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Dan ‘Jungleman' Cates calls out Tom Dwan on resuming the ‘durrrr Challenge'

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Posted on 03 January 2019 by "T".

Dwan left, Cates right

Before 2018 ended, poker pro Dan ‘Jungleman' Cates called out Tom ‘durrrr' Dwan through Twitter, asking the high-stakes poker pro when to resume their long-stagnant "Durrrr Challenge".

Of course, given that the former Full Tilt Poker ambassador has not touched his Twitter account since July 2018, many are not expecting him to answer so soon. Those who follow him would believe that Dwan is entirely not interested in completing this challenge that started back in 2010.

Therefore, Cates sent out a tweet to Dwan, hopeful that the latter will give an answer.

The Durrrr Challenge
The durrr challenge is an open dare to the online poker community offered by high-stakes player Tom Dwan. Basically the structure is 3-1 on this bet: That over 50,000 hands of 200/400 Pot Limit Omaha played online, they would fail to show a profit against him.

Here's the original statement of the challenge Dwan wrote, "I'm making this heads-up challenge to the world. Anyone can accept. Four tables, minimum of $200/$400, and I'll put up $1.5 million to their $500,000. We play 50,000 hands minimum and if they end up a dollar after rake they keep the side money or whatever. So basically, if you and I played and you won a dollar, you would get my $1.5 million and if I won a dollar I would win your $500,000. So I'm giving a million dollars free if anyone thinks they can do it."
Aside from his friend Phil ‘OMGClayAiken' Galfond, anyone was eligible to challenge him. Dwan's first challenger was Patrik Antonius. Dwan was up by over $2 million after 39,000 hands. Unfortunately, this match was never finished.

After one year, Dan ‘Jungleman' Cates decided to take a whack at the young poker prodigy's challenge and ended up having more success than Antonius. Cates is leading by $1.2 million after seeing 19,335 hands. However, no hands were further played since then. Dwan mysteriously walked out of the challenge without leaving an explanation, and it seems like he's not interested in resuming any time soon.

The Current Status
In 2017, Cates announced the possibility of continuing their long-standing challenge, but sadly it also never came to fruition.

Tom Dwan has no longer been appearing in televised live poker games in the past few years. He came out a few times though to compete in "Poker After Dark" games and the Triton Super High Roller Series in 2017.

However, perhaps there's some good manners left in him still, as Dwan actually paid Cates a penalty worth around $700,000 in the same year for not being able to continue on with the challenge.

Since he has paid a penalty already, maybe that's the main reason why Dwan is no longer interested in continuing the challenge? Only he knows that real answer to that.



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11 comments on "Dan ‘Jungleman'' Cates calls out Tom Dwan on resuming the ‘durrrr Challenge''"

 doubletop77703/01/2019 08:48:02 GMT
I would like to see them continue this but i do not think it is going to happen. Give credit to Tom Dwan though, he did pay him a $700,000 penalty for not completing the challenge which was very fair in my opinion
 shokaku03/01/2019 08:48:07 GMT
Nice try. But i have my doubts if there will be a continuation of that challenge. Too much time has passed without any play in the last few years, and Dwan doesn't seem to have any interest to play it any longer. It runs for nearly ten years now, and less than have of the hands are played, just let it rest in peace.
 Mober03/01/2019 11:45:28 GMT
I believe also that this challenge is not going to happen again, or resume if you like.
It has been too long with it.
And if he was interested in continuing the whole thing, he wouldnt have
got a penalty paying the huge amount of 700k USD.
There are many interesting thing going on in poker world right now,
that this is not something will be missed in the first place.
 CALICUL03/01/2019 16:32:19 GMT
Tom Dwan could accept the continuation of this challenge but my question is:
Tom has a good financial situation to continue the duel with Dan Cates or not?
Some news says about him that he went bankrupt in Asia.
It would be nice to come back to see the end of this race, but we can not predict the future. Confused
 kent197403/01/2019 18:41:56 GMT
The real answer to this is that durrr is a prisoner of the Chinese triad Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile And until it works out all the debts will grind in a very muddy institutions of Macau Big Smile And funny and sad... Both for him and his fans
 Gerimantas04/01/2019 11:21:32 GMT
yes this is interesting situation, I not very good understand why tom dwan pays the penalty but it is business for these two players and they make situation clear to them talk and if they want they play again if not and it look to me that it is bigger chance they not play this challenge no more.
 CALICUL05/01/2019 16:33:55 GMT
Posted by kent1974:
The real answer to this is that durrr is a prisoner of the Chinese triad Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile And until it works out all the debts will grind in a very muddy institutions of Macau Big Smile And funny and sad... Both for him and his fans

Tom Dwan had returned from Asia last year in 2017 and a professional poker player said about Tom that: he has lost a pot of $ 20 million in Macau.
It is possible like Tom not to paid a part of the debt.
If the one who launched these bad rumors, told the truth, then it is bad for Durrrr. Sad
I hope this is not true.
 godoy07/01/2019 15:17:11 GMT
what to talk about this duo that has not yet fulfilled the challenge is closer to being more sera sera durrr will complete this challenge or at least answer the twiter of Dan 'Jungleman we will wait for the next chapters of this novel hahahaha
 godoy10/01/2019 19:15:25 GMT
and what will happen is that duam will accept to resume the bet and fulfill the challenge or I do not expect to see more chapters of this bet that it is a thing of another world but I think we will have to wait a few days ai kkkkkk responds duam
 misteriopj01/02/2019 12:55:30 GMT
That challenge was interesting but from my point of view I do not think I will continue it for the very long period of inactivity of Dwan, let's wait and see if he comments.
 Nightkid02/02/2019 11:54:23 GMT
Well I would like to have a friend like Tom Dwan and pay me fines or at home to make me a small loan for what I need but find that today is very rare and if you happen to find one by God do not let him go!!!! hahaha because the only thing you find today are collectors who come to the house nothing more Tongue Tongue Tongue

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