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Tom Dwan Calls it Quits after Losing $2.3 Million Pot in High Stakes Cash Game

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Posted on 27 September 2018 by "K".

Poker fans who follow Tom Dwan in his high-stakes poker sessions love it when Tom Dwan gets to win an incredibly huge pot, but it can pretty interesting to see what his reactions could potentially be when things don’t go too well for the reclusive poker pro. Take for example the time when he lost a $2,353,500 pot that made him quit playing immediately.

The poker action was at the Triton Poker Super High Roller cash game located in Jeju, South Korea.  Big names at the high-stakes table included the likes of 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche, partypoker ambassador Jason Koon, Elton Tsang, Mikita Badziakouski, Patrik Antonius, Paul Phua and Sam Greenwood.

Apparently Lady Luck was by Phua’s side at that time, as he was smiling and laughing merrily when Dwan shoved all-in with A-Q and it got blown away by Phua’s pocket aces. The Malaysian high roller was laughing even when Dwan took a considerable amount of time to make his next move and finally, he shoved all-in that cost him around $1.15 million.

If Dwan was trying to decipher some type of tell from the Malaysian tycoon, Phua’s jolly demeanor was certainly no help at all, according to commentator Lex Vedhuis, “The fact that Paul's laughing doesn't tell you anything. He's always laughing.”

When all the cards were revealed and Phua won, Dwan quietly smiled, gave his chips to Phua, and then left the scene without a fuss.

Watch the video here:


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18 comments on "Tom Dwan Calls it Quits after Losing $2.3 Million Pot in High Stakes Cash Game"

 shokaku27/09/2018 10:44:31 GMT
Bit strange play by Dwan, as his hand was quite strong, but not a monster, and after the run of play he couldn`t expect to be ahead. For the record: The weakest hand involved would have won the showdown, if not folded after the reraise before the flop.
 dule-vu27/09/2018 12:01:52 GMT
he probably thought that this tycoon try to bluff him and that he doesnt have such a good hand,but he got something that he didnt expect!for sure he wasnt happy with this lost and he was out from game!its not small amount to lose,no matter how much you have on bank account!
 bowie198427/09/2018 13:32:48 GMT
Its weird all around, theres no denying of it and he got played pretty hard too. Probably was not his first large loss at the tables but there are definitely some people who would not take loosing millions well... Poor guy I wish I could say I pity him but I don't.
 Nightkid27/09/2018 15:23:35 GMT
the truth many do not take it very well to have lost despite having or not a lot of money ... and poker is like that, I usually spend at tables that I see earning well and always the last card with 90% chance to win I flipped it and you win to kick everything hahaha xd Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 Mober27/09/2018 17:07:07 GMT
That was a big pot to lose at the end. And it took him quite some time to decide,
calling or not.
That shows how important is, in such games not to have a timer.

Another funny thins is that the commentator said at some point that they didnt respect dwan's
Because you are who you are when you 3bet, every one else must fold? Smile
 pajalnick27/09/2018 17:17:33 GMT
this poker player is often surprised by the big winnings or big losses so his next big loss losing me is not at all surprising but probably his fans will stop playing Where he lost so much money But in any case he is a very strong poker player who will soon win again
 Mober27/09/2018 17:26:26 GMT
He could have done many things after the loss of that pot, but he chose to do,
something that it was probably the best. Left the game.
No point trying to get back to it after a loss like that.
He wouldnt have the calmness to continue playing.
Others would have started swearing and stuff Smile but he left the table like a gentleman.
 Milos75327/09/2018 19:53:25 GMT
Holy what a bad all in. I mean, if Paul 3bet his 3bet why he go all in with A Q NO suited, I can understand if he go with top pair like JJ, QQ or KK but A Q ns that so stupid. He is my favourite poker player but this hand he play like amateur.
 Gerimantas27/09/2018 21:41:33 GMT
Yes very big pot and super i of course not know how it is to feel when lose millions in one poker hand, but this is high stakes poker and people must onow they can lose fantastic money and win too. Not good luck i thos situation to tom dwan
 CALICUL27/09/2018 22:21:13 GMT
I noticed a few times on youtube the fact that Tom Dwan really likes to risk AQ when someone is all in or which gives re raise a lot. He stayed and thought a lot to this hand but risked everything and game over for him. It was his decision and no one forced him to play in that way.
 shokaku28/09/2018 07:18:49 GMT
If he wanted to play the hand, he had no choice than to go all in. The pot was already so high, in relation to the stack sizes, that a simple call was no longer an option. Paying 1/3 of ones chips preflop with A high would be even worse play.

But the all in is still difficult to understand
 Calmplay29/09/2018 05:08:21 GMT
He played that hand like someone who was fed up and wanted to go home which actually happened, I don't know what happened in hands before maybe something that caught Tom's attention about Paul's play and yes you will never expect someone to have Aces or Kings when it was your turn to straddle... lol
 Gerimantas29/09/2018 06:24:11 GMT
Yes calmplay say correct thing abiut we not know what happen in early stage maybe there is many situations where tom spot steange play or risky bets from his opponent and now think that to play a1lq is very good chance to win hand
 doubletop77729/09/2018 08:09:59 GMT
I watched this hand the other day on YouTube and was shocked at how calm everyone was, considering the huge amounts of money in the pot. These guys definitely have too much money!!!
 shokaku29/09/2018 09:04:35 GMT
Just one of the basics of poker. Never play at stakes, that you are not comfortable to play. Those guys just have the money from other sources, or are used to play at that high stakes (and maybe backed by others), so they can play like it was NL10.
 Gerimantas29/09/2018 09:58:21 GMT
I not think some of guys who play very high stakes poker can play it, because they not have that many money, they just think that super skill help them and dmall bankroll is good to play, but people they play versus are sometimes very rich businessmen and they can lose millions on night and with good luck they cab beat better poayers but with too small bankroll
 dule-vu29/09/2018 12:21:03 GMT
this isnt first time that he lose such a big amount and probably wont be last!you can see his reaction after this lost!nothing special!ofcourse that he isnt happy about it,but dont think that he cant sleep because of it!on some next tournament he will win big amount and everything will be same!
 bowie198429/09/2018 12:47:53 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Those guys just have the money from other sources, or are used to play at that high stakes (and maybe backed by others), so they can play like it was NL10.

Those guys probably did not get their buyins from loansharks or other unlucky entities like tommy boy did. It is gonna take a very long time to pay back everybody who rolled him for this.

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