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Malinowski wins $842K Pot vs Addamo in Biggest Online NLHE Cash Game at Natural8

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Posted on 17 August 2020 by "T".

An epic high stakes online poker showdown at Natural8 saw a Polish player win $842,000 in an invitation-only VIP cash game last week. According to High Stakes Database, this amount so far is the biggest No-Limit Hold'em pot to be ever won online.

Biggest NLHE Pot Ever to be Won Online
In a $500/$1,000 cash game with a $1,000 ante, high-stakes pro Wiktor "limitless" Malinowski and two-time WSOP champ Michael Addamo played the biggest NLHE cash game pot in online poker history. Their other opponents at the table were Chris Brewer, Tan "4321" Xuan, and "UnderO" who resides in Malta.

Malinowski and Addamo found themselves both with over 400 big blind stacks. The hand played out with the Aussie Addamo in the big blind and Malinowski raising to $2,000 on the cut-off. Addamo three-bet to $14k and Malinowski fought back with a four-bet to $43.5k. Addamo then five-bet to $108k and Malinowski called, creating a $217,500 pot with all the pre-flop action still to follow.

After seeing a flop of 5Diamond7Heart2Club, Addamo bet $71,775 to which Malinowski called. A 9Club showed up on the turn and Addamo fired a bet of $100,146.50 with Malinowski calling the huge bet yet again. A 5Spade served as the river, enabling Addamo to shove all his remaining chips $140,547.80 in with Malinowski calling for the much-awaited reveal.

Addamo showed KSpadeKClub for a King-high two pair but Malinowski just crushed his foe when he showed ASpadeAClub and gloriously claimed the $842,438.62 pot. Despite the huge loss, Addamo was able to bounce back and recover most of it in the hands that followed after.

A Look Back into the Past
It was back in 2008 when the biggest NLHE pot was won online, a whopping $723,941 pot between Di "urindanger" Dang and Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

The $720k pot happened at Full Tilt Poker which involved a similar hand scenario between the two poker pros.

This year, the battle between Malinowski and Addamo at Natural 8 has become the biggest pot in a NLHE cash game in the history of online poker.

Addamo ran his pocket kings into Malinowski's pocket aces, which produced a pot worth $842,438.62!

The Biggest Cash Game Pot in Online History - PLO

It was in 2009 on Full Tilt Poker where the biggest-recorded online cash game pot of all time took place. It was Patrik Antonius who won a whopping $1,356,947 against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom. However, that hand was at a Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) game.



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16 comments on "Malinowski wins $842K Pot vs Addamo in Biggest Online NLHE Cash Game at Natural8"

 dule-vu17/08/2020 18:40:32 GMT
wow,what a crazy pots and this high stakes game!didnt know that this is biggest pot in online poker and its strange that we didnt had bigge one before!this one from 2008 with 723 K dollars we cant compare with todays poker and todays value of money,its just big difference!12 years ago poker wasnt on this level and money had bigger value,same as we cant compare how much you could bet in 1995 and today!
but congratulations on "balls" and sick game!
 CALICUL18/08/2020 08:41:13 GMT
This means that Natural8 is a poker room where you play for a lot of money. I have no idea how many professional players are active there but it is very interesting. To won in a style that this Polish man did... is a nice performance.
 antonis32118/08/2020 09:55:36 GMT
So now we have a new record for the biggest NLH pot ver won on a cash game , that's interesting , it took 12 years to break the previous record . $120K more than the second biggest pot on 2008 , . then 6max now 5max , i wonder how long it will take to reach the $1.000.000 , lol . Nice hand , lvery lucky Malinowski was with this hand , now this hand takes its place in the history of online poker , and Natural8 was the room to host this invitational VIP cash game
 dule-vu18/08/2020 22:57:58 GMT
if you ask me this question before we had this news,I would be sure that we had bigger amount on online poker,on cash tables!who would thought with so many poker sites and such a big number of pro's that we didnt had bigger amounts on table,in one hand!its even stranger that this wasnt on party poker or poker stars!
 antonis32119/08/2020 12:07:42 GMT
Yes dulevu , I also had the feeling the highest pot on NLH cash game might have been $1.000.000 or more , but I see we haven't reached this point yet , maybe it's a matter of months or few years , who knows . For sure that's a lot of money to be played on a single pot , almost one million on one hand , that's crazy money , extremelly lucky and happy whoever has a similar chance during games , to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in one hand , a million or far more in one only session , especially if it's a pro against another pro , not against a loose ''whale'' fish ......
 dule-vu19/08/2020 23:13:20 GMT
I know when viktor blom started to play his high stakes games,he had big sessions,but didnt know that nobody had bigger amount on table in one hand,before this two players!when we how much money they spend on live cash games,especially in macau,you would think that they play also something like that on online poker,but its not case!we will see what future will bring!
 CALICUL20/08/2020 08:11:22 GMT
This pot is the largest in Natural8 and it's amazing how smaller poker rooms can have such huge sums at stake... if such a pot is reached. Malinowski made his opponent to suffer quite seriously and now that loser of this hand "licks his wounds.
 antonis32122/08/2020 14:55:00 GMT
Probably , not online , but live , on cash games in some side rooms of some casinos , or in some private home games with rich businessmen , more money might have been played on one pot on a NLH cash game , maybe a million , maybe many millions , who knows ??? Just imagine a ''casino royal '' high stakes game with rich businessmen and some other to join them , lol , you never know Blink
 antonis32124/08/2020 22:06:32 GMT
It is not a surprise at all , that this bigest online cash game pot was played and created by two players who hold as hole cards aces and kings , this conflict sometimes cannot be avoided , cannot lead to any other resulr than pot committed and all ins . The same happenned to the previous time , the previous all time NLH biggest cash game pot , it was a conflict AA vs KK . This will lead to 4 bets and 5 bets preflop , and if the board is not too scary for one of the opponents , then it will leade to all in , especially if the y are low stacked both or at least one of them . A cooler , it happens Smile
 Rogerio1025/08/2020 15:21:43 GMT
Yeah crazy games are going lately in gg network. I was seeing up to 4 tables 500/1k, 2k stradle. They play omaha and some short deck too. Fun games to watch and i realy like this limitless guy, good player, give action to everyone and not afraid to play huge pots.
 CALICUL27/08/2020 16:55:48 GMT
Professional poker players always have fewer emotions at high stakes. Whoever gets used to it will not have many fears in the games. This is what happens in most areas because when you are up... u get used to heights.
 antonis32129/08/2020 10:08:51 GMT
With all these 3bets , 4best , 5bets , AA has been protected significally preflop for the postflop action , if they don't go all in preflop , which didn't happen on that case . The other guy with the KK , has to hope for villain to hold AK or QQ , although I am sure he's afraid of the AA for sure . With this flop ,turn and river , KK could not fold , the potsize was huge , this could not be avoided on a 6max or 5max cash game .
 CALICUL29/08/2020 18:35:07 GMT
It is difficult for me to win with AA, because i lost many times with all in preflop in more important games. My confidence in poker rooms is low. This is my big disappointment because there are often very dubious players... but i can't afford to play live.
 geseco1230/08/2020 15:37:07 GMT
recien me cree una cuentaen natural 8 y veo que hay muchos jugadores profesionales ahi con grandes sumas de dinero, se montan grandes botes, es divertido verlos jugar y analizando sus estrategias ganadoras, es un placer siempre verlos en las salas de poker.
 antonis32130/08/2020 17:13:30 GMT
KK vs AA 6max , on a cash game , high stakes game , very unlucky for the KK guy Blink

Adamo bet $70K on the flop , $100K on the turn , before shoving on the river . Wow , just imagine , $70K or $100K not even on the whole hand , but just on one street , that's crazy money , these high stakes cash games have crazy action , some people might need their whole life to accumulate and earn this kind of money , $70K , or $100K , or $170K , and ofcourse the total bet on this hand of $400K . playing half a million , almost , on one hand , that leaves you speechless !!!!
 CALICUL30/08/2020 18:34:38 GMT
Sometimes you lose with good cards, but at low stakes they look fast. When play for big money, then things change and losing AA to KK can be painful. Sometimes with the same identical pair, when your opponent makes a flush.

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