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2018 WSOP: Event #8: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball won by Johannes Becker for $180,455

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Posted on 07 June 2018 by "T".

It was last year's WSOP $50,000 Poker Players Championship that Johannes Becker finished runner-up (2nd place), but this year the German is no more settling for second best after he managed to defeat Scott Seiver to win Event #8 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball for $180,455.

The victory comes as a complete surprise considering Becker had the second-lowest chip numbers as he came into the final day of play with 12 players left standing. It was Michael Wagner who had fewer chips than Becker at the time.

After quite a turn of events, all the chips eventually fell to Becker's side, all 4 million of them, as he worked up his way knocking off a player field of 321 entrants that combined a total prize pool of $722,250. Only the top 49 finishers are set to earn a cash prize.

He said, "I didn't expect to win. I started catching cards and that worked out great."

Some of the final tablists that Becker had to deal with were Chris Vitch, who won the exact same event in 2016 for $136,854 as well as Scott Seiver, who won his sole bracelet 10 years ago. During the three-handed action, it was Seiver who had nearly 75% of the chips but Becker managed to take them all in the end, earning himself the top prize money and his first-ever WSOP gold bracelet to add to his name.

2018 WSOP Event #8 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball Final Table Results






Johannes Becker




Scott Seiver

United States



Jesse Hampton

United States



Chris Vitch

United States



George Trigeorgis

United States



Luis Velador






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10 comments on "2018 WSOP: Event #8: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball won by Johannes Becker for $180,455"

 pochui07/06/2018 17:17:53 GMT
well triple draw lowball is quite an interesting game to play, probably these fellas were just warming up to bigger events and decided that taking a day or two off the usual no limit texas holdem is the way to go. and for Johannes becker it was a day to remember.
 CALICUL07/06/2018 18:12:21 GMT
Very beautiful this idea with bracelets offered to winners of tournaments. Instead of receiving small cups or another prizes they chose this option which is a good idea. I think these winners Praise in front of his friends with these bracelets. I think i would do the same thing. Congratulations to the player for this performance.
 doubletop77708/06/2018 06:34:14 GMT
Many congratulations to Johannes on winning this tournament and $180,455. To beat Scott Seiver heads up, he deserves every penny. I do love the name ' Mixed Triple Draw Lowball' which sounds like a real poker name
 Mober08/06/2018 08:08:37 GMT
This is a game that i have tried and played a couple of times when a freeroll was
But this format was one of the worst for me, didnt like it at all
Didnt even play 1 cent games with it Smile

Not bad for a first place win.
 dule-vu08/06/2018 12:59:48 GMT
I cant say that I understand this game and I think that I havent play in my life this kind of poker,but for this player was great,because he got very good first prize,over 180K $!buy in big also,but it worht for him!now he spend on buy in on other wsop tournaments!
 godoy08/06/2018 19:56:10 GMT
one of my favorite games in poker because when you leave the luck aside the skill always wins and so I think the triple drow one of the best games to play and congratulations to the champion who showed a lot of skill and competition to win
 Gerimantas09/06/2018 10:31:53 GMT
I remember some time long time now ago i try to play this game triple draw lowball poker, mixed format is something i don't know if this is the same game, but i liked to play it on small money. Good to see that a lot of games are in wsop
 Tony_MON7ANA26/06/2018 09:50:30 GMT
Big congratulations to Johannes Becker on being crowned champion of the $2,500 buy-in mixed triple draw low ball tournament. What kind of game is this? I don't think I have ever played it in my life. I apologize for my ignorance.

 CALICUL26/06/2018 20:20:00 GMT
Lowball inverts the normal ranking of poker hands. Triple Draw is played mostly lowball. This means that the weakest hand wins. There are two ways to evaluate. This game or games has some rules that are not in our liking. I do not play thes games. Anyway, congratulations for the winner.
 Nightkid27/06/2018 13:10:06 GMT
Congratulations to the winner Johannes Becker and it is not little the well that has been, $ 180,455 is not bad for me hahaha the truth intrigues me to know that other types of games there since I am only used to play only Texas Hold'em Poker em but and there I try if I can some other new but good as I see there for all the tastes of each player ... xD

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