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Poker player spitted dealer in the face

Tags: Bicycle Casino, casino, Los Angeles, Mesbah Khaffaji, poker player, spitting.
Posted on 25 August 2010 by "T".

Mesbah Khaffaji got so angry after losing a hand in poker that he spitted in the dealers face. Now, he's arrested for assault. It all occurred at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles a while ago. Mesbah Khaffaji was eating at the poker table while playing No Limit Texas Holdem against some other people. After losing a hand where lots of money was up for grabs, he got so frustrated and angry that he couldn't control his feelings and spitted out some of his food - straight in the dealers face.

The casino's security guards intervened straight away and handed over Mesbah Khaffaji to the police. He was arrested, suspected on reasonable grounds, for assault but was released shortly after, in the wait for court proceedings, when he paid the bail of $20,000

In the state of California it's enough to touch another person (in an aggressive situation) for it to be classified as assault. However, it doesn't seem to be all that common that people spit a dealer in the face.

"Is it common? No. But it happens sometimes? Yes, some people can't control themselves when losing big amounts of money", said Brendan Kirkpatrik from Bell Gardens police department to Los Angeles Times.


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27 comments on "Poker player spitted dealer in the face"

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» Poker player spitted dealer in the face

 magatt96625/08/2010 11:53:10 GMT is better spitting PC screen as I usually do Big Smile Big Smile
at least it is cheaper
 CunteN25/08/2010 13:00:35 GMT
Lol what a bad loser...
 Kristan25/08/2010 13:22:24 GMT
Spitting to dealers face does not make any sense at all. Id understand if hed done it to the one who donked him lol.

Ive said 1 time some angry words to player in ive casino. It was few yers ago after 5 hours of play in final table I got bused in 5h place because one luckboxx who was chipleader called my KK all in with K10 and hit set of 10s. - i told him to go fk himself and wished other players good luck busting him lol.
 AbuDhabi25/08/2010 13:33:47 GMT
Live poker is rigged! Dealer wanted to bust this poor guy Smile
 swissprosaic25/08/2010 15:00:13 GMT
bad guy!

funny guy!

bad guy!

funny guy! "Men 'The Master' Nguyen spitting his beer all over the table in the WSOP 2004 Event3 $1500 Seven Card Stud xD
 Supererou25/08/2010 19:17:07 GMT
WOW!!That's such a horrible decision to spit the dealer in the face...Just wondering:Why didn't he split his oponnent instead??
 Funope25/08/2010 19:32:22 GMT
I would say to the dealer, spit him back.
 oliver08229825/08/2010 22:16:50 GMT
he should'nt stop playing poker... he definitely dot have some poker face to win... lol
 xxxpokerxxx125/08/2010 23:24:05 GMT
I have to admit I have done that 2,I have spit on the dealer while playing,but remembered,that it was no use,cause it was my computer screen....hahaaaa
 baniix25/08/2010 23:46:16 GMT
did anyone thought that maybe it was because of the food!!!

 Im2good4u26/08/2010 02:38:27 GMT
LOL, you're right spitting in your monitor all LCD will just cost you around $1k tops, look how much he had to pay just to bail $20k. anyway, it could be understandable but still its very impolite to do such things
 jessthehuman26/08/2010 02:52:20 GMT
What a creep. Glad it all came down on him so hard. Totally unacceptable.
 edr_00726/08/2010 03:26:03 GMT
if i were the dealer i wll punched in him on hiss face a couple of times, just to make him knows what was the problem
 wiebepoker26/08/2010 05:19:38 GMT
total loser
 lomax26/08/2010 07:28:49 GMT
Simply incredible...this man is crazy. this is inacceptable. poor dealer
 Davoodoo26/08/2010 17:39:10 GMT
when the dealer riggs the game he has to suffer !
 corneliu728827/08/2010 07:25:36 GMT
bad looser...this is inacceptable
 stevieboy431/03/2015 23:11:21 GMT
 vic7501/04/2015 19:17:45 GMT
What do you want from the dealer he's just shuffling and dealing cards doing his job his AA must have got crushed by 26 off shit happens both live and online.
 luisexy6901/04/2015 21:01:00 GMT
bad move from this player.
Is sad to see and listen this kind of things, and maybe this player should e banned from, not only from this casino, but also from other casinos arround, or even better, banned from enter in a casino, not too all world, but in there state or country.

This kind of things should be cause to lead to severe sentences, not only by the police but also from part of the casinos, to show that this kind of things, will not expected to become the go.
 av196601/04/2015 21:33:41 GMT

Sad to learn about this Aww crap! Aww crap! no matter what you always need to stay cool and civilized but this is the world we are living right now ,a world without any respect to other people Aww crap! Aww crap!

If you can stand the heat you must leave the kitchen Angry Angry

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life
 bowie198402/04/2015 01:00:18 GMT

Posted by stevieboy4:

Yes! Apparently four and a half years later after this happened 'spitting on another human being' is still being considered out of norm! Oh, these dreadful times, imagine if this was otherwise. Plenty morning routes become interesting when everybody would welcome their buddies with the Ace Ventura 2 style.
 klash2303/04/2015 14:52:44 GMT
As Bowie says....four and a half years later???......saying that I had not seen this story before and never heard of Mesbah Kaffaji but I don't think it is a bad thing that someone as vile as that might be reminded of his actions if anyone googles him.
 watoba03/04/2015 16:45:21 GMT
I cant understand these people,when you not can life when you lost money,so you should not play for money.I can understand when you got frustratet when you lost a big hand,but attack or spitted any other people or the dealer is a no go.
 bowie198404/04/2015 01:15:21 GMT
Posted by klash23:
As Bowie says....four and a half years later???......saying that I had not seen this story before and never heard of Mesbah Kaffaji but I don't think it is a bad thing that someone as vile as that might be reminded of his actions if anyone googles him.

I was just merely put a sarcastic spin on the fact that somebody drags something up from years ago. I might do the same if I re-discover something worthy here too.

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