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Poker After Dark – 888poker Week II second seat won by another Canadian Player for $1

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Posted on 31 May 2019 by "T".

Another lucky player from Canada has won a special tournament to play in Poker After Dark's 888poker Week II in Las Vegas, all for just $1!

For the second year in a row, 888poker has teamed up with Poker Central to give qualified 888poker players an exclusive offer of a lifetime!

Poker After Dark - 888poker Week II - Qualifier
From May 19 to 23, two lucky players got the chance to play against top poker pros in the world on one of the grandest stages - the PokerGo Studio in Vegas. To qualify, they only need to participate in a one-off tournament on April 28 at 8pm GMT on 888poker.

For a mere $1, players from Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom can win this once-in-a-lifetime trip. The two winners were awarded a Vegas package worth $14,000 each, broken down as follows:

  • $10,000 entry fee to a special Poker After Dark - 888poker Week II Sit & Go session featuring renowned poker pros

  • $2,000 for airfare and other travel expenses paid directly into the winner's player account

  • $2,000 for accommodation for 4 nights at the ARIA Resort & Casino booked by 888poker

Aside from the $14,000 package, the two lucky winners were set to enjoy a personal tour with two awesome guides while in Vegas - high-stakes specialist Dominik Nitsche and the most-winningest online poker tournament pro Chris Moorman.

The itinerary:

  • May 19 - arrive in Las Vegas

  • May 20 - Explore and experience Las Vegas with 888poker ambassadors Dominik Nitsche and Chris Moorman

  • May 21-22 - Poker After Dark - 888poker Week II Sit & Go at the PokerGO Studio with Dominik, Chris and other famous poker players

The first lucky winner of this promo was Jonny "Tommyder" Anderson from Canada.

The Second Lucky Winner is also from Canada

On May 21, Mark Heintz was the second lucky man to win this awesome package from 888poker for just $1. He finally got the chance to battle it out against six top poker players. Though he didn’t get that extraordinary ending, the 37-year-old Heintz from Alberta, Canada, still got to play live on camera against the best pros for everyone to see.

He only shelled out $1 to battle against seven pros on Poker After Dark, who each took out $10,000 from their own bankrolls to create a $70,000 prize pool. The top winner would be awarded $50,000 while the runner-up would receive $20,000. The other five players would go home empty handed.

The poker pros who participated in this game were:

Nitsche said, “Watching the sit and gos on Poker After Dark back in the day was always so exciting for me. It’s always one of my favourite TV shows … I’ve never played on Poker After Dark before. It’s amazing that 888poker truly gives anyone the chance to play on Poker After Dark. For me it’s amazing to be on it and I can only imagine what it feels like for a recreational player.”

Moorman agreed, saying, “When I first started playing poker, I just watched Poker After Dark on the TV. I’m excited to just try to do my best and hopefully take it down … I still got a lot to achieve in this game so hopefully I can build on that and win this sit and go.”

While Heintz busted in 5th place, it was nevertheless an awesome experience for him to play with the best poker pros and get to know some of them at a personal level backstage. He even outlasted Nitsche, who also was making his Poker After Dark debut.

The event was eventually won by Ali Imsirovic, who defeated Phil Hellmuth in the final heads-up match.

Hellmuth had 7-8

Imsirovic had 7-J

The board ran 7-4-2-3-9, which declared Imsirovic the winner of this event for $50,000, leaving Hellmuth to settle for the runner-up prize worth $20,000.

Watch this video where Heintz outlasts an 888poker ambassador:



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12 comments on "Poker After Dark – 888poker Week II second seat won by another Canadian Player for $1"

 Mober31/05/2019 12:00:29 GMT
Another seat for only one dollar.
And the package is great of course.
They got lucky with the whole qualifier winning the package, now they will
have to have a follow up with same luck, to win something in the
actual tournament Smile
But even if they dont, experiencing playing in a tournament of such magnitude
worth it Smile
 dule-vu31/05/2019 13:12:50 GMT
didnt know that only players from 5 countries can win this amazing prize and its not so good from my point!why players from other countries cant be part of it?if everybody can play online at 888,then other countries should have same right on it!
 CALICUL31/05/2019 18:49:36 GMT
It's sensational to win a package of 14,000 dollars with only one dollar. Then get to Las Vegas and there you learn poker from a professional player. However, it is very hard to beat 5 players and to win a prize but it is not impossible.
 pajalnick01/06/2019 09:44:47 GMT
Yes, it's cool for 1 dollar to get a wonderful chance to participate in a very cool tournament ... but probably a lot of people participated in the selection to get this chance .... so you should not forget that this is just one lucky person from a large number of people who could not pass selection
 bigpats00901/06/2019 10:09:05 GMT
Sounds like a lot of grinding.
 Nightkid01/06/2019 10:56:27 GMT
another player who stays with 1 seat for only one dollar and I think the pack is not bad ... congratulations for this player and I hope there are many more like this lucky and if by chance if I can hope to be someday a winner of such an award Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 CALICUL01/06/2019 19:11:23 GMT
Is not bad, but it's very hard to win a qualification like this. 888 poker should do more places for a tournament like this. I like big games satellites but i want even more places. People who are trying to earn money deserve a chance.
 bowie198402/06/2019 15:34:54 GMT
Posted by bigpats009:
Sounds like a lot of grinding.

More or less living off your poker earnings is what it is - just grinding... Now if you could bag a couple ticket packages here or there and travel to live games to experience the whole thing - well then the grind was worth it.
 CALICUL03/06/2019 08:44:09 GMT
Even if you go to live tournaments and play there that does not guarantee you winnings. There you play with a lot of players who know the poker game very well. It's a real adventure if you succeed to beat them and get to a final table and there to win a big amount of money. It's very, very hard.
 pajalnick03/06/2019 10:38:42 GMT
participation in a live poker tournament is of course Absolutely a different game than an online game .... there you have to curb your emotions that other players can read .... I have never participated in a live poker tournament but I would like to try .... but I'm afraid that my emotions can be easily read on my face since I am an emotional person
 CALICUL10/06/2019 12:43:17 GMT
I had the opportunity to participate in two live tournaments but i did not want to play there. Online i had several occasions but Sua is too far for me. I hate planes, even if it's nice to look at the window. Not because of fear but the fact is that: you have to fly a lot to get there. I do not like to stay long time in the air.

 Sandmanilo14/06/2019 14:06:03 GMT
Amazing victory for this man, winning this high-value seat from just 1 dollar should be very exciting. I love the Poker After Dark show, even though I must admit that I never participated in live poker tournaments. This show is pretty exciting and enertaining.

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