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Asian Poker Tour 2020 Online Series debuts on Natural8

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Posted on 28 April 2020 by "T".

For the first time ever on Natural8, the online series of the Asian Poker Tour 2020 is coming... this week!

With 62 events over 12 days of poker action and over $1.5 million in guaranteed prizes up for grabs, winners of this online poker tournament series will be awarded trophies including the distinguished APT Player of the Series.

Expect lots of buy-in options and differing start times so you can concentrate on the event of your choice. For the online grinders that love to multi-table, Natural8's guaranteed daily events will still be running alongside the APT schedule.

Asian Poker Tour (APT) 2020 Online Series at Natural8

  • Schedule: April 29 to May 10, 2020
  • More than 62 events and 180+ Satellites
  • $1.5 million guaranteed in prizes


Asian Poker Tour (APT) 2020 Online Series Highlights
• Four major events:
  1. Main Event (US$500 buy-in) (May 5th)
  2. Championships (US$800 buy in) (May 10th)
  3. Pot Limit Omaha Championships (US$400 buy in) (May 6th)
  4. Short Deck Championships (US$400 buy in) (May 7th)
• More than $1.5mill in guaranteed prizes, with buy-ins starting at $50
• 180+ Satellites with buy-ins starting at $6
• $200 Progressive Bounty Hunters available on the side, and Super High Rollers games (up to $5,000 buy-in)
• Tournament staking available for selected events
• Play with top players in Asia such as Michael Soyza, Kitty Kuo, Toma Tsugunari, Kosei Ichinose, and many more
• APT Player of the Series trophy up for grabs

Asian Poker Tour 2020 Online Series Promotions
In conjunction with the APT event, Natural8 will be launching other exclusive promotions. Players can win and exclusive APT Player of The Series package worth $2,000, tickets to the upcoming WSOP Super Circuit Online Series as well as 100% rakeback on the $5,000 Super High Roller event.

  • Natural 8 - APT 2020 Online Series: Tournament Leaderboards ($9,000 in prizes and trophies)
  • Natural 8 - APT 2020 Online Series: Best Avatar Award (up to $1,800 in prizes)
  • Natural 8 - APT 2020 Online Series: $5,000 Super High Roller event 

How Can I Participate in the APT 2020 Online Series?
Join the biggest names in Asia at the poker tables of Natural8. Download the app, sign up for a free account, and the APT 2020 Online Series will be at your fingertips.

Now is your chance to join the APT 2020 Series from wherever you are in the world**!

Terms & Conditions
 All trophies will be delivered by mail to the winners.
Natural8 reserves the right to give out or deny this promotion at its sole and absolute discretion.
Natural8 reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time without prior notice, at its sole and absolute discretion.
** Restricted countries still applies and the promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the site. For a full list please visit our Terms and Conditions page.
Natural8 is an advocate of safer gambling. If you feel you might have an online gambling problem, do seek further advice or counseling at




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22 comments on "Asian Poker Tour 2020 Online Series debuts on Natural8"

 CALICUL28/04/2020 14:03:47 GMT
I didn't know that Natural8 is a poker room that can offer a lot of this value tournaments but it seems to be on a good road. It's nice to know that we can play in other places where we can meet weak players where we lift the stack and win some money.
 maragatero29/04/2020 04:10:34 GMT
I don´t remember if I play there in some moment. In the past I tried in a lot of poker´s room, looking for the site with more freerolls. So, until find 888poker and be tired with the permanent moving on, maybe I played there. I´m little confuse because I registered to an asian poker´s room, tracked to my account of Bankroll Mob. But I think that then change his name to GGpoker
 CALICUL29/04/2020 13:47:40 GMT
I remember you posted a comment (or more) about Natural8 and that means you played here. I can't play here because of the restrictions, but you can try, to see if have any money there for some satellites. Tournaments are acceptable but you have to qualify.
 maragatero30/04/2020 10:07:22 GMT
No, I was checking it and didn´t found anything of my participation there. I don´t remember what was the name of the asian poker´s room that Bankroll Mob was pomoting, and I make a tracked account. It then became in GGpoker, that haven´t any more freerolls and I leave to play there. I don´t know if it can be generalized, but it seems that asian players have a lot of fishes!
 antonis32130/04/2020 14:14:02 GMT
This Asian Poker Tour 2020 is very good online poker tournaments series , with many games to choose the best that you have edge at and seek some winnings . Major events incude PLO and short deck . Games buyins start from 50$ , but players with smaller bankroll can try the small buy in satellites , starting from 6$ , to grab some tickets for cheap and play at this series' tournaments
 CALICUL30/04/2020 19:00:08 GMT
You don't like it there you won't play, because i don't know if this poker room has the right games for you, my friend. I can't see how it is, but maybe in the future i will have the opportunity to play there. It's good to have good rooms and weak players.
 maragatero02/05/2020 21:00:21 GMT
You are playing there antonis321? Is the same software that have too many toons and silly emoticons? But, reading that you write I don´t think that a buy-in of $ 6 for a satellites is a really low level. Or your bankroll is really too big than mine! It seems that this poker´s room is not for me. I keep with my loved 888poker!
 CALICUL02/05/2020 22:01:23 GMT
Maragatero, my friend, i haven't met you in 888 poker games, but know that some rooms have free games that can increase your chances to making money. Sometimes can play and win something good, then you play a $ 1 & 10 cents tournament and there you can win 40, 50 or more. Gl.
 maragatero03/05/2020 23:43:48 GMT
Yes it´s true, we don´t meet in the 888poker´s room..why? Do you play the freerolls? I think that I saw to you in a table for a few moments (Vlad...something, of Romania) but somebody go all-in and I couldn't write to you, then the table changes. I´m thinking in start a new way of my study. I always avoid cash games, because I don´t feel comfortable there. But I´m thinking that it´s capital to my improvement!
 CALICUL04/05/2020 11:28:21 GMT
I play a lot of freerolls and our only major problem is the time zone, i think. This year i didn't have too many tournaments with real money because i was upset on 888 ( i explained in a few threads here )... My name is VLAD888TEPES but i am a player with little results. What matters most is to finding adequate rooms and make money. I would also try Natural 8 but it is restricted to me.
 maragatero05/05/2020 00:28:14 GMT
But the time zone have not incidence in the freeroll tourney, isn´t it? You can be playing a tourney of $200 freeroll at 14 hs PM, and I might be playing the same tournament at 20hs PM or 11 AM, but the tourney is the same and we have to meet there. And about your upset, you have to be smart and don´t leave your own interest. You haven´t to let win money there!
 CALICUL05/05/2020 15:50:44 GMT
I don't know what sleep schedule you have, but to be honest i play a lot of freerolls and it's very curious that we only met very rarely. When i see you there i will greet you. We have to get to the same table once but we will probably be moved by the software quickly.
 antonis32105/05/2020 17:34:37 GMT
5 more days for this series to end , players still have the opportunity to play some events , and win some dollars for a great payday , or play some satellites to win their seat as cheap as possible . I believe Natural8 is the greatest poker room of GG network ,which last months started becoming larger and larger , with pro embassadors supporting it , some series of tournaments with good guarantees , etc .

But unfortunatelly , they exclude many countries , not just mine . By the way ... Lol ... I tried using VPN to create an account ... What a strange thing ... Both for GG and Natural 8 I created an account (two times in Natural 8 ) , but when I tried playing on their lobby , while VPN was still open , a message appeared saying players from my region are not allowed ... This has never happened in no other poker room in the past , great or small one ......

LOL .... Do they have a software , a programme to identify your true IP even when you use the best VPN ?? Or maybe all poker rooms can identify your true IP , but most of the others allow you to DEPOSIT , play a little and then tell you that you are cannot withdraw winnings , after ou make a withdrawal request and after presenting your true id , or when you have good papers they will tell you they have investigated and found out the truth ...
So is Natural 8 so exceptional that they have super tools to find your true origin and all other pokerrooms suck on this ?? or every poker room has these tools , they know how to identify you but they are scammers prefering to take/steal your deposit first ???

LOL..... Blink
 maragatero06/05/2020 00:28:42 GMT
What a shame antonis321, if I understand to you, you make a deposit in GG network and they don´t allow you to make a withdrawal? You tried to contact support, of course. What do they answer about it? The banned country couldn´t be an excuse, because they got your deposit. I remember that the chinese poker´s room that I registered, was extremely annoying with the verified documents to allow the withdrawal
 CALICUL06/05/2020 21:05:11 GMT
Once in my life i tried to use a VPN but it changed my time zone to the other poker rooms and i couldn't play there anymore. I don't know how you managed this thing. I will not try again and it is not necessary. I have 4 rooms that are enough for me.
 antonis32106/05/2020 22:29:25 GMT
No , maragatero , they didn't allow me to make a deposit , not even play one just freeroll . that's good on behalf of them , cause otherwise it would mean they leave you making the deposit , and they would still this deposit when you would try to withdraw and get a no-no as an answer , Some rooms do this . But GG or Natursl 8 I don't elieve they do this , nice and right of them Smile

Ofcourse, if they let me deposit , I would only deposit 10$ , as a test deposit ,then try to build bankroll , then withdraw . If the withdrawal was successfull I would deposit again (far less risk) , if not I would stop playing , having lost only 10$ , which is nothing Smile
 roeish307/05/2020 18:33:13 GMT
Never heasrd of Natural 8. Of course this is another site that is not open to Israelis so still Pokernuts is the only one available. Today a parliament member handed a law she is trying to pass to make Poker leagle again in Israel. If she does well maybe we'll get the normal sites back.
 CALICUL08/05/2020 08:04:05 GMT
In Israel, the law must be good for more poker rooms to operate there. In Romania in 2016 they completely changed and eliminated all poker rooms. Those who paid for the license were given the right to operate ( only 5 operators ). Now after 4 years there are only 4.
 antonis32108/05/2020 15:41:48 GMT
I think ACR used to operate in Israel , don't know nowadays if they keep on doing it , cause in the recent past they made the decision to depart from some countries (I believe Turkey is one of them) , from which deposits on the site are impossible due to restrictions , or such a thing I think I remember saying , wasit Phil Nagy ??? Rational , if players cannot deposit , no reason for th pokerroom to offer its services to them . What can we say in other countries , where alythough we can deposit , some pokerrooms or casinos exclude our country . Some of them are very afraid of the regulations and the govrnments , some others underestimate the will of the players in these countries to play more money , or maybe they think they don't have lol .
 maragatero18/05/2020 01:05:57 GMT
Well, what happened there finally? Someone played this tournament? I miss to know wich asian poker´s room was that, if the software that there is used is the annoying cartoon -that some players abuse to show all the time-, and if the players was son loose than I remember...Nobody play there? Asian poker´s freerolls are really crazy, but I want to know something about this tourney
 roeish327/05/2020 07:15:30 GMT
Everyone left Israel over the years. When all poker sites decided it wasn't worth their while to be in countries that ban poker. Stars were the last one and they left many years ago. Now the only site we have is Nuts (WPN skin).
We have now a parliament member that is fighting for legalizing poker and if she will be able to change the low here, the big sites will be back in no time.
We just have to keep patient and hope for better days to come.
 CALICUL27/05/2020 09:41:53 GMT
I tried to use WPN for a poker room just once, but it destroyed my IP and i couldn't log into NetBet, Pokerstars, 888 and Unibet. He changed the date several years ago and did other ravages... I didn't do it a second time so i gave up.

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