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Tiger Woods is Back Home after Rollover Car Accident

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Posted on 17 March 2021 by "T".

Golf legend Tiger Woods has returned home after being discharged from the hospital, three weeks after he got into a rollover car accident in Los Angeles.

Woods, age 45, had been injured early morning of February 24 when his car rolled over multiple times in Los Angeles. Rescuers had to use tools to pry him out of the wreckage, and he underwent emergency surgery to take care of his "significant orthopedic injuries", according to the hospital's chief medical officer and interim CEO Dr. Anish Mahajan.

No charges were made in relation to the accident. Woods did not manifest any signs of impairment at the scene or at the hospital.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said after the incident, "He was not drunk. If there was evidence of that, we would proceed with that. This is an accident. We are treating it as an accident."

Woods said in a statement on Tuesday that he is continuing his recovery after he sustained serious multiple injuries to his legs, "I am so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that I have received over the past few weeks. I will be recovering at home and working on getting stronger every day."

Before his announcement that he will continue his recovery at home, the PGA Tour announced that it secured an "exclusive, long-term partnership" with Tiger Woods for its video game franchise. In the agreement, the name and likeness of the golf legend will exclusively appear in the PGA Tour 2K franchise. He will also serve as an executive director and consultant for the game.

Woods said, "I am looking forward to making my return to the video game landscape, and with 2K and HB Studios, I've found the right partners to make it happen. I'm honored to take part in this opportunity and look forward to sharing my expertise and insights as we build the future of golf video games together."


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29 comments on "Tiger Woods is Back Home after Rollover Car Accident"

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» Tiger Woods is Back Home after Rollover Car Accident

 Calmplay19/03/2021 09:37:51 GMT
Oh nice, that means his health is not in danger. I wish him a good recovery to his legs as I see that they are the ones mostly injured.
 Cesar1419/03/2021 14:11:14 GMT
That injury was quite hard, but in reality this one that is recovering little by little, the legs are responding to the operation, from here I wish the best to this athlete, who is always aware of God, he recovers it soon.
 dule-vu19/03/2021 14:24:44 GMT
we already talked in last thread geseco that he wasnt drunk and that you had wrong news and newspaper and that nobody had this informations like you,but ok!next day we had already news from police that they will not take charges against him and that this was just "normal" car accident!now it will take time that he pass all controls,but he will be good!
 CALICUL19/03/2021 15:01:30 GMT
It is a good thing that he recovered and was not left with various problems after the car accident he had three weeks ago. From now on he must be much more careful when driving. He is young and it is a sin to leave us so fast..., especially since he has millions of fans.
 geseco1220/03/2021 05:47:33 GMT
Of course, now the news is clearer, but the important thing is that he is recovering in the best way, thank goodness that the accident was not very serious, because he would not be alive, he should thank God that he still has him alive, many strength to him and his family.
 CALICUL20/03/2021 15:13:16 GMT
Most of the time money from your pocket helps you to buy some expensive things, that heal you faster, but he is a serious taxpayer and i don't think he had problems with his health id ( I think that's what it's called in USA). In this way he received specialized care and recovery comes faster
 dule-vu20/03/2021 18:05:36 GMT
for him best thing (probably now is over his golf career) to stop everything and to enjoy in this money from winnings and sponsors!he had one comeback,now to expect second after everything it would be too much!just stay healthy and enjoy in life,golf is too far behind you!his leg is now biggest problems for him!
 Cesar1420/03/2021 18:57:06 GMT
I already think that he has achieved almost everything, he should be grateful for that, now he can quietly live a life full of happiness, he should not be worried, it is difficult for him to return to the playing fields again, but surely he will be happy all that he has. made by his followers.
 geseco1221/03/2021 13:20:41 GMT
Thank God he is recovering little by little, God has given him a new opportunity, he should be grateful for that, and now to move on just, life is to enjoy while we are here, that difficulties do not prevent you from continuing to live in a way cheerful and calm.
 CALICUL21/03/2021 15:28:13 GMT
The bones are welded and if he is not left with something serious he can play golf again. A man can be beaten with many broken bones and treated very well by doctors. After that he can do many things in his life. Tiger Woods i do not believe that he has a completed career because of this accident.
 DinGo!21/03/2021 16:43:02 GMT
That,s good to see, that he is ok and he is back. Also this is great to see, that he get lots of support from different people, even if someone don,t know who is this. I think this is a very good golf player and he for sure will show some great results in the future. He still got talent to show this for everyone.
 Cesar1421/03/2021 19:34:25 GMT
In these difficult moments that this player is going through, the most important thing that can happen to him is to receive support from different people, to know that he is not alone and that he will have the support of all his followers and those closest to him, blessings friend , and that you recover soon and see you again on the golf courses.
 geseco1222/03/2021 15:05:40 GMT
In this life we ​​are going to go through difficult moments, we do not know what the future holds for us, only God knows, what we have to do is put ourselves in the place of the other, to try to understand what he is going through, that way We will better understand his situation, this player was fine, but from one day to the next he suffered this accident, what he needs most is moral support, to get out of this situation, it is a shame but we must accept it, life is cruel, sometimes not We understand it, but surely the future will be better.
 CALICUL22/03/2021 16:16:28 GMT
The most important thing for us is: to help all our friends with advices, so that they can check the car quite often with the mechanic, or to drive very carefully to avoid accidents. There would be a few more things without drinking and drugs behind the wheel or others how is fatigue. Tiger Woods was probably when he had the accident.
 geseco1225/03/2021 05:07:54 GMT
In complicated moments like this, the tips are the most important, they help you to lift your spirits, the support of others is always essential, that will help you recover faster, and feel better every day, and we will be happy everyone to see him happy.
 CALICUL25/03/2021 19:06:27 GMT
A happy case for Tiger Woods because he did not have a minor accident, but had a strong car. The accident could have been avoided if his fun had shortened and he was going home faster. He stayed too long in the night and fatigue spoke its word.
 godoy27/03/2021 14:06:09 GMT
simply the best of all in the modality and an exceptional and very victorious player I hope that he will recover quickly and that he will not have any further complications and that he will return to play afterwards and simply the best of the best qu; and I saw playing this sport that is so complicated and mobrers ,nice
 CALICUL28/03/2021 11:55:10 GMT
We will see him playing golf again, because medicine is more advanced than in the past
and it cannot be compared to other accidents of this kind, because he is a healthy man and others who could not recover normally had other health problems... His fans will follow him again.
 geseco1229/03/2021 04:58:24 GMT
It is true anyway we are going to see him play his sport that he likes the most, which is goft, I think this accident was only an obstacle that he can overcome, now science is advanced and his recovery can be faster.
 CALICUL29/03/2021 14:56:27 GMT
it is good for him, because Tiger Woods has almost two weeks since he recovered at home, not in the hospital. In these conditions and good mood, it makes you to recover faster because human body has an interesting regenerative power. This thing is very good.
 Cesar1429/03/2021 18:26:57 GMT
May this great player recover soon, how important he is well and that his recovery process is good, we all go through very difficult times, but today more than ever we have to accept it and continue just, joy will soon come, and we will see it with a smile on the playing fields.
 geseco1230/03/2021 05:14:26 GMT
many are those who suffer car accidents every day, and most look bad after it, but thank God this player was not part of that group, on the contrary he is recovering in the best way, there is no way to thank the de above that always takes care of us from any evil.
 Cesar1431/03/2021 05:40:58 GMT
That is true, nobody is safe from anything, in life we ​​can have very serious problems, but we must face it calmly, this player did not deserve that what happened to him, but there is no need to lose hope of being able to see him again, I I know he will soon recover.
 geseco1201/04/2021 14:14:03 GMT
Many players lost their lives in mobile accidents, but this player got out of that, I think it is a miracle of God, sometimes we do not understand, but God has a purpose for him, hopefully he knows how to understand, that you recover, you are great As a player.
 Rogerio1005/04/2021 13:15:15 GMT
Didnt even see about this accident till now. What can you say, the goat of golf. I am sure with all his money he could afford a great medical threatment and that he will be just fine at the end. Wish him all the best.

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