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turns $11 into $10K MILLIONS Passport at partypoker

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Posted on 22 April 2020 by "T".

At partypoker, everyone is given the chance to win big. Their satellites and Passports allow an aspiring player to turn a small investment into a massive prize.

Last month, British player Mike Hill was able to turn a $22 satellite into a MILLIONS Passport worth at least $10,000. On April 7, another one was able to do the same, but this time a bit better.

Meet John Holmes from Scotland, who was able to turn an $11 investment into a trip to the Caribbean. The Scotsman took a break from poker playing but recently returned with renewed enthusiasm and decided to play some of the MILLIONS Passport satellites, which turned out to be a great decision after all.

His story is so interesting that Team partypoker's Patrick Leonard has even offered to give him some free coaching sessions as he prepares to play in the Caribbean Poker Party Main Event later this year!

Self-Enforced Break from poker
John said, "I stopped playing several years ago due to a few things going on in my personal life and with work commitments. I did miss it for a few months, but then I was OK without playing. A few months ago, I thought about returning online due to working away from home and having more time on my hands during the evenings and weekends."

"I never really enjoyed cash games and my preference is for small tournaments and attempt to get into bigger tournaments. The MILLIONS Passport caught my attention so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did!"

John joined the MILLIONS Passport qualification process at the $11 quarter-final stage. The tournament progressed all the way to heads-up with both John and his opponent qualifying for the $110 Semi-Final.

It was a similar story in the semi-final, the satellite reaching heads-up and both John and his last remaining opponent qualifying for the weekly final.

"I finished first with 450,000 chips. The final had 110 entrants and I was 47th with my 450,000 stack. The chip leader held 1,200,000."

Checking out the Passport
John's middle-of-the-group starting position obviously didn't bother him much because he managed to be one of the 10 people who won a $10,000 MILLIONS Passport.

"Winning felt slightly surreal. I don't think I quite realized that I had achieved something so big. I also qualified for the final but finished in 18th place and was very disappointed because I played a couple of hands terribly. I thought I'd try again and learn from my mistakes."

"I was like a little kid, jumping around my flat at 02:00 extremely excited and a little bit shocked! I hope I didn't wake my neighbors, hahaha! Thankfully, I was able to call a couple of mates and share a celebratory drink. Maybe having a long break helped me? Got a bit of beginners luck and, thankfully, didn't lose everything I learned a few years ago."

Coaching Offer from Patrick Leonard
Team partypoker's Patrick Leonard saw John's story on social media and gave John an amazing offer to coach him before he uses his passport at the Caribbean Poker Party. Will John accept?

"Absolutely and I'm looking forward to it. It was so kind of Patrick to offer this help to me. Every bit of assistance will help me, hopefully, go deep into the tournament. I'm slightly overwhelmed with all the congratulations I received from members of partypoker. Thank you to all of them."

John has decided to use his passport at the Caribbean Poker Party so he will be jetting off to The Bahamas later this year. It is the biggest tournament of John's life and something he never thought he'd be able to play in.
"I'm looking forward to the whole big live tournament experience the most. I've only ever seen it by watching poker on TV and never imagined that I would be part of it. I did dream about it though, hahaha. I'm taking one of my best mates who also love playing poker so this will add to the experience. I can't wait to socialize with lots of experienced poker players, that will be awesome. It's probably a one in a lifetime experience, but hopefully the first of many. Oh, and the beautiful Caribbean weather is slightly better than up here in Scotland!"

Be the next one to go to the Caribbean!
MILLIONS Passport satellites run every day and feed into the weekly final on Sundays. You can't buy into the Sunday Final direct, you must win your way via the Phased MILLIONS Passport tournaments.

You too can follow in the footsteps of Mike Hill and John Holmes by playing in partypoker's MILLIONS Passport phased satellites.

They started at the $11 and $22 level, but you can jump in for even less with $2.20 Round 1 and even freerolls are available.


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48 comments on " turns $11 into $10K MILLIONS Passport at partypoker"

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» turns $11 into $10K MILLIONS Passport at partypoker

 antonis32102/05/2020 17:27:13 GMT
If he can use this ticket either online or live , that's awesome , cause he has too many options to use it in the best way possible , play the games he might have an edge on them , and win as much money as possible . Also , if that ticket lasts for 24 months , it couldn't be better than this . He has two years to spend this winning sat ticket , he can make his choices calmly , see gthe alternative options in live and online games , see also when this coromna crisis will ened completely , when live tournaments will start again , and play the ones he likes most Smile
 maragatero02/05/2020 20:43:18 GMT
Yes, that might be awesome! We can make some calculations (I love mathematics, despiete I understan nothing of it!) a $ 10.000 passport might sale something like 50 tickets to decents tournaments (more or less), with prizes between $ 10.000 and $ 25.000, without any particular promotion. If he can makes 5 or 10 ITM (he is a good player and in the $200 buy-in are not professionals). He could multiply this amount without too much effort!
 dule-vu03/05/2020 12:03:54 GMT
I did post two times,even made new thread about it,but will do again!this is how you can use this prize:

Playing online you will receive $10,000 worth of buy-ins, with all the registration fees free. This will be split up into a $5,300 Main Event buy-in, and side events of your choice with buy-ins ranging from $1,050, $2,100 and $5,300.

Using your PP LIVE Passport LIVE

You can use your Passport for certain partypoker LIVE festivals, such as MILLIONS Cyprus and MILLIONS Bahamas.

Playing LIVE you will receive an extra $1,000 in value! This will be in the form of an exclusive $11,000 VIP Package. All packages will include Main Event buy-in, travel expenses and accommodation.
 antonis32103/05/2020 21:13:22 GMT
He'll be playing in Carrebean , not other live or online events as far as I have understood by his words on the news post . So he;s going for the big money , I wich him good luck , may he win the main event Smile

So , it's 10k for online , 11k for live ??? Wow , so many options ,and for 2 yers , it's such a big opportunity , almost free money , lol Smile Especially for guys who are good in satellites ,this is a must to play and win this passport .
 maragatero03/05/2020 23:33:16 GMT
Well, if that is the situation, I think that might be more interesant play in a wonderful place near to you, to take advantage of the $ 1000 extras. If he don´t make good money, at least he stay in a good scenario, don´t you think? Any way, obviously he should think it agree with his goal of career, and not for pleasure. In the pro-life, poker is a job!
 dule-vu04/05/2020 14:05:01 GMT
well maybe this would be best that he use this package and to travel and play on some big live tournament!with this he will probably play few less tournament online any maybe he will not do anything,but on this trip he will see something and maybe will put some money in pocket also!
 CALICUL04/05/2020 14:08:02 GMT
Professional players live with poker money and that is true for most. Some of them have jobs, businesses and other things to make money but after all, this is a real job. They can easily earn $ 1,500 a month or more and their lives will be good. Anything is possible and you can make money from 0 or with satellites like this men.
 maragatero05/05/2020 00:16:33 GMT
$ 1500 by month? CALICUL, that is little change for they! I was sawing videos of a young player (he talk in spanish) named Zero poker. He make a video of two days of tournament where he played two big of them, and five or six too much little. The big have $ 10.000 and $ 25.000 buy-in, an buy-in. And the littles since $ 1200 to $ 2500. In that two days of tournament He won $ 380.000!!!
 CALICUL05/05/2020 16:21:15 GMT
I was not referring to first-rate professional players but to others who make a living from poker. Many gamblers manage to have profit 1500 dollars per month and this is very good for they. I was hoping for this... but i can't move forward with my strategies.
 maragatero07/05/2020 01:01:27 GMT
Now I understand to you. And, really, I could live very well with $ 1500 too. I told you years ago, when I make my first move with sit & go, I would need between $ 300 and $ 500 of poker to be happy and don´t lost any of my actual resources. So, with something like $ 5000 by year I´m fine. And I think that is possible if I study and take my time to it.
 roeish307/05/2020 18:39:01 GMT
I once got into a 215$ tournament and won a little over 1000$ - my biggest win ever. one of my last hand I folded Jacks all in call from two players. Turned out they both had AK and I could have tripled myself into number 1 position. could have maybe win a really big prise but still think I made the right call on that spot.
 maragatero08/05/2020 02:35:55 GMT
Yes roeish3, JJ against two all-in is fold...painful but fold! I won my best prize also in a $ 215 buy-in tournament, and was $ 650. I played it with a gifted ticket of PartyPoker. Was a promotion of starting year (that it not happen now!). But I was too much afraid to play my best poker, I had some luck only. But I was really happy and full of dreams!
 CALICUL08/05/2020 07:47:01 GMT
Anything can happen if you have a good game and play more real money tournaments with buy-ins of $ 5.50 or less more often. The chances really increase when you do this but until a good result i don't know how long it takes. It's a big fight here.
 maragatero09/05/2020 03:10:01 GMT
Yes, you have the reason CALICUL. That is the matter of bankroll management. You need a good backup to the downswing situation. And if you aren´t a very good player, you need more support there. In this mode, the tournaments, I only can play calm if I have a bankroll with more than 150 buy-in, despite some books are talking of a safe bankroll with 100/120 buy-in
 CALICUL09/05/2020 09:50:26 GMT
You must to play multiple satellites and then try to make money because you studied more than i did. The possibility to see what i don't see is greater because i was lazy and learned a little strategy. I'm sorry but i don't read more about this ( have many hobbies ).
 maragatero10/05/2020 03:52:59 GMT
But you can organize if you want to improbe your skills. You have to take the time that you use to play poker, and split it in a time to stusy and a time to play. In the first stage, you only need to find good material to study. When you are sure that you have it, you can leave to play and concentrate in learn and buid a new startegy. When you have it, you could spend 1/4 time to study, 1/4 to analize your hands, and 1/2 to play...
 roeish313/05/2020 21:49:59 GMT
Maragatero, you are right.
My biggest tournament was a live one with many superstars and a grand prize of 250,000 dollars. I played cowered game and eventually lost with an all in I had to take because I was running out is money.
Today I would have played it very differently. But you don't get these chances very often, I'm afraid.
 maragatero17/05/2020 00:51:40 GMT
A live tournament with superstars? Wow, you are my hero! I don´t know how can be a live tourney. The way you have to see your cards, the way to manage the chips, the proximity with the other players, their tells, the needed to pay attention to the croupier...Is a world that I don´t know and, surely, I would be scare in it. But play there also with stars too much!
 CALICUL17/05/2020 21:05:46 GMT
Win a 11 dollars satellite for a live tournament and you can have famous professional players as opponents. Nothing is impossible, but only you can become a great player if really want to succeed. Ambition and a good strategies can bring serious earnings with online or live games.
 maragatero19/05/2020 01:28:50 GMT
I understand to you CALICUL, make that dreamed situation is really possible. As you said, if you have some luck ( a lot!) and win a satellitte you could have a ticket to a live tournament, that´s right. BUt I was thinking in the live situation. The place, the lights, the noise, the people, the rules, teh feelings.. And if you add superstars of too much!
 CALICUL19/05/2020 11:10:46 GMT
It's too much and you right but people play a lot of satellites, just to qualify for big tournaments. Insistent people can be very successful if they qualify somewhere and there to play a great game. I don't want to qualify for live tournaments but i would like to do it online.
 maragatero20/05/2020 02:20:24 GMT
If I have the time, I like to play satellites (obviously free). But it ever win to me, because I could play one step with good concentration, second step really tired and, if I arrive to a third step, will be ruined with only a few chips and without any energy. The sats are really a probe! I´m useful to play in turbo or super turbo way, so if I have to play hours it kill me!
 CALICUL20/05/2020 17:04:33 GMT
Play real money satellites when you're in shape and you'll be able to periodically qualify for anice or larger tournament.There it is important to finish in the money to have an extra satisfaction ( much desired withdrawal). It's not easy but it can be done.
 antonis32121/05/2020 17:54:02 GMT
Winning such a great award , a $10K Million Passport , with only so small investment is a real triumph . Ofcourse , there is also a story with sb winning such a award via a freeroll , which is incredible , heaven sent gift Smile And if you manage to be ITM in the tournaments you'll play , it's awesome .

I like when , in such subsatellites , when you win the seat for the next round or phase , you play it whenever you want . Ofcourse the ticket will expire after some days , but still you have some days to play it Smile I don't llke when you have only one-two days to play it or if you need to play directly after this first round ends , very tiring and exhausting . A lot of the times I am not in the mood to play in the same day the ticket I 've won , it's really sad Sad
 CALICUL21/05/2020 20:13:23 GMT
Satellites are the best opportunity to make money because there may be chances of qualification... where you can achieve something nice. I will try to play when i have time for my destiny if i have luck. I am waiting for the opportunity to take advantage in one day.

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