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Man Loses $10K after Making Ridiculous Poker Bet, said he was “just joking”

Tags: Armenian Mike, Bicycle Casino, Los Angeles.
Posted on 22 June 2018 by "T".

Most people don't judge when we make mistakes at times in life, but you just have to hope that the consequences are too dire to bear. Unfortunately, for this particular poker player who goes by the name Armenian Mike, he made a mistake so ridiculous that he very swiftly regretted it the moment the cards were revealed.

At the Bicycle Casino located in Los Angeles, a live stream occurred of what started as a fairly typical poker game between two players. Everything is just fine and dandy, but then out of the blue, Armenian Mike decided to put a whopping $10,300 bet on the river, right into a pot of just $900!

Of course, first impression is that he must really have a great hand to risk so much moolah, but even so his strategy is somewhat off - because if you really do believe that you will win a round, then you'd want to entice others to place their bets so you can of course win a much bigger pot. It turns out that Mike only had A-10 and made a pair on the board, hardly a strong hand worth $10,300. Unfortunately for him, Ryan Feldman (a poker pro) was his opponent at that time, and with a K-7 on his hand, made a snapcall, obviously seeing through his bluff. The board produced two Kings and a 7 to give him the win (7-4-K-10-K), and he easily took the pot. At that point on things started to become chaotic because Armenian Mike wasn't happy about the outcome of the game.

First, he attempted to take his money back, claiming that the whole bet he made was just a joke. Of course, Feldman isn't one to leave it like that. If you are playing a serious poker game, then you must take serious bets, and no excuses if you lose. A bit of argument ensued, and then poor Mike began to sob for the next 5-10 minutes, clearly regretting the bad decision he made.

Eventually, the floor ruled that the bet has to stand, and Feldman is given the choice whether he would take the money from his fellow poker player or he would make a kind gesture and let him take his bet back. Guess what he did? Of course, just like any other serious poker player, he took his money (which he won fair and square).

Lesson of the story: In the world of poker, there's no do-over once you shove all-in to your opponents at the table.



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