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Poker Fan with Terminal Illness Gets Dream Wish - Meet and Play Poker with Daniel Negreanu

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Posted on 28 January 2019 by "T".

A non-profit organization has made a terminally ill man's dream come true.

Zachary Butler, age 33 and lives in the town of Trezevant in Carroll County, Tennessee, is getting a super special meet-and-greet schedule with his favorite poker player of all time, Daniel Negreanu. The Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization that grants wishes of those with terminal illnesses, is sending not only him, but his entire family to Las Vegas. They were scheduled to visit Las Vegas on (January 28) Monday and come back home on Thursday.

Butler said in response to his wish finally getting answered, "I can't really explain it, it was great. We would have never had the money to go (otherwise). They granted the wish and it's great."

Butler's mom Cynthia Mayberry said about his poker play behavior, "He'll put me off a table in a heartbeat. He does not care. When he's on that table, he doesn't see me for mom, he sees me as another poker player."

For any poker player, being able to visit and play in Las Vegas is absolutely a must to fulfill in their bucket list.

Butler is extremely happy to have his final wish fulfilled amidst battling a rare disease since age 12 called Friedrich's Ataxia, which rendered him totally disabled from then on. It is a rare inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system, which made Butler suffer from walking difficulties, impaired speech, and a loss of sensation in the extremities (arms and legs). According to Wikipedia, only 1 in 50,000 people suffer from this. The estimated lifespan for individuals with this condition is about 40 to 50 years.

To keep himself happy and busy, Butler plays card games online, mainly poker.

On January 25, KidPoker wrote on Twitter, saying that he's looking forward to meeting Butler.

While in Las Vegas, Zachary's mom also said that aside from getting KidPoker's autograph, Zachary is aiming to make the most out of their stay in Sin City, by getting some other famous pro pokers' autographs as well.



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3 comments on "Poker Fan with Terminal Illness Gets Dream Wish - Meet and Play Poker with Daniel Negreanu"

 doubletop77728/01/2019 08:23:28 GMT
What an incredibly nice story and i hope that Zachary really enjoys the whole experience. I think that we have all known people who have been through this before and it is an awful time and i hope that this trip can make him forget about things for a few days at least
 dule-vu28/01/2019 12:46:23 GMT
yeah,this is really something special and great gesture from daniel!it will be something that will worth like he won million dollars!when you have some rare disease,you can do much in life and this small things can be like whole world for this kind of persons!good job daniel and to this organisation!
 CALICUL28/01/2019 17:46:20 GMT
This is indeed a special case and a sad destiny of this man, who has this disease called Friedrich's Ataxia.
Daniel Negreanu is a good man and from this posture, he will talk very easy with Zachary Butler.
He will offer more tips about poker or in general and his fan will appreciate enough this thing. Cool

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