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partypoker and Poker Central Creates First Poker Masters Online Series

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Posted on 27 March 2020 by "T".

partypoker and Poker Central announced last week the debut of Poker Masters Online, with partypoker putting up $16,500,000 in guarantees.

Poker Masters Online will have a total of 30 high-roller events running from April 12 to 26, 2020. The Poker Masters Online Main Event champion will be awarded $50,000 cash and a coveted Poker Masters purple jacket.

Poker Masters Online

  • Schedule: April 12 to 26, 2020
  • Events: 30 high-roller events
  • Main Event top prize: $50,000 and a Poker Masters purple jacket
  • Guarantees: $16,500,000
Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that's still wreaking havoc in many countries worldwide which prompted a lot of gaming and sports events like the Euro 2020 to postpone or even cancel, partypoker is teaming up with Poker Central to move the series online. Buy-ins for these high-roller events range from $10,300 to $51,000 in the Main Event on Sunday, April 26th. The prestigious finale to the series is set to pay out an awesome guaranteed $2 million.

partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters said, "We are pleased to be able to give players the chance to continue doing what they love and play the tournament in online format. The Poker Masters brand carries significant weight in the poker community and we believe this innovative online format will be appealing for fans and players alike."

Poker Central president Sam Simmons said, "We know partypoker is the right landing spot for our tournament brand to evolve into a new format. We value this partnership as a way to bring the poker community together in these uncertain times."

It is known that partypoker and Poker Central have teamed up on projects before, such as the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Tour, Super High Roller Bowl Bahamas and Super High Roller Bowl Russia.


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11 comments on "partypoker and Poker Central Creates First Poker Masters Online Series"

 dule-vu27/03/2020 14:48:01 GMT
This is very sick high roller tournament with very big buy in-s and so many of them in two weeks!probably lot of player will come to play,because in lot of countries everything is closed and they cant gamble live,so this will be chance for them!good luck to all!
 maragatero28/03/2020 00:21:48 GMT
No one can deny that this industry has quick reflexes! They was making some numbers and noticed that, at this time of quarantine´s fear, poker online is a good business with very low cost of production. So, I think that we will see in the near future a lot of big tournament that will transform production infrastructure of the events, in more prizes!
 CALICUL28/03/2020 00:29:12 GMT
Party Poker has moved fast and wants to be successful with a series of beautiful tournaments. At this moment 888 and pokerstars does not have anything interesting and you guys can play here for some qualifications. You're not busy anyway... because of COVID 19.
 dule-vu28/03/2020 17:36:21 GMT
would be nice to see this tournament of 50 K buy in and to see who will play it,maybe some big name of poker,that we all know,not just some rich players who have lot of money and we dont know anything about him!its still lot of time till then,so maybe we will find some names that will play any of this tournaments!
 maragatero29/03/2020 00:45:30 GMT
I don´t know...are the online poker´s players, also good in online poker? Obviously, they has their knowledge of the game, and might knows some of the players with who has to play. But they will not have all the tells that they are used to have. And they could be more distracted than they are used. At least, I think that not all of the big pro can feel comfortable in online poker.
 CALICUL29/03/2020 00:56:19 GMT
Live poker players are very good at online poker because they are ''true thieves'' with the many bluffs that they do. It is a situation that helps them very well, because another advantage of them is that they read people very good even online.
 antonis32129/03/2020 03:41:15 GMT
It's good that this Poker Master Series will be played online this coronavirus times . Other events , such as the Irish open also on PartyPoker , will be played online rather than be cancelled and not be played at all . Online poker helps live poker players survive and keep on doing what they love most , in these '' home isolation '' times , with so many restrictions and the (many times exaggerated ) fear to be in crowded places .

This series is obviously for the players with the ''deep'' pockets , the big bankroll , who like playing high-rollers , not the usual grinders for small or medium buyins . Then again some online high roller players , who wouldn't play this live event otherwise , now they have the option to play this Series , besides other high-rollers or very high buy-in game they regularly play .

Ofcourse live poker is somehow different from online . They won't be able to take advantage of live ''tells' from other players , like they do in normal live events . I believe the players will play with their real names , so at least some of them will be able to identify players known to them , for whom they have info and notes .
 Mober29/03/2020 13:18:01 GMT
It only seems logical what they have done here, and someone could expect this.
And probably it will be the first one to come with more events to follow,
in an online "version".
If they have satellites for these games also, since now they are online,
it will be even better Smile
 maragatero30/03/2020 01:04:42 GMT
I don´t think it CALICUL, you should consider that they will not play against recreationals like you or me. They will play against proffesionals like them, but some players are used to play online and some others not. And might be that some group of investors makes possible that an unknowed player may appear in the prizes...
 CALICUL30/03/2020 09:35:15 GMT
Professional players also play at lower levels to create an important bankroll and many satellites. You really think that they want to invest a lot of money? when they have the opportunity to play against some weaker players? They take the opportunity to qualify for big tournaments. At Masters it is something different because there are the best gamblers.
 maragatero31/03/2020 01:40:14 GMT
I don´t know CALICUL, you said that the professional play lower levels to make his bankroll? I think that all of them have a bankroll management´s plan, and don´t waste their time playing out of their level. For those boys time is money, why does they play for $100 if they have the skills to play for $ 10000? And playing satellites? I think you are telling about us not them….

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