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PokerGO releases Documentary Series ‘Stories from the Felt' featuring Bobby's Room

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Posted on 17 April 2018 by "T".

Poker Central continues to think of new ways on how to spread the influence and excitement in poker gaming, and now they are proud to present to the poker community their short documentary series entitled "Stories from the Felt" and the episodes are available at PokerGO.

According to Poker Central's press release, Stories from the Felt is a series of "unbelievable poker stories straight right the source with exclusive interviews with the game's biggest personalities, including Bill Perkins, Nick Schulman, Todd Brunson and many others.

The newly released series looks to be part-documentary, part poker's version of ‘Ripley's Believe It or Not', featuring a few of the most amazing poker stories from the past and present.

Poker Central president Joe Kakaty said, "We've brought together some of the most remarkable, little-known poker stories and interviewed the characters behind them to bring poker's lore to life. The captivating tales of ‘Stories from the Felt' offer our subscribers a glimpse into poker only few have ever seen."

Just like the popular saying in Las Vegas, it's also true when it comes to Bobby's Room - What happens in Bobby's Room, usually stays in Bobby's Room.

The first episode of the series is entitled "The Legendary Bobby's Room", featuring star players such as Eli Elezra, Jennifer Harman, Nick Schulman and Todd Brunson.

Some quite interesting items in the 5-minute video clip are Eli Elezra's biggest winning and losing sessions as well as a gambling story about one Arab named Sheikh who wanted to clash head on with the pros but in the end lost about $1.7 million in just 2.5 hours.

Stories from the Felt - Bobby's Room

The next episodes that will be released pretty soon:

The Big Reveal - stories about the introduction of hole cams and how they changed the game
The Bike Bet - The bike prop bet of Brian Rast versus Dan Bilzerian
The Wake-Up Call - Greg Merson's story from drug addiction to WSOP champion
The Mayfair Club - The real-life story that inspired the film ‘Rounders'

PokerGO is Poker Central's live streaming poker TV channel, which includes original programs along with coverages of live tournaments such as the Poker Masters and the U.S. Poker Open.

PokerGO also brought back the popular Poker After Dark franchise and they also regularly host live events that feature several of poker's top players. is essentially a subscription service at $10 monthly or $99 annually.



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7 comments on "PokerGO releases Documentary Series ‘Stories from the Felt'' featuring Bobby''s Room"

 Gerimantas17/04/2018 10:57:10 GMT
Yes I think it is interesting to see those videos, I am a poker player, snakl stakes but I always see it fun to read and watch news about online and real poker, and also like to see videos on YouTube about bad beats and big wind, interviews from poker pro is always very interesting
 doubletop77717/04/2018 11:58:41 GMT
This will definitely be right up my street and i will be looking forward to watching this. The amounts of money being gambled in this room over the years is legendary and it will be nice to see
 CALICUL17/04/2018 16:15:21 GMT
I do not like to watch documentaries about the stories of professional poker players but sometimes watch some fragments of their games. Live is very good to watch and online is something different but necessary for players like us. If these professionals would make a tv series about their stories would be much better.
 pajalnick17/04/2018 22:57:07 GMT
a series of incredible poker stories will probably be interesting to see .... if it's really interesting stories, then they will soon make a translation into Russian .... Of course you can try to see with subtitles and auto-translation but this translation is not very correct ... wait a little with viewing
 godoy18/04/2018 05:51:22 GMT
a select group of players with the most skillful of all time and see this photo with this player of foot and watching this table so difficult and magic at the same time give me a strange thing like it standing there watching from the outside it seems cruel more ta ta And why are you playing
 Mober18/04/2018 13:01:21 GMT
This one must be an interesting series to watch.
There are lots of players and not only that like to watch action,
at these levels of players and money involved Smile
It can be educating also, for many players.
 pochui20/04/2018 21:04:24 GMT
ok if you had to pick from latest sopa opera and this documentary series I would go for the latter. still not the most productive way of spending your free time- watching how other people play poker and talk about it. better just fire away a couple of bullets yourself.

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