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"Don't play new games if you don't like them" - Daniel Negreanu on PokerStars New Poker Variant Unfold Hold'em

Tags: Daniel Negreanu, PokerStars.
Posted on 10 August 2018 by "T".

Unfold Hold'em is the newest poker game released by PokerStars, allowing players to ante up for a side "Unfold pot" and then get back into the game right after seeing the flop. This poker variant is actually geared more towards the rec (recreational) players. As for the reg (regular) players, they find that it's not a good game at all and criticize PokerStars for continuing to release games that no longer involve one's skills in order to win.

Daniel Negreanu, a member of Team PokerStars since June 2007, wrote what he thought about the subject, saying that poker is always evolving and nobody is forcing them to play a game they don't like.

A follower commented on KidPoker's post, who obviously hates the site based on his last sentence, "I hope PokerStars is gone in the next decade for the sake of the longevity of online poker."

The Canadian All-Time Money List 1st placer enlightened the hater that it is entirely possible for good players to win at PokerStars.

The same commenter continued to rant on about how PokerStars is not a good place for playing online poker.


This prompted the six-time WSOP bracelet champ and Poker Hall of Famer to provide a valuable lesson regarding the world of poker.

Another one of DNegs' Twitter followers tried to support the hater, saying:


To which Negreanu readily replied, saying they forgot one crucial thing - the skill level of today's players.


As for all other players who hate on new poker variants as they feel that the games are hard to beat, Negreanu posted his final word on the matter.



On the other hand, there were others who said they agree with Negreanu's thoughts.


In short, the lesson of this story: If you don't like it, don't play it.



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40 comments for ""Don''t play new games if you don''t like them" - Daniel Negreanu on PokerStars New Poker Variant Unfold Hold''em"

 CALICUL10/08/2018 14:16:09 GMT
More poker games, hinder the players concentration, if they choose to play more different games at the same time. I do not think inventing or adding of as many poker games as possible, will bring a win for pokerstars. These decisions will make the players to be fewer at Texas Hold'em poker tables.
 Serpang10/08/2018 14:52:25 GMT
Absolutely right!! Except you already expert on regular NLHE and boring,lol. Try new variant just for fun or just spent of money? Smile . Regular NLHE already so complicated and hard to be winning player. Maybe PS just want to keep player who already give up and quit to play Smile
 pochui10/08/2018 15:01:58 GMT
well yeah that's pretty much the way I think, not a problem that new games are being introduced and not my problem if they have a gazillion percent more rake since I can just skip them and play what I like. whats the point of complaining, especially if you are not intending to play the game
 Calmplay10/08/2018 16:14:31 GMT
Yeah for sure Daniel but to know if you don't like you must first try it and that is why the poker room offers play money tables...

 Mober10/08/2018 17:17:23 GMT
Well he is right in one thing. If you dont like the game you dont have to play.
But at the end the one that always wins s the house, be it casino poker site etc.
Especially a site like poker stars can only win more with changes.
They have what it takes for it...
 pajalnick10/08/2018 19:02:37 GMT
a completely absurd game that only appeared to get more rake from the players ... and this statement to Nigreanu of course I really do not like .... from this statement confirms that for him PokerStars brings money and everything else for him does not matter .... unpleasantly
 Gerimantas10/08/2018 21:36:53 GMT
Yes of course negreanu say good thing that if you dont like the new games you don't play them, but also it is true to see players comment about new games and i think many players are not happy about pokerstars and big rake
 CALICUL11/08/2018 14:47:55 GMT
Daniel Negreanu is a pokerstars vip and ambassador but he just said an opinion. When pokerstars offered VPP, FPP points in the past he criticized this decision and he said poor players or those who play at low stakes to receive more awards as they will eventually lose those rewards to the professionals. Daniel Negreanu tells the truth and here he does not favor pokerstars. Everybody plays what he likes, and so it should be. Here in PS are so many games in pokerstars not only 2-3.
 OnedOutAK11/08/2018 18:04:09 GMT
There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing in new games here, and there... I try these games once in awhile.. yeah the rake is a bit high... but what else isn’t.. people pay a lot of taxes on everything, daily.. food.. entertainment... and what not.. if you don’t want to pay rake.. don’t play online, or anywhere else... it’s that simple.. I don’t play something I don’t like... if have to play it because I like it a lot.. I’ll pay the rake.. especially if there’s a game no other like it anywhere else...
 Mober11/08/2018 19:08:09 GMT
Is there really a need for more new games?
For recreational players it may be good, but for the ones grinding i doubt.
Why paying the extra rake at the end ?
But once more, you are not forced to is. You have a choice.
 bowie198411/08/2018 23:02:13 GMT
This is stupid. Of course Negreanu gonna defend the house since players like him at the top have lucrative rakeback deals with all the outlets where they play online. Whenever the rake increase the goddamn fringe players at the bottom paying for this of course. But this is an ecosystem just like the others - if those at the bottom start to migrating to somewhere else with better options or stop playing altogether then the guys like Negreanu have stop defending Amaya as well since they are gonna feel it too the missing money.
 CALICUL13/08/2018 14:51:17 GMT
Daniel Negreanu when he had something to say against the pokerstars, he said this. When he had something to say in favor of the pokerstars, he said this. He says a normal thing here. He does not favor this poker room. He is one of the few players who would like to help small stakes players in pokerstars. If a war started between pokerstars and the players the Daniel Negreanu would be on the side of the players. Blink
 doubletop77714/08/2018 07:14:39 GMT
Daniel Negreanu has summed it up perfectly in my opinion, if you do not like the game then don't play it. There are always going to be games that suit some people and not others
 Haymore27714/08/2018 09:41:48 GMT
game sucks, locks my screen so I cant play anything but that. been on pokerstars 13 years and now I cant even see the old table layouts . how do I get it off my computer.
 Gerimantas15/08/2018 10:44:03 GMT
Yes of course it is situation that daniel negreanu needs to say something good about pokerstars because he is with contract for this site, but he also say good things, he not defend this game, but day if you don't like dont play
 vic7515/08/2018 18:45:24 GMT
How can anyone agree with more rake is better this greedy Amaya corporation spits in the players face look with all they got rid with the past V.I.P system and freerolls screwed up Full Tilt Poker. Do the math with the Sunday Million tournament rake= more then 300K a month and they now cut 25K prize pool from the Poker school Leagues Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
 Mober16/08/2018 15:40:54 GMT
This is something that anyone should expect after the acquisition of full tilt.
They are the leaders in the market no matter what.
It will be hard for some other site to take their place.
Sites like 888poker, partypoker and bwin following closely, but still the gap is big.
 erru910716/08/2018 20:59:43 GMT
I think that there's nothing more true then what the topic says. If you don't like it, don't play it. I mean, every version of poker is not for everyone. Just stick to what you like and don't care to comment on the other variations, it's jst a big waste of time. Keep playing what you want to and try to make a profit there instead of focusing on something that you really don't care about at the end of the day.
 dule-vu17/08/2018 09:45:58 GMT
yeah,nobody force you to play this kind of poker games,but its strange how they want to change poker game and to make so much different types for new generations!I know that its all about money,rake and everything else,but come on,dont change poker so much!
 CALICUL17/08/2018 15:49:49 GMT
This is true what Daniel Negreanu he says. If some players prefer the Russian roulette with real bullets then play it. If some prefer it with blind bullets is ok and if you do not prefer, then not play.The same with any game in any poker room. This is the most correct decision and if pokerstars is not successful with this game, they will decide what to do with it.
 bowie198417/08/2018 19:17:34 GMT
This is about Amaya overall influence and the rake they make. Negreanu is not playing by the same rake rules you or me playing since his level of play/money volume gives him plenty benefit - benefits which companies does not give out anymore to hobby players like us...
 TheIrish7717/08/2018 20:22:05 GMT
Daniel's right on the money here. Stick to what you're decent/good at a learn that game before ever thinking of moving on unless you're already. Don't like the games don't play pretty simple.
 Gerimantas17/08/2018 21:34:51 GMT
Yes some players not happy with more rake to pay to ppay on pokerstars or full tilt poker, but again it is same liie daniel negreanu say, if tou not like game not play, and if you not like ppker room to make bigger rake you can go and play other room
 maragatero21/08/2018 22:39:56 GMT
No matter how many games are going to appear in the future,
some will be always stuck on what they know to play best, and have the most earnings. Poker Star try with those new way of playing, but has eliminated all the good tournaments and freerolls that there were... with the interest of creating new forms of game they make in some of them lose the essence of what is Poker
 CALICUL23/08/2018 17:21:16 GMT
Pokerstars try to recover customers, which they lost in recent years, because they had somechanges uninspired. More than that, they had some marketing ideas... pretty embarrassings. If he does not start offering as it was in the past in good times they will fall even more. If you do not offer good things, the clients leave and pokerstars loses.
 vic7523/08/2018 23:35:13 GMT
Its good that they are offering the 100K freerolls with scoop tickets up for grabs and some small $200 freerolls for Stars to keep and attract new customers they need to offer more weekday freerolls like with the past privilege tournaments.
 maragatero24/08/2018 10:42:30 GMT
If they really want to recover the old customer (and make new) they have to put money on our pockets (with some freerroll with good prizes) or make us happy with a lot of freerolls with cheap prizes of a big variant kind of poker games. But these trying is not one of them choices. They seem ovnis trying to atract humans Big Smile
 dule-vu24/08/2018 11:58:20 GMT
yeah,hi is right when say that you dont have to play new type of games if you dont like them,but with this kind of new poker games,new generation will play more of them and will new only for them!this maybe will ruine old texas holdem!just hope that this will not happen in near future!
 CALICUL24/08/2018 17:22:39 GMT
Pokerstars can offer freerolls, but i lost my trust in them. I can not accept playing in a poker room that has not given me a chance to make money. The biggest poker room in which i lost enough time for nothing. It is said that fish earning money there in games with small amounts but me ( a fish ) i did not earn anything other than $ 260 the highest prize. This money does not mean anything. I think they will lose after these tournaments because many players have gone to other rooms like Party or 888. I prefer not to play here, except very rarely.
 Mober24/08/2018 17:24:15 GMT
Every player can play whatever game they like.
No one is forcing them to play a specific game, if they dont want too.
Now when it comes to money, and you play in order to win money,
and im talking not being a recreational player, since someone can win money
from poker but that doesnt mean he s a professional, you are going to play
the game you are good at, winning the most, even if you dont like the
variation or format Smile
 maragatero25/08/2018 14:50:00 GMT
Yes dule-vu you could have some reason about future.. When I meeted the poker game, there was in the western film. And there, all played only...5 cards! Anybody remember the 5 cards poker? Currently we only speak (and play) Texas Holdem, so is probabily that those new games would be the only popular games between the future players! Shock
 misteriopj25/08/2018 15:40:59 GMT
It seems to me that Daniel Negreanu is absolutely right, maybe the variants that are coming out could be played once to see what they are, if you do not like them, you do not play it again, it is something very logical, it is not to enter into discussions, it is my point of view.
 Mober26/08/2018 12:14:52 GMT
He is affiliated with poker stars, one way or another.
So if he even wanted to say something more he couldnt.
He said though the most obvious and simple thing about the new game.
Do you really need an advice from someone, for this case?
 maragatero28/08/2018 16:59:52 GMT
I don´t want to try this game. I misstrust of this Poker Stars adventure. Why they don´t put some freerolls for promotions the new mode of play? They don´t be confident with this, They don´t trust that this game could be atractive to all the players, so they are trying to get a profit with the curiosity...don´t you think it?
 CALICUL28/08/2018 18:26:53 GMT
Daniel Negreanu is under contract with pokerstars but he can tell his own opinions. No one forces you to play different types of games and more than that what else can be? If he represents Pokerstars and Stars Group can also say other things in favor of the players, not only in favor for this company who pays him an amount of money to be an ambassador.
 damosk29/08/2018 08:32:13 GMT
This is very simple and yet very good advice from the big man himself. I’m sure he is as fed up as the rest of us with people moaning about different things that they don’t like. Stop the moaning and stop playing, is what I say. If you don’t like something, generally you don’t do it. So why, just because a huge poker operator starts a new fad, do people think they HAVE to play it! Good on ya Daniel.
 maragatero29/08/2018 15:50:30 GMT
Almost all of we claimed about these new game or way of playing but, anybody had playing it? Anybody can to say what about it? All of us know that is a variance of the traditional Texas Holdem and it can disrupt a line of game and players of the last thirty or forty years but, how it is? No matter what are the company intention, is good to play it?
 CALICUL30/08/2018 18:30:02 GMT
If you understand it is good but unfortunately you are not lucky, if you do not play properly. It's not a bad game, but i do not know if pokerstars wants to make some freeroll games to advertise much better this game. Should do this if stars group want to be more successful with this unfold hold'em.
 Mober05/09/2018 19:00:07 GMT
I have watched a couple of videos in youtube about the unfold game,
and i can definitely say that i dont like it Smile
Pretty much a gamble since you dont get to play at all, till the hand is finished,
waiting to get the best combo from any other players that got into the unfold hand...
 CALICUL08/09/2018 19:01:56 GMT
Each player can play or not. I am not curious to play this game in future. I think poker hold'em texas is enough for me. Every new game that will be introduced by pokerstars, will not succeed if there is not one interesting and enjoyable. This is the situation: if you like this game, you play, if you hate this game you are not playing.

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