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$500,000 up for grabs at partypokerís SPINS Storm promotion

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Posted on 04 November 2019 by "K".

Avid SPINS players at partypoker get a nice treat this start of November as they stand a chance to win an amazing $500,000 worth of SPINS tickets from November 4 to 30 in their latest value-packed SPINS Storm promo.

$500K SPINS Storm promo

Duration: November 4 to November 30, 2019 (MWF)

Prizes in total: $500,000 Guaranteed

SPINS tournaments are very popular due to the fact that it becomes possible to turn a small buy-in amount into an incredibly huge payout of up to $1 million, and this time, the SPINS Storm promo has made it even better – not only can you win up to $1 million from the SPINs tournaments alone, but also you can win extra SPINS tickets worth up to $250 three times each week!

The SPINS Storm promo is divided across three leaderboards: Low, Medium, and High, based on the buy-in of the SPINS tournament you participate in. Leaderboard points are earned for every SPINS tournament one plays during the SPINS Storm promo, and more points are given if you are the last man standing.

SPINS Storm Leaderboard Formula

10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]


  • n = Number of players in the Sit & Go
  • Buy-in = cost of the SPINS Tourney buy-in
  • Rank = finishing position in the tournament


SPINS Storm Schedule

SPINS Storm runs during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 09:00 CET and 13:00 CET. Play as many SPINS as possible during these times to earn precious SPINS Storm leaderboard points. Play in SPINS with buy-ins of $0.25 to $3 to earn points for the Low leaderboard, buy-ins of $5 to $20 for the Medium leaderboard, and $50 or higher buy-in SPINS for the High leaderboard.


Weekly $10,000 SPINS Storm Freeroll

Participate in at least 3 SPINS tournaments during the week to gain entry to a special freeroll with $10,000 worth of SPINS tickets in the prize pool.

Be among the top 1,155 places to win SPINS tickets ranging from $1 up to $250!


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9 comments on "$500,000 up for grabs at partypokerís SPINS Storm promotion"

 bowie198404/11/2019 16:50:32 GMT
Number of players in the sit and go as criteria? Aren't these SPINS tournies are only involved with three or four people like on PS? I mean that's why they are not that hard to beat, right?
 dule-vu05/11/2019 09:44:03 GMT
probably this will bring lot of players on this kind of poker and lot of them will try luck to win something big!
bowie maybe they have different type of sit and go,so thats why say that they will countr number of players,but if you dont know before you start play,how many of them will be on table,then that is strange!
 Nightkid05/11/2019 12:45:17 GMT
just stop playing at partypoker they start doing promotions I see that they are bad eh hahaha but well I hope that for those who are there and play this promotion serves them and they take some other nice prize with all this on my part I wish you luck Cool Cool Cool
 pajalnick05/11/2019 16:11:46 GMT
of course this is a very interesting game ... because there you can randomly win a lot of money .... This is of course a very small probability of such an incredible Victory but it is possible ... That is why so many players play this kind of poker in the hope of getting rich instantly making no effort .... you need to be a very lucky person to get the main prize
 Mober05/11/2019 18:25:21 GMT
Another promotion from party poker, promoting their spin games.
The prizes could have been a bit better though.
You cant say it is a promotion that you want to chase.
It is a nice addition if you are a regular in these kind of games.
Plus you can play in the freeroll.
 godoy05/11/2019 23:48:42 GMT
a very smart and super cool promotion that will bring a lot of winnings to the players and i will be able to make a lot of money so i can play more and more and i hope to win many and many times
 CALICUL06/11/2019 09:21:59 GMT
It is a very interesting promotion and for this thing you will have to play a lot of spins, if you want to win free tickets offered by Party Poker. I suppose the big prizes will be taken by the players with good levels, but you also have your chance of course, because they share the prizes after a mathematical calculation.

 Nightkid06/11/2019 13:44:20 GMT
I don't know if I am the only one to whom this happens but whenever you are playing in one, promotions come out in another lol when I play in 888poker, for example, it comes out in pokerstars, when I play in pokerstars, it comes out in partypoker and so it has always happened to me hahaha and it is a lot to be playing in 3-4 at a time but well hopefully sometime be lucky in something Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 bowie198406/11/2019 14:52:20 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Another promotion from party poker, promoting their spin games.
The prizes could have been a bit better though.
You cant say it is a promotion that you want to chase.

I agree - spin tournaments are usually not the ones you would want to play in a promotion because too much things inside those are random including prizepool...

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