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Introducing Natural8

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Posted on 24 January 2019 by "T".

Natural8 is one of the major player in Asia and Europe, offering poker, casino and sports. It prides itself as the best poker room on the GGNetwork, as well as the best online poker in Asia, where poker is booming.

Natural8 software is licensed by UKGC under GGNet. The site offers cash and MTT options for low-rollers to high-rollers alike, catering primarily to the high-stakes community. They even have featured high-stakes hold'em and PLO games for players to showcase their skills for all to see.

Natural8 Poker's loyalty scheme is called ‘Fish Buffet.' The scheme can earn you up to 100% cashbacks. Every $0.01 generated in rake through your play will result in 1 Fish Buffet point. When a certain limit is reached players have an opportunity to spin the Fish Buffet Rewards Wheel. If the required FP amount is not met within the time frame, players will drop down to the previous level.

Natural8 Bonuses
New players can enjoy a free $8 bonus for depositing at least $10, while also taking advantage of a 100% deposit bonus up to $1,688. This bonus, one of the best around by far, releases in blocks of $10 at a rate of 20% of rake paid. So for every $50 paid in rake, $10 comes back into your account. Best of all, there is no time limit to collect the entire bonus. Click Here to claim your bonus now!

In addition to this generous deposit bonus, new players can also participate in $500 first depositors freerolls that occur weekly and are open to a limited number of players, making the chances of raking in some bonus cash even better.

Games Offered at Natural8
The wide range of cash game stakes offered at Natural8 is a big draw for players of all levels, with tables from $10 NLHE ($0.05/$0.10) up to $20K NLHE ($100/$200) and $10 PLO ($0.05/$0.10) up to $20K PLO ($100/$200). Players can choose between 6-max and full ring, and can even play in high stakes featured tables. Chinese Rush, a variant of rush poker is also available, Natural8's take on a fast-fold cash game.

The wide range of hold'em and Omaha MTTs are Natural8's flagship games. From freerolls and satellites, to the big Sunday events, there are tournaments of every shape, size and format for you. The cherry on top, there's over $300,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won each day. On Sundays, there is twice the cherries as all buy-ins and guarantees are doubled, that's over $1,223,000 in guaranteed prize money! Fun fact, that's over $12 million in monthly guarantees!

With the new and highly popular BLADE Series, players duke it out for the colossal guarantee of over $1.9M weekly, and a massive $8M every month. Wide buy-in range starting from $200, an alluring 9 Daily Events plus 14 irresistible events every Sunday, including a Blade Special $200 with $100,000 guaranteed!

There are also Natural8 exclusive promotions such as the $8,888 Elite Chase. Players earn Elite Points by playing cash games, tournaments, or AoF. The top 9 Natural8 players with the highest total Elite Points earned monthly gets a share of the $8,888 cash prize. The tournament grinders have another opportunity to gain extra value, thanks to the Tournament Leaderboard, with T$100,000 in total prizes. The VIP promotion, exclusively for the VIP Club members at the site reward 15 players with $800 up top. VIP players, who play in any cash game, tournament, or AoF receive points. The Top 15 Natural8 VIP Club members with the highest total VIP Club Points earned during the each month gets a share of the $3,000 prize.

Think you've got the Midas touch? Show us how you turn your $100 to $10,000 while streaming on and win the big prize of $10,000 absolutely free! Currently with 14 challengers and already two have succeeded the challenge. Only one more challenger can walk away with the prize, will you be the one?

Special Features at Natural8
Natural8 is unique in many ways, offering plenty of special features to keep the game exciting. One one of the most exclusive features, one that really sets Natural8 apart, is the option to play in your browser. With the in-browser play, players don't have to download anything to play poker. Simply surf to Natural8 and sign in, you can post your first blinds within seconds of getting online!

Another unique feature is a built-in staking option for MTTs, where players can buy action of other players on the site. This brings a classic poker element into the light, providing players with safe and transparent backing options online.

The site also provides opportunities for players to increase or decrease their risk and variance. This is made possible by offering the straddle option for action junkies, as well as options to run boards multiple times and even buy all-in insurance for players who'd like to mitigate risk.

For those curious cats, rabbit hunting is possible so players can see what would have been. Natural8 also has built-in personalized HUDs, making it easy for players to keep track of their own stats.

Another convenience feature found on Natural8 are the countless deposit options including several forms of cryptocurrency, making depositing and withdrawing all the more smooth for customers.

Customer Support
Natural8 features a 24-hour, friendly and well-trained customer support team that are always ready to assist you with any matters regarding Natural8. The customer support team may be contacted using the following methods:

[email protected]

Live Chat
Users may chat with Natural8's customer support team in real time through their Facebook page at . With an average of 3 minutes in response time, you won't have to worry of missing any actions on the table.

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10 comments on "Introducing Natural8"

 crankmuppet24/01/2019 16:34:51 GMT
So now we hear of GGNetwork, of which GGPoker is a part of (, of which BreakoutPoker has been merged into.

So many new entrants, but there can only be One Highlander!
 CALICUL24/01/2019 17:42:47 GMT
This news about introducing of Natural8 is very eloquent.
This offer made by this new poker room is very attractive and it is possible like Natural8 to have much greater success than other rooms, which have been opened in recent years.
Deposit bonuses, promotions, and freerool games are also present and i wish you great success when you play here. Smile
 Mober25/01/2019 12:50:12 GMT
Another site in the network that most of us only heard about, recently.
New sites are coming out, which is a good thing.
And this one has freerolls also from what i read.
The bad thing with the "live chat" is that its on facebook.
How hard was it to make an independent one, like in a web page,
or in the poker software itself.
 Gerimantas26/01/2019 07:42:16 GMT
I personally not hear any information about natural 8 poker room and this is first time i read so now need ti see what good it is to small players, because i am small and i make only minimum deposit. Also good if site have many freerolls
 Nightkid28/01/2019 04:19:53 GMT
Well the truth I did not know anything about this hahaha I find out everything on this page more than looking elsewhere xDD news what is the internet and everything you can do thanks to it: D the truth is I play a little nothing more to poker and I'm not very aware of the news or news about it but good if I can give me the time to hit a read Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 maragatero03/02/2019 00:31:34 GMT
Natural8 is one more room of GGpoker. Some of us were registered in BreakOutPoker through the link in this BRM page (Bankrolls) and played there. If you are one of know Natural8!! the software with the main lobby, the avatars, the cartoon for make expressions, the kind of players (Asian guys) all is exactly the same!
 peronibar03/02/2019 09:06:31 GMT
I see poker pro tonkas streaming, he played 888,stars and natural8 tournaments, so worth to try this room, it seems that will be in top 5 rooms in future.
 Mober03/02/2019 11:18:14 GMT
That od course is good news for a poker room, especially that is not known that well in
the public, when you see professional player playing there.
It might just be a sponsored one, but you never know
And at the end, the more good options a player has, the better for the game and the players
of course.
 maragatero05/02/2019 21:49:15 GMT
Posted by peronibar:
I see poker pro tonkas streaming, he played 888,stars and natural8 tournaments, so worth to try this room, it seems that will be in top 5 rooms in future.

One pro that has many videos playing in GGpoker´sroom is UPAY4DINNER. Seeing him I notice about Natural8. In the past, I registered in too many rooms. I played only freerolls and they were disappearing (in PokerStars was a dramatic change!) so I started to make a schedule of them through a lot of poker`s rooms. Now I´m regretful because I can`t make tracked accounts to make bonus, points, etc Sad
 bowie198414/02/2019 17:51:22 GMT
Posted by Mober:
That od course is good news for a poker room, especially that is not known that well in
the public, when you see professional player playing there.
It might just be a sponsored one, but you never know
And at the end, the more good options a player has, the better for the game and the players
of course.

Frankly every new company on the gambling market scares me a little cuz only time will tell which ones are legit and which one is just a shell company for laundering money and could fold any time.

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