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partypoker Closes 94 More Bot Accounts in April 2019; $143,908.10 and €34,546.17 Seized

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Posted on 17 May 2019 by "K".

In a continuous effort to enforce fairness and security for all players on the site, partypoker revealed that it has successfully closed 94 more ‘bot’ accounts in April 2019 as well as they seized $143,908.10 and €34,546.17 to be redistributed to players.

There were 39 dotcom (.com) accounts closed during April 2019 and in the process the partypoker Poker Fraud Team seized $143,908.10 in player balances, in which will be redistributed to affected dotcom players.

Meanwhile on the same month, the fraud team discovered and closed 55 rogue doteu (.eu) accounts coming from their Spain and France sites, and in the process they seized €34,546.17 in associated funds. Five of those closures were thanks to players who reported these suspicious bots.

partypoker strives to continue in maintaining the safety of its players, and so a specialist poker fraud team was created, composed of a group of former poker pros whose main role is to investigate suspicious activity and help partypoker in kicking out these dodgy accounts. The website promises to update their valued players regarding the account closures they make every month.

Team partypoker pro Patrick Leonard said, "Two years ago it wouldn't have been possible, but after seeing the security department first hand, the team working there and the tools they are using, I'm very confident now that they can tackle people trying to play against the rules. In my opinion it isn't worth somebody trying to bend the rules because, in the words of Liam Neeson: ‘They will find you, they will catch you and they will.. ban you!'

Suspicious activity has many faces. It can be a collusion between two or more players, or it could be somebody using bots or other illegal software designed to give players an unfair advantage.

A total of 20 out of these 94 bot accounts were closed this April were because of partypoker players noticing the suspicious gameplay of such accounts and responsibly reporting it to partypoker’s fraudster team at [email protected].

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27 comments on "partypoker Closes 94 More Bot Accounts in April 2019; $143,908.10 and €34,546.17 Seized"

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» partypoker Closes 94 More Bot Accounts in April 2019; $143,908.10 and €34,546.17 Seized

 greatgame318/05/2019 10:33:04 GMT
Hi, this kind of news should make us all happy, this plague that is the Bot will disappear with the work and concern of the online rooms as PP, I hope the day comes when we no longer worry about this and have a game clean and fair without the danger of finding ourselves in any cash table or SNG a Bot that diminishes our bankroll.

Greetings and please excuse my English
 3pokeronly18/05/2019 10:35:41 GMT
Mober, I kind of think the other way, as technology and security on each platform increases, and the identification processes are nailed down and automated, bots will be caught a lot quicker and will lose their initial deposits etc. banning vpn's and solid Kyc rules in place would only leave collusion as the only viable tactic and the new seating scripts can limit that quiet effectively making the whole attempt of fraud exercise costly in time and money and largely unprofitable, I am not saying poker (as a whole, not just online) and the casino and sporting industry etc will ever be
100% clean however spending hundreds of hours to make few thousand and then getting that seized will drive people to find new, less secure targets.
Go all mobsters
3p out
 pajalnick18/05/2019 11:52:13 GMT
94 accounts had such large sums of money ... apparently the game was very large and therefore blocking these accounts was certainly a good decision for PartyPoker .... they did not risk reputation for the interest from the winnings but did the right thing ... good news for all players
 CALICUL18/05/2019 17:44:59 GMT
There in poker rooms are many bots and when i said that i was voted with minus by the BRM admin in my opinion. This is a reality and we can not avoid it, if we do not take the best measures, because the chances of making money in poker are shrinking dramatically. When we play at a table we can see this better but if we play at 3-4 tables we can not see the moves of the players to well. I think i deserve votes with plus when i say the truth.
 3pokeronly19/05/2019 01:06:05 GMT
Calicul, up voted by3p.
Many of the best players and those that have a concrete plan to improve will do some solid hand analysis after each session, even playing multiple table the post analysis can highlight dubious spots that can look erroneously like collusion, however once identified a review of all hands played against the same grouping of the 2-4 players can make it fairly obvious while missed during the session itself.

I think PP are doing really well here, communication is one step I applaud, and building the capability of their prevention and resolution team can only be good for all honest players.
Gl all mobsters
3p out
 dem1an19/05/2019 08:31:58 GMT
And yet, it can not but rejoice. Agree, it would not be better if they did not clean them at all. Anyway, and the amount of only 94 accounts are not small. Bankroll, too, should be engaged in this practice, because Winning statistics for some accounts on the safe and calendar, a little alarming.
 dule-vu19/05/2019 10:24:07 GMT
for me it is strange that they do this kind of things from april,but where they be all this months and years?if they can find this kind of accounts and close them and back money to other players,then they could do that much earlier!strange situation,but at least some of them are closed now!
 Mober19/05/2019 10:26:21 GMT
VPNs is not the problem. Everyone can identity them. It is the easiest part i believe.
And i doubt that the bot owners are using some version that circulates over the next.
These bots must be created by each user individually.
And if they are using bots in the first place, i doubt they are keeping money in their accounts.
So by the time that they get caught, they have made a small fortune...
 3pokeronly19/05/2019 11:40:52 GMT
Vpns can be used to mask location, so that 8 fraudsters can each use a vpn that points to New Zealand, Greece etc and all be sitting in the same room, literally sharing all information in real time and colluding against any other players.
Bots running gto based assistance tools or high level exploitive techniques especially when combined with multi users are the end goal for these groups.
PP new policing approach and the small delay in releasing these funds at least starts to give the real players a chance at a fair shake and possibly some compensation.
Not saying I disagree and short term it may still be an issue for the mid stakes players, small stakes are probably not the target and the high rollers have a more judicialously exact withdrawal policy allowing more time to review etc, so I think they are heading the right way.

3p out
 Gerimantas19/05/2019 15:51:51 GMT
Yes like some people say in this forum it is situation important to people who play high stakes poker and if you play for small money it is not interest to cheat you. For high stakes players they can always try to play heads up games and tournaments too
 CALICUL19/05/2019 17:00:01 GMT
In the past i received two emails and they said about me that i played with boots. They gave me some money back. It's not about Party Poker. Is about the largest poker room Pokerstars. It was something unexpected and i was a little surprised. Poker rooms try to catch them but it is very difficult if they are many. Sad
 Mober19/05/2019 20:25:50 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
In the past i received two emails and they said about me that i played with boots.

If you play barefoot, you have more chances to win...
 3pokeronly19/05/2019 22:56:27 GMT
Because you have doubled your counting apparatus, 10 toes and fingers?
 dirkemans20/05/2019 04:38:06 GMT
Indeed better late then never..i stopped playing poker online after mikogo and pokertracker became 'mainstream'

I'm oldfashioned and like to play 'the man'.. And for me playing against trackers and/or more people then there should be at a table, is nothing like that. Sure, you can get some hands in, but overall you'll be at a disadvantage -unless of course you join in on the tools. To each their own, but i still enjoy a good live cash game from time to time. But even with the above news, i can hardly see myself returning online.
 Mober20/05/2019 11:13:35 GMT
I think that sites like part poker that have the resources can find out if a player is using a
VPN, and yes i know what a VPN is.
Most of them out there, both free and aid are well known.
Their addresses are know and can be detected.
But lets say they are masking it successfully right? What are they doing for the
identification process...
 3pokeronly20/05/2019 11:54:45 GMT
I think if we say too much here we may give people ideas....

However, hand off all profits to their one legitimate account to withdraw perhaps, I have many other options I will not go into here.

Re Dirkemans, I have to agree in part, the modern game which includes HUD's is disadvantage to standard player, however most serious multi tablets do use them and it makes them in a way more beatable, you can set up these players with a few weird moves that mess with their highly predictable responses, I personally, like yourself do not use or like them and find that it ill prepares you for real, live poker.
Gl all mobsters
3p out

 CALICUL20/05/2019 17:07:20 GMT
I read a few years ago about 5 ways to cheat in online poker and today i looked for it. Multi Accounting, Poker Bots, Ghosting, Collusion, and Access to hole cards ( superuser account ). These are the ways and on that site are more details. These problems can not be remedied over night and it takes time. Mober, i played barefoot and lost much faster. To me everything is inversely. Sad
 victor09621/05/2019 05:12:50 GMT
It is sad to see that our money is taken by these computer geniuses that the only thing they know how to do is to use bot in a game which requires patience and effort to make money like yourself do not use or like them and find that it ill prepares you for real, live poker.
 dule-vu21/05/2019 11:20:45 GMT
maybe ther are late with this thing,but would be nice to continue with this and to clear all accounts that have any connection with scam!on end only important is that they back money to players who did lost against this bots and that we have clear poker software!
 Mober21/05/2019 11:55:16 GMT
The positive thing is that they are doing serious job chasing them down.
Along with the fact that they are returning money to the players affected, it means something.
It is a site with a big number of players, so getting them all at once it wont be easy.
Plus the whole advertising with the results they are getting, it might stop new ones
from popping out.
 CALICUL22/05/2019 17:11:00 GMT
We do not know if these boots everyone will be caught, but we can hope for a very drastic law to discourage these bots. I do not think it will be invented in a short term a program, to catch them all bots but a bad law is more realistic. One law in which the punishments for bots are like the bank robbers would be ideal. Blink
 Mober28/05/2019 10:20:51 GMT
Something like that it is almost impossible to happen. We are talking about online
games here.
Besides getting the tax countries are not going to spent resources aof any kind,
in order to make this a legit thing. It is up to the companies to try and
catch all the ones using these programs.
So after all it is your choice, if you want to play and where, if you dont trust the game...
 Nightkid28/05/2019 12:18:08 GMT
buueee can not be so sarpados so I barely have 1 account and it costs me enough to earn some money there and and seeing something like that makes me mad because they can not be as much liners to do those things, although nowadays nothing surprises me anymore it just makes me angry
Angry Angry Angry
 bowie198428/05/2019 12:43:55 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Besides getting the tax countries are not going to spent resources aof any kind,
in order to make this a legit thing. It is up to the companies to try and
catch all the ones using these programs.

The problem with this is the bots act as players so they pay the rake just as a human counterpart. The companies are really not incentivised to catch them.
 CALICUL28/05/2019 18:26:20 GMT
In this case, the players are very disadvantaged. Poker rooms want money, more rake and many players but protection of these bots is not too big. It's not okay but the big problem of the players is the profit. When there is no profit and players lose with these bots is very bad.I read many reviews in other sites with many complaints. Sad

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