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Norway to Enforce Firmer Payment Restrictions on International Gambling Sites

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Posted on 26 April 2018 by "T".

The government of Norway is planning new methods that will strengthen restriction of online gambling payment processing to help limit the competition of the state-owned Norsk Tipping gambling monopoly.

Gambling in Norway is heavily regulated and its provision is restricted to only government-owned agencies. Playing poker for money is not permitted, whether this is live, online, or in private homes. Currently, there is no legal means to play poker in Norway. However, there is a bill that aims to relax the law to allow home games to be played legally as long as it is not run as a business.

Despite having a bill before legislature seeking to relax gambling laws, Norway's stance against online gambling is firm. The Norwegian Gaming Authority started a consultation process that proposes increased restrictions over internationally licensed gambling operators that targets local players. As of now, local financial institutions are required to block transactions that involve unauthorized gambling operators.

Preventing local banking institutions from processing online gambling payments is nothing new for the Norwegian Gaming Authority. However, due to certain loopholes within the restriction, the regulator is seeking increased control and power to compel banks into stopping deals made with certain names instead of simply just blocking account numbers. According to the NGA, even with the restriction requirement, Norwegians collectively transact up to 40k daily with international gambling sites.

The increased restriction on gambling curbs has been favored by the committee as the proposed strengthening of gambling rules has gotten a six of eight committee votes. The new measures will be adopted formally on May 7 by parliament.

Among the measures that will be granted to the regulator will be the authority to investigate companies that provides advertising and marketing of unapproved gambling products, as well as the imposition of penalties on businesses that violate these rules.

Another approved measure is the blocking of DNS of unauthorized international sites that serves Norwegian punters. The blocking of DNS will caution punters that they are attempting access to a site that does not operate under local authority. Nevertheless, this warning will not prevent the user from accessing the site should they choose to continue.



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14 comments on "Norway to Enforce Firmer Payment Restrictions on International Gambling Sites"

 CALICUL26/04/2018 16:24:15 GMT
Good news for norwegian players who want to participate in online games. Other countries should follow this example to be able to have more exciting poker games. More players, many prizes. I do not understand why italy, france and spain do not give a law to be able to play again with the rest of the world. I hope things will change. Smile
 Gerimantas26/04/2018 19:51:21 GMT
Yes Norway is a country with very hard rules about online gambling. And it is not good that people can not play poker and online and in casinos and home ganes, but now ansmall change is thst home games becomes legal, goodnfor some players
 Mober26/04/2018 21:15:47 GMT
And i thought we were in a bad situation after the new legislation, few years ago.
They are in a much worst position than us here.
Maybe i should stop complaining, about what has happened here Smile
 ligador3727/04/2018 04:20:45 GMT
I'm glad that there are countries that are opening their minds a little. Good news for Norwegian players.
Here is the other way around, the government intervened since January to have a monopoly on sports betting (and incidentally block the pages of Poker, because they are also associated with that type of bets). We can no longer deposit money through credit cards. For now only paysafecard continues to serve.
 godoy27/04/2018 21:22:10 GMT
I see this as a light in the end of the tuneo for amoroega because with the popularisacoa of poker oline epoker live all want to feel the emotion that the game tras in its reality with real money more tbm feel that the market of the poker is being very closed and I fear for worse
 Mober28/04/2018 16:17:04 GMT
They did something like that her also ligador37.
They gave us too many bull excuses for the legislation, with one of the main reasons,
that they wanted to protect the citizens from the gambling risks etc.
Now, after some time has passed, they have started opening everywhere, small shops,
with slots. And i mean everywhere.
And of course it is a monopoly !!!
 Tony_MON7ANA28/04/2018 17:30:24 GMT
I actually didn't know playing poker for money is prohibited by law in Norway until I read this article. There are many talented poker players from Norway. Annette Obrestad, the youngest person to ever win a WSOP bracelet, is Norwegian, I guess. Is she still living there?
 pajalnick28/04/2018 18:19:43 GMT
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! now also Norway has joined the list of countries restricting the online game in the casino and poker ..... it seems to me that these states are following the wrong way of banishing their people ...... if I get banned from playing on the Internet I will play in illegal casinos ... and who is better from this ?? Confused
 ligador3728/04/2018 20:02:21 GMT
I speak without knowing, but capable is like in my country and if they win tournaments abroad, when they enter they have to pay huge taxes.
That's why it's not good for the players in my country to go and play those big tournaments in Las Vegas, I think the tax is around 30% of the win. Then it is more convenient to live in another country.
I do not know how it will be in the rest of the world, but here lately, it sucks.
 pochui28/04/2018 20:48:02 GMT
well I have to admit that it really begins to look like governments all around the world have something against online poker, either politician dudes are losing a lot of cash on poker games or some other reason, but it's not looking good for online poker
 godoy29/04/2018 00:56:57 GMT
with the ruling regulating gets better even more with so much impositions what is difficult and the sites want to operate these places that is a bit complicated because working with so many rules and regulations can disrupt and the big mark give up betting in these countries
 Gerimantas29/04/2018 07:27:36 GMT
I do not know why governments are doing this changes because poker room owners just registered in different countries and for players can play like always and government get no taxes
 dule-vu29/04/2018 10:08:33 GMT
wow in norway you cant even play poker at home,such a bad law!but just wonder how can they know who play at home and who not!but why they need to block every and home gambling,why they need to order people what they will do with money!
 CALICUL29/04/2018 16:27:13 GMT
There are also bad parts and good parts. Norway will allow players to gain access to the broad market and China will restrict player access to enjoy of online games. Americans are not able to unlock a law that allows access to these games and because of this many poker rooms are more empty. Let's see what will be in the future.

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