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partypoker becomes Official Sponsor of Poker Streaming Site ‘The Thirst Lounge' by Bill Perkins

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Posted on 18 February 2019 by "T".

It looks like this time there's going to be an all-out war between partypoker and PokerStars in the form of Twitch sponsorship.

In the previous years it was PokerStars that was ultimately the dominant poker website on Twitch due to the fact that they sponsored most of the prominent Twitch streamers.

However, that was only until last week when they let go of some of their ambassadors, namely Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples.

As PokerStars seem to weaken their grip in poker streaming, partypoker enters once again the Twitch world (they joined initially in 2016) and they're upping their game this 2019. On Wednesday (February 13), partypoker announced they will be sponsoring ‘The Thirst Lounge', a Twitch channel by Bill Perkins, which appears to be Perkins' outlet for his business life and shows his experiences about high-stakes poker and other things related to the game. The Thirst Lounge is described to be a show in Twitch about ‘poker, having fun and living life to its full potential'.

As usual, partypoker's style of announcing these kinds of things appear like they are subtly trolling PokerStars in some way - even though he wasn't mentioned anywhere in their blog article or press release, their former ambassador Jeff Gross was shown alongside Bill Perkins in a picture in their announcement. Savvy, eh?

Even if the full details of the official sponsorship deal isn't revealed for now, it looks like the combined forces of the hedgefund manager's influence and one of the world's major poker sites could see both of them reach new goals and attain new audiences.

The philanthropic hedgefund billionaire Bill Perkins who has a passion for poker and anything that is related to the game (he's well-known for engaging in crazy prop bets), launched ‘The Thirst Lounge' in 2016 and it has grown into a popular Twitch TV destination. About the deal he said, "I am thrilled that partypoker is "thirsty" to come on board and support this exciting venture with us!"

The ‘Thirst Lounge 10' is composed of a diverse group of ten content creators of various walks of life from across the United States and Europe, and according to the partypoker announcement, they ‘all enjoy a shared passion for producing quality, poker-related content'.

Here are the ten members:
Adam Klein
Cat Valdes
Ebony Kenney
Jon Pardy
Justin Kelly
Kelly Minkin
Matt Forsythe
Priestley Leng
Voislav Ivanovski

Only a week after he parted ways with rival site PokerStars, incoming new member of The Thirst Lounge is Jeff Gross, who posted this in his Twitter feed:

Not only Jeff Gross, but it also looks like Jaime Staples will be onboard The Thirst Lounge as a new host as well.

In a constant effort to surpass other sites, partypoker has been diligently working and has been seen as one of the most active poker sites in the last six months. Not only their MILLIONS Online has become the biggest MTT in poker history, but also their revamped Diamond Club Elite VIP program has now become a noteworthy competitor to PokerStars Star Rewards.

Bill Perkins expressed his gratitude to the poker site, "Thanks to partypoker for putting their faith in The Thirst Lounge. We work with a fun, outgoing group. It will be a pleasure to watch them grow and develop The Thirst Lounge as well as their own brands."




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12 comments on "partypoker becomes Official Sponsor of Poker Streaming Site ‘The Thirst Lounge'' by Bill Perkins"

 Mober18/02/2019 11:40:39 GMT
Poker stars cuts down again on expenses Smile
If business runs as the want to, why they should do all this in the first place.
Party poker on the other hand gets a chance for more exposure, trying to reach
a higher level in advertising.
Keep the competition between them running. Good for the players after all Smile
 Nightkid18/02/2019 13:05:06 GMT
Well lately I see a lot of partypoker participate in various things and news of new things almost always ... although sometimes the news is not very good but it is what I think is like everything is not always good news ... and so I see the place taken to pokerstars in terms of sponsorship hahaha xd is good what is there Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
 pajalnick18/02/2019 16:33:59 GMT
the war between PartyPoker and Pokerstars? ... It's pretty funny ... I would like the result of this war to be a lot of action in these poker rooms ... to attract players ... then it is a war for the good of the players ... it would be great ... I really hope that there will be such a result of this aggravation of interests of poker rooms
 dule-vu18/02/2019 18:37:14 GMT
they just push poker stars from lot of things,they take sponsorships for lot of tournaments,they make better tournament series,they make better program fro rich players and they are for now maybe best poker site!poker stars make some small moves,like smaller buy in for sunday millions and some other,but party poker kick poker stars ass in last year!
 CALICUL19/02/2019 07:32:08 GMT
I've already said in some threads about Party Poker has good marketing strategies and their decisions will make this poker room to climb a lot. Pokerstars has very bad decisions and i really do not understand what's going on there. Stars group is looking to go bankrupt because they do nothing good there. It's incredible how much the number of players has dropped out there. Confused
 doubletop77719/02/2019 08:21:09 GMT
This does look exciting and well done to Party Poker on sponsoring this venture. Bill Perkins has become a real big player in the poker world and i have always enjoyed watching him whenever he is playing on tv
 Mober19/02/2019 12:23:04 GMT
And we see that party keeps investing here, in the broadcasting section.
They are after more exposure, and of course internet is the way to go.
As the time goes, everyone is get hooked to it more and more.
And it might be a cheap option for them also, compared to other methods of advertisement.
 Nightkid19/02/2019 14:51:50 GMT
It is good to let others also do it and I do not know what advantages or winnings to have with this but as pokerstars now put almost all the tournaments to pay and almost none for free I call it wrong, which means that I am already wanting to leave it and start somewhere else Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 Gerimantas19/02/2019 16:35:49 GMT
I read some small information about bill perkins- interesting life he has, makes so much money from hedge fund management also play very big stakes poker, has private yeacht private plane.. dream of many people
 bowie198419/02/2019 17:18:39 GMT
Again, I really don't think twitch is a smart choice to include in the future of pokermarketing, mainly because the userbase (especially the ones who are getting twitch subscription as part of their Amazon prime deal) are really full with people from the United States where neither jokerstars nor party could really do business as of right noiw.
 Mober23/02/2019 18:49:25 GMT
Smart or not , like i have previously said here, this might be a very cheap option for them.
Compared to the return they might get why not.
Not that they spent millions in some sports team, to put their name on.
Sponsoring a couple of players in twitch, must be practically free for them.
 CALICUL25/02/2019 08:30:37 GMT
To be a sponsor is very good. Advertising is a thing that brings fame and any company knows this. Possibility to earn money it makes you to get money out of your pocket, to pay for this and after that to earn more money after advertising. In this way both camps are happy. Smile

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