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Ruslan Maiseenko goes from Zero to MILLIONS Hero at partypoker

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Posted on 23 April 2020 by "T".

As usual at partypoker, everyone is given the chance to win big. Their satellites and Passports allow an aspiring player to turn a small investment into a massive prize.

The generous poker site has had some wonderful MILLIONS Passports winners recently. Mike Hill turned a $22 investment into a $10,000 MILLIONS Passport last month, while on April 7 John Holmes went one better and turned his $11 into a MILLIONS Passport. These two are very nice stories indeed, but this week they have been surpassed by the next new winner.

Every player on the site aspires to win a MILLIONS Passport, of course. There was one player, however, who planned to get one without spending a single cent at all!

Ruslan Maiseenko of Belarus managed to navigate his way from the MILLIONS Passport freerolls all the way to the Sunday final where the $10,000 passports were waiting to be won. A mix of hard work and good fortune made it possible for Ruslan to advance, but things then got worse early on in the final.

Aces cracked in the weekly final
"I was very nervous during Sunday's final. I lost a big hand with pocket aces at the beginning."

Most players would have tilted at experiencing such a scenario. Being able to overcome obstacles through freerolling in the quest for a MILLIONS Passport only to come crashing down and with a bad twist of fate, getting defeated with the best starting hand on No-Limit Hold'em. Despite that, Ruslan kept his cool and turned things around, "I managed to avoid going on lengthy tilt and even managed to become the chip leader quite soon after."

Eventually, the Belarusian got his hands on a $10,000 MILLIONS Passport, doing so without ever risking a single cent of his poker bankroll!

"Now I can say that every dream may become a reality with partypoker. I will be happy if other players play more, believe in themselves, and are inspired by my story."

Ruslan has not yet decided where he will use his MILLIONS Passport, but he must be thinking of a location already. Perhaps he will decide during one of his daily 10-kilometer walks with his Siberian Husky pet. He actually has cashed previously in partypoker LIVE events, having finished 3rd place in a $750 buy-in Eurasian Poker Tour Minsk event that was presented by partypoker. That gave Ruslan a career-best live score of $18,000.

Next MILLIONS Passport Final is on April 26
The next MILLIONS Passport final is scheduled on Sunday, April 26 at 22:00 CET and has 10x $10,000 VIP packages guaranteed to be won. You can't buy into this final directly, so you must play your way in from one of the $109 buy-in Semi Finals.

No worries if the $109 buy-in is not possible for you, as there are lower buy-in phases to choose from. Buy-in for $1.10, or $11 and try to progress inexpensively. Of course, you can also start your quest for a MILLIONS Passport from freerolls that run several times each day, just like what Ruslan did. It's really possible to win without ever spending any coin!


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21 comments on "Ruslan Maiseenko goes from Zero to MILLIONS Hero at partypoker"

 dule-vu23/04/2020 19:55:06 GMT
now this is even better story then yesterdays one!yesterday we had news about play who invested 11 $ and got party poker passport,but today we have player from belarus who didnt invest single cent and got 10 K million passport!what about that?must admit that this is bigger success then then to start from 11 $ satellite and you need to pass two more stages when you start from freeroll!big respect for him!
 crankmuppet24/04/2020 09:22:11 GMT
Look at that beautiful animal!

Congrats Mr. Maiseenko and GL.
 dule-vu24/04/2020 20:34:59 GMT
now will be great to have another news about this player,when he choose on what live tournament he will use this 10000 $ millions passport!hope that he will make something from it and that he will take some nice money from it!now is everything on him,to make right choice from list of tournaments!
 CALICUL25/04/2020 09:41:26 GMT
Always the heads-up of large satellites it brings emotions and is not easy for non-professional players. Sometimes the winner will win very easily but most of time, fight will be complicated. It is important to win and to hit the main tournament with a large amount.
 dule-vu26/04/2020 20:56:17 GMT
this news should have much more comments,when somebody win such a big thing for free!you can imagine how hard is to win on 5 tournaments and to get this big 10000 $ passport!first is freeroll,then 1,10 $ or 2,20 $,then 11 $ or 22 $,then 109 $ semi final and last big sunday final!hope that we will have news to see what choice he will make with this passport,on what tournament he will play!
 maragatero01/05/2020 18:50:46 GMT
Aces cracked is the worst sensation that you can feel in a table. When this pair arrives to your hand, you start to make plans about what you will do with the pot money that you just win. And when the fail down, it seems like a steal, a violation of a holy principle. Is the best shot to become in a tilt attitude. This guy had a good mind to avoided it!
 Mober01/05/2020 19:14:03 GMT
It is a great achievement no doubt about that winning this way.
But i think in order to do something like that you need to be extremely lucky.
Not easy winning one after another to reach the big ornament and cash in.
It will be something that will cherish for the rest of his life.
And i agree with muppet. This dog is awesome !
 CALICUL01/05/2020 21:06:48 GMT
Aces are not a very safe cards. Here are many more complicated hands where you can lose. Straight, flush, full house, poker etc... between them they can create super hands. They don't win and the aces are just a simple pair compared with them. Good players win with any card.
 antonis32102/05/2020 18:53:15 GMT
Very lucky man , he managed to get this 10k$ passport , only via a freeroll , not spending not even one cent , couldn't be better , that story is even better than the ones with the previous guys winning a 10k passport with 11$ or 22$ . This Russian guy won it for nothing !!! Congratulations to him Smile

An inspiring story for every player who wants an achievement like this , a shot for sth very big very cheap , also this is very inspiring for freerollers Blink
 maragatero02/05/2020 20:49:37 GMT
That´s my partner! Making money with freerolls, he are testing that my path is a good one! hahaha. But he is not coherent with my principles, he got a third place in a tourney...with $ 750 buy-in! No, that is not the way! Finally I will be the only copy of my species. Or I have to start to play with some of my´s hard!
 dule-vu03/05/2020 12:04:50 GMT
yes,but this is so rare and this not happen so often,but ofcourse every player have same chance as other players who spend money on buy in!we had also winner from this forum,who got trip to caribbean from freeroll also!we will see what this play will do with prize!
 antonis32103/05/2020 20:38:23 GMT
Winning such a prize , only via a freeroll , this is a freeroll success story Smile Personally I don't believe the odds for such a thing to happen are high , because if you start from the freerolls stage there are more games later you have to win until you go to the final . Also most freerollers I doubt they have all the qualifications to stand the pressure and make it until the end , maybe because they have many leaks in their games . But this russian proves anything is possible , from zero to hero is achevable .
 maragatero03/05/2020 23:38:24 GMT
Yes it´s true! The freeroll path is a long way to the big prizes! But if you have the time, and you like to fight in poker´s tables, it may be a good one. Obviously, you have to have more time than money to buy-in. Or you aren´t a dedicated professional that is calculate how many money he get in each hour of his playing!
 CALICUL04/05/2020 11:46:29 GMT
Online poker has made many players to earn a lot of money and they starting with zero bankroll. I have a friend in the neighborhood who made over $ 50,000 in a single poker room. He started with freerolls and it's incredible. This man looks a lot like him.
 maragatero05/05/2020 00:22:17 GMT
And in wich format he play? I´m serious looking for a strategy to my near future in poker. As I told, I think that I have to start to learn cash, because it´s a path that I was avoided, but is absolutely necessary. But I still thinking in tourney or sit and go, for a permanent or priority format of game to play. Perhaps, when I introduced to me in the cash mistery, it will like me!
 CALICUL05/05/2020 16:04:36 GMT
Try to play cash on virtual chips if there is such a thing. You will learn the game better then move to real money to see how are you doing. Concentration is very important and your skills will improve. I really want that we to make money with this hold'em.
 antonis32106/05/2020 23:16:55 GMT
In freeroll there is so much competition betwee players , playing so recklessly and extremely loose , realyy difficult to escalate into big successes from just freerolls , without paying anything at all . But this Russian proves he has the qualifications . He has won again in the past , $18.00 it was , not bad at all , great payday , or should I say pay-year reward Blink once more he he'll have the chance to do it .

Personally I don't remember winning many tickets from just freerolls, very difficult for me , I participated in some promotions , got only very few tickets , which btw I lost during the game after very few hands in bad beats or bad decisions , Sad I have no success in some ticket awarding freerolls in some freerolls , but I have some successes in csh awarding freerolls , which I prefer btw a lot more . You take the cash , you play it as you like , in the games that you like . Of ourse in some freerollls , you take a ticket that you can play it not in a specific tournament or subsat or satellite , but in any game or tournament or satellite that has the same buyin , that's really 100 times better that being forced to play a specific sat or tournamemnt , imho Smile
 maragatero07/05/2020 01:01:21 GMT
Freeroll can take like an especiality, antonis321. In my experience, you only need be patient and know an ABC play, to arrives in the money and win some cents in 30% or 40 % of the times. But if you want to make final tables there, you have to play very aggressive and loose...and need a lot of luck! By the way CALICUL, you are giving a good advise with the play money. But only to practice a new strategy!
 CALICUL08/05/2020 07:54:26 GMT
I use this method because it is very difficult to make money when i play only freerolls. I tried this and after a while they wouldn't let me make money with free tournaments. That's why i invest free money in others tables/games. Some players have succeeded to win big money from zero but me not.
 dule-vu08/05/2020 22:22:45 GMT
this kind of news will for sure bring party poker more players,that will think how they also can win something from nothing or to invest few dollars in something that can bring to you big amounts!so this is great promotion for them and now lot of players will try something like this!
 maragatero10/05/2020 03:58:39 GMT
I started the path of the champion! hahaha I found the freerolls to win, step by step, the $ 10.000 passport, where you have to play with your real name (it make me nervous!) Is really hard because the time to register is too short (2 minutes or less than it). The tourney is caped to 200 players and it fill too fast. I won a ticket of $ 1,10 (the first step) and lost in the bubble (less than 16 players). But I will try again!

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