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Daniel Negreanu's Friend Got Robbed of $25K Aria Chips in Casino

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Posted on 13 August 2020 by "T".

Daniel Negreanu posted on his Twitter account telling his followers that his friend was robbed and he asked them to notify him should they spot stolen Aria chips with a "significant amount of $25kchips and $5k."

It's unclear if the Canadian poker pro's tweet is searching for the same chips stolen by Daniel Alaei, who also tweeted a similar scenario. A friend of Alaei's had lost $725k of the $25k chips, though nothing was mentioned about the 5k ones.

Each high-value chip has its own RFID microchip embedded within. Thanks to this, casinos are made aware of who holds certain chips, so normally it would be incredibly difficult for the thief to cash in very high value chips without being screened first by the casino.

Even an accomplice who works in the Aria would definitely be unable to help, so there's really no point in stealing high-value chips in just about any casino these days.



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36 comments on "Daniel Negreanu''s Friend Got Robbed of $25K Aria Chips in Casino"

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» Daniel Negreanu''s Friend Got Robbed of $25K Aria Chips in Casino

 dule-vu20/08/2020 23:31:35 GMT
everybody can change this chips and everybody can do it or sell to somebody else!chips are same,so you cant know did somebody got chip as tip,did somebody won it or find on street!you can take chips home,you dont have to sell them when you go home!so if they dont have on camera this person,they cant do anything!
 CALICUL21/08/2020 08:27:38 GMT
This is not true because there are video cameras, cashiers and many other things including police with investigations and questions. If you have the impression that anyone can take these money then u are overly wrong. It's not possible.
 antonis32121/08/2020 10:14:57 GMT
I believe they will find this thief . Cause we are talking aout casinos , not some small businesses , but a casino , either you have watched movies or you have gone yourself on one casino or you have read some news , you know how much strict security measures they have Smile

Besides that , this story has gone on public now , also some famous friends of him , call for help so as to find this thief . This is too much , I believe this casino has made it top priority to find this scumbag , via cameras or anything else , and give them to the police for thear rest procedures , or maybe police itself , with the cooperation of casino staff , finds him first .
 CALICUL22/08/2020 08:37:56 GMT
Several days have passed since then ( I think two weeks ) and unfortunately the authorities are working at a snail's pace. I don't understand why they behave so horribly and not work seriously with professionalism. Is not that hard.
 dule-vu22/08/2020 11:10:35 GMT
who know what is behind this and how this he lose them!probably he didnt have chips with him or he left them somewhere and then somebody just found it!you cant find him and you cant know are this chips from that person,so everybody can change them after few days or week in that casino!
as I said,its same when some dealer get tip and then he can change it right away or to take it home!you dont have to change chips after you finish game!
 antonis32123/08/2020 06:09:18 GMT
dule vu .. You can take the chips from a casino with you and cash them out whenever you desire ?? Aren't tou obliges to do it on the same day you layed or won them ?? No ??

i didn't know it that's strange , they have so much confidence that these chips cannot be copied , that they cannot be scammed by players who supposedly won some chips some days or weeks ago and nor they bring them to take the money ??
That's strange , it's more secure to cash the chips out in real money yhte same day you won them , that way everyone can find easily where these chips were won and no problem .
Ofcourse there is technology , like the RFID , but still , I think it would be better for players not to carry with them for so long their chips Blink
 CALICUL23/08/2020 09:04:36 GMT
When you take chips with higher value are easier to find, but some have low value and is not easy to fin, if they do not have a chip planted in them. It is important that no one can steal because in this way there would be no more victims.
 dule-vu23/08/2020 12:17:17 GMT
yes antonis,you can take chips to home!dont know do they have some restrictions,how many of them you can take to home,but for them its better when you take chips to home,because you didnt took money from them and money stay to them and maybe you will never come to change them and they can work with cash on other transactions!
 antonis32123/08/2020 18:19:58 GMT
That'ss very interesting dule-vu , good to know , but still i don't like so much the idea, but if they allow it , probably it's of no concern for security reasons . Also I do not get why sb would take the chips and not the money on his way to home , not time to do it at night , going to play again tomorrow ??? who knows .
 captnviagra24/08/2020 01:15:31 GMT
It's someone's Aria souvenir now after they realized they couldn't cash them in. He/she really didn't think things though in that moment of creed. Sad, there are always those out there waiting for any chance to steal. Get a job!!
 CALICUL24/08/2020 09:28:54 GMT
In the past, thieves were punished by cutting their hand(s). A new law like this would stop theft with 99% but politicians don't want that... because they are ranked 2nd in this world of offenders from that planet. Humanity does not take action for normality.

 dule-vu24/08/2020 12:34:09 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
That'ss very interesting dule-vu , good to know , but still i don't like so much the idea, but if they allow it , probably it's of no concern for security reasons . Also I do not get why sb would take the chips and not the money on his way to home , not time to do it at night , going to play again tomorrow ??? who knows .

you have regular players who will play every day,so why he would spend time to change chips every time when he come,when he just seat on chair and to play!it same when he will change them,it also money and same value!
you also have people,especially tourists who love to have something from casino and they collect this chips,so they dont chage them on end and take to home for example chips with 100 $ value!
 antonis32124/08/2020 22:40:53 GMT
Yes dule vu , if he is tp pl;ay again in some hours , cause he is a regular player on this casino , cashing the chips all the time , every time , would be pointless . As ;long as they have good security measures , so as to be protected from chips forgery , they have nothing to be afrid of , they can allow customers/players to take the chips with them , then come back and play anytime they want , that's very convinient for their players Smile
 CALICUL25/08/2020 10:04:41 GMT
He has many evidence for police to do their job and retrieve his casino chips. It is important that this story ends well for Daniel Negreanu's friend. There is no need procrastinate. I don't understand why that casino which has influence does not pressure authorities.
 dule-vu25/08/2020 12:34:26 GMT
only thing that can help is to have video from camera!in any other way they dont have a single evidence and they cant to anything this person,but some member just cant understand that!even daniel and his friend dont know who is that person and didnt see him,so how would police find him without any video or picture?
 antonis32126/08/2020 05:45:54 GMT
These 25k chips are a lot of money for sure . Every chips to cost $25K , that's crazy !! They should add additional security measures (if it's possible) to casino chips of such value . Might sound silly , but couldn't they have inserted a tiny microchip in them , maybe spot them with technology , they are bery expensive these chips , they should have something more to protect customers from thieves...............
 dule-vu26/08/2020 15:15:48 GMT
how do you mean that every chip cost 25 K?you mean that chips that this man lost or that this chip also cost 25 K when they made him?
its same what chip they will made,this of 10 $ or 25 K $,but people can do what ever they want to them!we will see do they have some protection or not!
 CALICUL27/08/2020 16:42:44 GMT
Daniel Negreanu's friend is probably a professional poker player and at this level it is normal to have more valuable chips. You can't bother with small fish for little money, and these sharks are always trying to reach the tops...
 antonis32130/08/2020 17:55:21 GMT
dule-vu SmileThe news say ''A friend of mine just had a significant amount of 25k aria chips and some 5k arias stolen from them'' and ''A friend of Alaei's had lost $725k of the $25k chips, though nothing was mentioned about the 5k ones'' So that means he lost a lot of money , most in $25K chips , I think I understand correctly Smile

Anyway , $25K for for a normal person , with not big income or great pker skillls , is a lot of money to lose . But for a pro or good reg at a casino , the loss of not just one $25K chp , but many of them I do not think it will destroy his poker career , have anyvery bad consequence in is real life matters , I think he will go on playng and living , I wish hm to find the thief and punish him in the most appropriate harsh way , especially if he's sb he knew or know , one of his circle of known ''trusted'' people Blink

 CALICUL30/08/2020 18:07:33 GMT
In connection with this thing something needs to be done because it is not normal. A law that prevents all players from leaving the casino with chips is the most appropriate. For example, he leaves them at the cashier's office in the evening and next day find them there.
 Haymore27731/08/2020 12:22:55 GMT
Did he lost this chips while he was at the table,I don't just understand how it went missing... If truly the chips was been stolen,it would be difficult to get the culprit cos he could sell it to someone who is innocent.
 geseco1231/08/2020 18:25:04 GMT
hay que tener mucho cuidado con esas cosas, siempre uno hay que estar atentos a uestra fichas cuando jugamos en vivo, e igual cuando jugamos online debemos estar atentos en que salas jugamos
 CALICUL31/08/2020 18:27:00 GMT
People do weird things and you can't know what to expect from them. When you know about those chips have monitoring... then you can't start stealing. The idea had to be thought about, but some thiefs are not familiar with technology.
 geseco1222/11/2020 12:07:44 GMT
A pity that this has happened in a poker casino, that says a lot about the security of the casino and the respect it has for its customers in this case for its players, we must take into account which casinos we frequent, in addition to which players should not give the entrance to it they should review them before entering, so that it does not happen again.
 CALICUL23/11/2020 17:46:08 GMT
I didn't find out what happened with this friend of Daniel Negreanu. Were the thieves caught? or good work could not be done by police, because of Covid 19 and election for presidency of United States of America. Something needs to be done to recover damages.

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