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The Newest Payment Method Interac e-Transfer for Canadian Players

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Posted on 30 March 2020 by "T".

Interac e-Transfer is the newest Canadian-only poker site deposit option which makes it easier for players to deposit as it offers all of the benefits of a third-party eCheck processor without requiring them to sign up for anything.

For online poker players in Canada who are thinking of signing up or depositing their money at 888poker or other poker sites, then give Interac e-Transfer a try and you will definitely love it!

About Interac e-Transfer
Interac is an electronic payment processing company which connects customers of the biggest Canadian banks with online merchants via a secure payment portal. It is very much similar to an eWallet wherein you can send funds directly to the recipient, in this case an online poker site, and all you need is the appropriate email address and telephone number of the poker site you are depositing at.

Interac e-Transfer is available to anyone having a bank account with one of the big six banks in Canada:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • Manulife Bank of Canada

Even if you do not have a bank account with one of the major Canadian banks, you can still use Interac e-Transfer to fund your online poker account. There are 250+ financial institutions in Canada that use Interac.

Benefits of Using Interac e-Transfer
Online poker rooms allow players to deposit with the use of many different types of payment processors, so why should one use Interac?

Interac e-Transfer payments are usually cheaper than other payment methods. Most online poker rooms do not charge a fee when a customer deposits using a credit card and other payment options. However, when you cash out, the charges are often lower for Interac as compared to other methods.

Interac e-Transfer has a higher level of security than other payment options. They also have added layers of transaction security to make sure the intended recipient receives funds from you.

If an online poker site accepts deposits via Interac e-Transfer, then there is no need to worry about any banking restrictions since it is a "Point of Sale" payment system and sending a payment via Interac e-Transfer is pretty much the same as paying for something on Amazon or eBay.

Interac does not require you to sign up for additional services just to make payments. In the case of eWallets, they require both parties to set up an account, register a credit card or bank account, and do more things just to get their funds. To make payments via Interac e-Transfer, all you need is a credit card or a cell phone that accepts texts, and you can send money directly from your bank account.

Below are the advantages of using Interac e-Transfer when making online poker deposits:

  • Make fast deposits using Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • Make deposits to online poker sites using just an email address or telephone number
  • Most online poker sites do not charge fees when making a deposit using Interac e-Transfer
  • You can deposit and cash out using the same account
  • Complete the deposit process within 10 minutes
  • Added layers of security make Interac e-Transfer much safer than other deposit methods
  • Several banks in Canada allow payments via Interac e-Transfer

Best Interac e-Transfer Online Poker Sites

888poker is an online poker room launched in 2005 owned by 888 Holdings PLC, which possesses an impeccable reputation in the world of online gaming. 888poker, known for its very soft Hold'em games, is the third biggest online poker site with over 10 million registered members all over the world dedicated mainly to recreational players.

It boasts an excellent tournament schedule designed to cater to all bankroll sizes. Thanks to its collection of ongoing promotions, there is lots of action to be found especially in the cash game tables. Formerly called Pacific Poker, 888poker now has more improved software with modern new features coupled with upgraded functionality and design. The graphics are great with the very easy-to-navigate lobby suited for both newbies and seasoned players. Aside from their innovative tech, 888poker is also renowned for hosting juicy tournament series, enticing freerolls, satellites, live events and are sponsors to some of the most prestigious poker tournaments like WSOP and Battle of Malta, to name a few.

Please note that we have enabled Interac e-Transfer, in Canada for all brands CPS.
At the moment only deposits are available, and cashouts will follow shortly.


partypoker, launched in 2001 by PartyGaming, is known today as one of the top 3 online poker sites. Aside from the online poker room they also have an online casino and live casino platforms. It is one of the first online poker sites in poker history. With up to 2,000 active players logged in at peak times each day, partypoker is indeed one of the best sites of today if you're looking for action anytime.

It has an expanded partypoker LIVE website headed by Rob Yong. partypoker hosts big events like the flagship MILLIONS Live and Online and it also offers lots of guaranteed tournaments and satellites to its partypoker LIVE tour. After partnering with Triton Poker, players can now paly Short Deck Hold'em online.

partypoker is great for both new and seasoned poker players. It is one of the best poker sites online, renowned for its improved software, new bonus promotions, $1M SPINS tournaments with $5 buy-ins, and a jam-packed tournament schedule. Withdrawals are processed in 24 hours, most of them instant. Play your favorite cash games and participate in their daily poker tournaments. Customer service is available via e-mail, live chat, and toll-free phone.

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9 comments on "The Newest Payment Method Interac e-Transfer for Canadian Players"

 dule-vu30/03/2020 18:21:18 GMT
somebody ask few days ago what is best way to make transfers,so maybe this news and thread will help for all canadian players!so as I see this include six banks and will be much easier to make deposits and everything else that you need to transfer money!didnt see any fee or something,so best is that somebody comment who did use this new method!
 PokerKing7630/03/2020 19:47:33 GMT
I used it with CIBC on EnergyCasino and they call me instantly to know if I transfer money to them.
Make sure you have unlimited transaction program. Cost me $2.50 for one transfer
But yeah, it's a good news for canadians players.
 maragatero01/04/2020 01:55:42 GMT
I think that we have to wait how it works. First, this payment is only supported by Canadian banks, so it don´t have the almost universal valid than Neteller or Pay-Pal. And, if the only advantage that this e-wallet have is the low fee to make a cash-out, I found the solution time ago. I look for people who need to make a deposit in one poker´s room, so I make a transfer to they and they deposit the better currency in my bank account...
 crankmuppet01/04/2020 02:46:19 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
I think that we have to wait how it works. First, this payment is only supported by Canadian banks, so it don't have the almost universal valid than Neteller or Pay-Pal. And, if the only advantage that this e-wallet have is the low fee to make a cash-out, I found the solution time ago. I look for people who need to make a deposit in one poker's room, so I make a transfer to they and they deposit the better currency in my bank account...

The Newest Payment Method Interac e-Transfer for Canadian Players

You don't have to wait.

You aren't Canadian.

Maybe point whore elsewhere. Just follow Cali - it's easy.

 CALICUL01/04/2020 12:34:13 GMT
It's a good solution for Canadian players. They will enjoy with the simplicity of the methods of these banking institutions. Depending on the success they will try to activate in other countries and if you like this solution then you will use Interac Transfer.
 maragatero02/04/2020 03:25:37 GMT
crankmuppet, I lost with your saying..What is Cali? The Colombian city or the Indian goddess? And what is the link with this matter? Any way I keep with my Neteller e-wallet, despite they banned my country to renovate the Master Card that they gave to me for years. But my combo Neteller+People who needs deposit in their accounts, is a winner! (thanks to Argentina currency restrictions)
 antonis32104/04/2020 07:06:18 GMT
One more payment method for Canadians , as long as they have an account in one of the big six Canadian banks , also they need the telephone/email address of the site they intend to have a transaction with . 250+ institutions in Canada use this method I read , very good that they have the lowest charges . Sounds loke a very good transaction method to deposit or cashout . 888poker and Partypoker , two of the biggest poker sites accept this payment method , that's awesome . It's good always to have more options , so as to choose the best for you . In other countries , like mine , we have few options to make transactions , altjough now it's better here than 2 years ago during recession , we had only one method for international transactions !!!! .

Ofourse Canadians have so much freedom in their transactions , many methods to pay , everyone welcomes them , and they treat them with much more love than everyone else Big Smile Poker sites have special freerolls or promotions for them , as we say in greek , ''sas exoun sta opa opa '' (they mollycoddle you Big Smile ) . I would love to be able one day to live for the rest of my life in Canada , best country in the world Smile
 CALICUL05/04/2020 17:57:08 GMT
In each country you have to look for the best method for you and your money. There is no excuse if you can't do that. You have an opportunity to calculate the benefits and losses but the taxes are not small of course. The benefit is that you do it from home and not from the bank.
 antonis32106/04/2020 10:02:38 GMT
Nowadays I try to deposit on some sites , in one I succeeded after many attempts , on another I still cannot do this , I struggle to find a way , thereare not many ways to deposit offered on this site , I have emailed one online wallet site why they didn't proceed my payment there , is the fault on their side or the poker room declined it ???? I wait for their answer email Smile

Such times I see the value to have far too many depositing options , like the Canadians or British have .
Freedom to use your money as you please , not having to deal with extreme forbiddence and prohibitions restrictions all the time .
In the end in Greece we'll be forced to use money only for food , lol , nothing else , what idiot system we have .....

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