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Greg Raymer makes Record 5th Win at HPT Ameristar East Chicago Main Event for $171,411

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Posted on 21 January 2020 by "T".

Already in his mid-50's, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer proved this week that age doesn't matter in the world of poker as he took down the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Ameristar East Chicago $1,650 Main Event. This latest victory is actually his record fifth HPT Main Event title, and with that he won the prize money worth $171,411 plus a $3,500 Championship Package for the HPT Season XVI Championship at the end of the season.

Raymer, 2012 HPT Player of the Year, told HPT Tournament Director Jeremy Smith about dominating the 520-player field, "It feels great. Every one's more special than the last." This latest win of his makes him the third on HPT's all-time career earnings list, behind Craig Casino and Reginald "Shawn" Roberts.

Best known for winning the 2004 WSOP Main Event, the 55-year-old Raymer survived a 2:1 disadvantage on a heads-up match against Evan Bethyo who began the day as chip leader. Raymer found a double on the very first hand with his rivered Queens-up, enough to defeat Bethyo's Jacks-up. He said, "When I catch the queen on the river to make a better two pair, that's just luck. There's a lot of luck in poker, and there's a lot more luck in heads-up poker, because if you fold every time you don't have top pair or better, you're gonna get run over and you'll have no shot. Evan did not let me run him over at all. I'll definitely say luck was on my side in the heads-up play, for sure."

On the final hand:
Bethyo had Q-2
Raymer held 8-3
The board ran A-3-Q-8-9, giving Raymer the win he needed to get his record fifth HPT Main Event title and the $171,411 prize money.






Greg Raymer

Raleigh, North Carolina



Evan Bethyo

Vernon Hills, Illinois



David Gutfreund

Las Vegas, Nevada



Marc Yofon

Rolling Meadows, Illinois



Tim Barany

Chicago, Illinois



Bohdan Slyvinskyi

Chicago, Illinois



Matt Schurter

Crystal Lake, Illinois



Dale Hackney

Durand, Michigan



Benjamin Craig

Chicago, Illinois


He now has reached the $8 million mark in lifetime career tournament earnings.

His plan for his earnings will definitely delight the investors that stake him throughout the year, "I have a deal with people who invest in my bankroll for the entire year, and we tripled our bankroll in the first event. It all has to stay in the bankroll, it means I can play some bigger events if it fits the schedule. I only gave 'em a small profit last year, so I'm looking forward to this being the start of a huge run!"



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7 comments on "Greg Raymer makes Record 5th Win at HPT Ameristar East Chicago Main Event for $171,411"

 dule-vu22/01/2020 08:44:10 GMT
so for 1650 $ he got 171 K dollars and nice title,now that is good day!when we see that this is his 5th title and that he reached 8 million dollars in tournament earnings in his life,that say all about him as poker player!probably we will hear lot of news about him in next years also!
 CALICUL22/01/2020 10:53:05 GMT
It is a performance to win 5 times such a title but also a lot of money. It's like i'm investing a dollar and i would win a tournament with about $ 120 for 1st. The huge difference makes him have a lot of money even if we won a game with 500 or more players. Obviously we also put his level of skills who is very big.
 roeish324/01/2020 22:07:45 GMT
Shows once again that poker is a game of skill and not a game of luck. can't see such a thing happening in a roulette game. I can't see how it is still considered a luck game here in Israel when even day trade on the stock exchange is much more dangerous.
Hopefully it will change soon and we could go back to playing online on the large sites and of course live games.
 maragatero24/01/2020 23:38:14 GMT
I wish you can live it roeish3. The countries' regulations aren´t fair, and totally different between them! But about the news, this man give me a lot of hope because he is in the "middle fifties" and is starting a professional career. Might can be that in my "middle sixties" I could start to win some money in the online poke...hahaha
 CALICUL25/01/2020 14:57:32 GMT
To make more money from poker we will have to deposit more and maybe in one day we will have the opportunity but at this moment is almost impossiblefor us. We to try something need to play satellites and in the main tournament to win big money.
 maragatero26/01/2020 00:01:26 GMT
In my case this history is a far dream. I wish to be in a table of one of that big tourney, playin against some legend. Look the people and the context, smell the air. But is a dream, beautifull but impossible. I´m not a good player, I have luck (or not), might make a fortune´s move, but this not be enough to stay there... Sad
 CALICUL27/01/2020 17:02:52 GMT
It's hard to qualify for a good poker tournament but this thing it is possible and you just have to play. I would like to make more money from poker and play some live tournaments through satellites. I wish you luck for more money and a good health.

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