses to pay the jackpot shared to the players. I'm glad because this control committee he does his job with fairness. I hope this Avinoam Shamir 83 years to enjoy a little bit of money earned by him. 60 k dollars is an interesting sum.
 bowie198415/02/2018 14:27:51 GMT
I really don't know why brick and mortar casinos have bad beat jackpots, I mean it is nice when you have it online but it is already hard to provide all the technicality for their payouts so I cannot imagine how much more troubling to do the same in real life. No wonder the casino did not wanted to shell out cash.
 Sandmanilo15/02/2018 20:34:45 GMT
These bad beat jackpots happen so rare, especially in live games, that the management of this casino could close their eyes for a little violation of rules, especially given the age of the winner. This decision would significantly increase the trust in this casino. But they chose the other solution. I would never go there after this accident.
 godoy15/02/2018 23:06:22 GMT
because well this formula has been used by all the casinos and poker houses in the world I wonder not want to pay when you win this and an outrage and deserve to pay double the respect respect above everything
 Mober16/02/2018 13:50:35 GMT
They must be making extra money by having the bad bead jackpot.
An at the end is not hard for them to watch over it.
Not that it happens like every other day.
Then it just come to the rules and if everyone has followed them.
 pajalnick16/02/2018 15:11:52 GMT
today I read a similar story with other data ... In Louisiana, the poker dealer and his friend were arrested on fraud charges after trying to arrange a raffle of a bad beat jackpot of $ 166,471. 61-year-old dealer Ashley Solomon tampered the cards so that his friend, 51-year-old Dale Foret, lost with the required by the rules of the bad beat jackpot combination of quads.
 bowie198416/02/2018 15:44:09 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
61-year-old dealer Ashley Solomon tampered the cards so that his friend, 51-year-old Dale Foret, lost with the required by the rules of the bad beat jackpot combination of quads.

How could you tamper with anything when most of these places using machines to operate the decks.
 godoy16/02/2018 23:42:28 GMT
today I read other things about this case and it seems to me that you won the action against the casino where the prize was won with everything I do not know why the casino in question contested the prize more now it was already paid avo akkkkk
 Mober17/02/2018 14:12:45 GMT
If he has taken the money or not, considering the rules that casino's have, he shouldnt have got
the money.
Although i find it hard for a player having quads, folding the hand, no matter what the bet is.
So revealing his cards, didnt change the outcome possibly. Smile
 pochui18/02/2018 12:34:38 GMT
well I guess it's nice to eventually receive 30k when you probably think that all is lost and there is no real chance to fight against the house. maybe this situation is not the clearest of all but things are settled regarding one player and the rest will follow.
 bowie198419/02/2018 03:24:41 GMT
Posted by pochui:
... maybe this situation is not the clearest of all but things are settled regarding one player and the rest will follow.

Yeah, but this was settled 'cuz a gambling authority within Nevada was reviewed the case - who knows how many more similar instances happening weeks in and out elsewhere and nobody is doing anything about them because they don't know better.
 Tony_MON7ANA22/02/2018 11:59:12 GMT
I wish I was at the poker table when this thing happened! I used to live in the vicinity of Red Rock Casino Resort, one of the upscale casinos off the Vegas Strip. It is about a 10-minute walking distance from my old home. I wasn't a poker player back then, but one of my housemates would play a cash game there on the weekend.

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