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partypoker Latest Promos - $12.5K Daily SPINS Leaderboards and $7,250 Daily SNG Leaderboards

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Posted on 01 April 2020 by "T".

SPINS Leaderboards - Play for your share of $12,500 every day!
partypoker is giving everyone daily chances to win up to $1,000 in cash!

Great news - partypoker SPINS and SNG tournaments have even more value thanks to the all-new SPINS and SNG Leaderboards.

Simply earn points at partypoker's SPINS tables to climb the prize leaderboards. There are five leaderboards - Micro, Small, Low, Mid and High - based on buy-in levels, starting at just $0.25.

The more points you collect, the higher your chances of finishing in the money!

Both SPINS Leaderboards and SNG Leaderboards kick off at midnight CET on Sunday 29th March and run through until 23:59 CET. They then reset, payout, and start all over again each day of every week!

$12,500 Daily SPINS Leaderboards
There's a daily $12,500 prize pool guaranteed across the five leaderboards. And with buy-ins suitable for all bankrolls, every player has a shot at winning a prize!

The SPINS Leaderboards are split into five leaderboards based on the SPINS' buy-in.

  • Micro: $0.25 and $1 buy-in
  • Small: $3 and $5 buy-in
  • Low: $10 and $20 buy-in
  • Mid: $50 and $100 buy-in
  • High: $250 and $500 buy-in

Up to 50 places are paid in the leaderboards, with the prizes made up of cash and SPINS tickets. You earn points for every SPINS tournament you compete in, but you'll secure even more points for taking one down!

How do I earn Leaderboard Points?
This is the formula used for calculating your SPINS Leaderboards points:
Leaderboard Points = 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]

  • n = Number of players in the SPINS tournament
  • Buy-in = cost of SPINS tournament buy-in
  • Rank = position finished in the SPINS tournament

The Micro and Small SPINS Leaderboards pay out the top 50 points earners each week. You need to finish in the top 20 on the Low and Mid leaderboard to win a prize. Our High SPINS Leaderboard pays out the top 15 finishers.

Leaderboards run from 00:00 CEST to 23.59 CEST every day, so make sure you don't miss out on the action!

Check out the full list of payouts below:

Terms and Conditions
Leaderboards will run from 00:00 CEST - 23:59 CEST daily
Leaderboards points do not count towards the weekly cashback program
Leaderboard points are awarded upon exit of the SPINS game
Gameplay in regular Sit & Go tournaments will not count towards leaderboard points
Winners will be paid within 24 hours of each leaderboard completing
Prizes are non-exchangeable
Cash prizes are unrestricted cash amounts.
Ticket prizes will be subject to an expiry date. Details if which can be found in the "My Tickets" section of the poker software
LEADERBOARD formula: 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log(buy-in+0.25)] 
n = number of players

SNG Daily Leaderboards

SNG Leaderboards - Play for your share of $7,250 every day!
SNG players have four daily leaderboards to climb, leaderboards with combined prize pools worth $7,250, or $50,750 every week. Like the SPINS Leaderboards, partypoker's SNG Leaderboards are split based on the SNG buy-in, giving you more chances to score some cash or SNG tickets.

  • Low: $1 to $9.99 buy-ins
  • Mid: $10 to $49.99 buy-ins
  • High: $50 to $199.99 buy-ins
  • High Roller: $200 or higher buy-ins

How do I earn Leaderboard Points?
This is the formula used for calculating your SPINS Leaderboards points:
Leaderboard Points = 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]

  • n = Number of players in the SPINS tournament
  • Buy-in = cost of SPINS tournament buy-in
  • Rank = position finished in the SPINS tournament

As you can see, you earn points for every SNG you play, with extra points coming your way the deeper you go. Obviously, winning a SNG will yield the most points! Here's what you can win:



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13 comments on "partypoker Latest Promos - $12.5K Daily SPINS Leaderboards and $7,250 Daily SNG Leaderboards"

 dule-vu01/04/2020 10:31:25 GMT
another spin promotion and leaderboard for all buy in range and lot of prizes every day!just depend in which group you will come!
 CALICUL01/04/2020 12:58:21 GMT
So the prizes are for those who play more but randomly it is not possible for this promotion. This is good for players who make a big rake at these games. I play in every day few Spins at a promotion but here in party poker i can not yet because of a country restriction. Good job PP.
 dule-vu01/04/2020 19:17:59 GMT
for me its great that they offer five different leaderboards every day,so every players have chance to win something,no matter how big your bankroll is!ofcourse you need to collect as much as you can points to be in top 50 or 15,depend on which buy in you play,but at least there is no some draw,just players skills and time that he will spend on it!
 maragatero02/04/2020 03:18:22 GMT
This promotion and the other, Daily Cash Boom, is a kind of promotion to reward the loyalty of his daily players. More money you spend there daily, more possibilities of get a prize. Good for them. But I like the other kind of promotions, those that try to attract new players with many freerolls, that´s for me! Because it I love 888poker where are a lot od them!
 dule-vu02/04/2020 19:36:17 GMT
well maragatero this is way how to make something good for regular players,but on end to earn from this promotion,them as company!lot of players will play it on this kind of leaderboards,as they have other one,players will play even more then daily regulary,to collect as much as they can points and to win prizes!so its great for everybody,players and party poker!
 maragatero03/04/2020 03:57:28 GMT
Yes...but a little more to Party Poker! hahaha...Anyway, I understand this point and it will be nice to the regular players. But my loved 888poker are starting new freerolls every day/weeks. Few days ago, they ran one of $ 2000 (I forgot the name...crazy something), and today there start to run the $ 500 Daily Jackpot freeroll. And those are joining with all the others freeroll (BRM, Club Poker, $ 200 daily x 5, and more… Blink. I can´t play in other room for now!
 antonis32103/04/2020 04:36:53 GMT
Very nice offer by PartyPoker . This way , players in sngs and spin games can earn far more money or tickets , simply by playing their favorite games .

These leaderboards run daily , so they have chances every day to hit a better score , with more wins and better position in the games that they play .

It helps a lot the fact that they have different leaderboards for many buy-in ranges , micro , low , etc , so even players who don't play more expensive sngs or spins , have actually the chance to win money or tickets , win back some of the buyins they have played , or even better have profits and expand their bankroll .
 Mober04/04/2020 18:45:49 GMT
With all that home closure all over the world, poker rooms mus tbe having lots
of participation.
So it is a good moment for everyone, to put some new offers up, like this one.
Getting extra money for your play is always nice.
Good luck to all the grinders there.
 maragatero05/04/2020 14:08:25 GMT
Yes, you have the reason Mober! There are a lot of players trying to register in all of the tournaments. You can´t wait the late registration like in the past. All the maximum number of players is filling in record time. I play some daily freerolls in Wxxxxxxx and I had to set the alarm on my smart phone one minute before the registration period begins, because some tournaments fill up (5000 or 8000 players) in the first minute, it's incredible!
 CALICUL05/04/2020 17:21:46 GMT
Maragatero, my friend, you must to set with 3-4 minutes in advance, because there is a possibility that logging into Party Poker sometimes they have problems and you will lose registration in these free tournaments. Be cautious and very successful.
 antonis32106/04/2020 10:36:14 GMT
Due to the isolation measures , far more are the active players these days , also many more freerollers , so you have maragatero to register early . Especially in satellite tourneys with 300-500 only maximum number of allowed players , then you see the cap is reached so fast !!!!!

I will see if I am lucky on Wednesday , if I ever succeed to win sth . Although I don;t think so , I don't have big bankroll or many tickets , but I will see , maybe I will be lucky Smile

On they didn't write my name on any leaderboard , not even once , despite playing cash games ot rournaments , despite depositing many times (numbers of withdrawals : ZERO) . I don't know why they do this to me , I play very carefully there because of this attitude towards me , without risks the last month , I don't like being excluded with ni reason from promotions , I don't have mood to lose money to them or play any risky at all because of this mistreatment by them Sad
 CALICUL09/04/2020 09:14:00 GMT
When people have free time as in this case, they can play nice tournaments, if poker rooms organize this. These sites had to take advantage of COVID 19 and start something nice for all players. Party P. has done something god for his gamblers and this is normal.
 antonis32109/04/2020 19:21:09 GMT
I wasn't lucky with my spin tickets , didn't win almost nothing , very annoying . Couldn't have some wins , so as to play more spins with the winnings , and generate rake and have a position in the leaderboard . I lost my chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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