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Alexandros Kolonias wins Purple Jacket at 2020 Poker Masters Online

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Posted on 29 April 2020 by "T".

The inaugural 2020 Poker Masters Online at partypoker ended this week, with Linus Loeliger winning the Main Event for $1,097,250 but it was Alexandros Kolonias who claimed the Purple Jacket.

Poker Masters Online

  • Schedule: April 12 to 26, 2020
  • Events: 30 high-roller events
  • Main Event top prize: $50,000 and a Poker Masters purple jacket
  • Guarantees: $16,500,000; with over $35.4 million paid out
Over $35.4 million in prize money was paid out during the 30-high roller event series, which ran from April 12 to 26, 2020. Aside from the mentioned prize money, the Poker Masters Online Main Event champion will also be awarded $50,000 cash and a coveted Poker Masters purple jacket. These two extra prizes were set to go to the player who would end up with the most ranking points earned.

Alexandros Kolonias from Greece managed to take down the 30th and final event of the series, enough to secure the jacket and the extra cash. Kolonias, the main event champion of the 2019 WSOP Europe, made the money 11 times throughout this entire online festival, winning two titles as he made his way through, in events 7 and 30. He overall had five finishes inside the top 3 spots and racked up $1,266,296 in cashes throughout this series.

Poker Masters Online Championship - Final Standings



Series Earnings




Alexandros Kolonias





Artur Martirosian





Linus Loeliger





Timothy Adams





Ali Imsirovic





Andras Nemeth





Pascal Lefrancois





Pauli Ayras





Alex Foxen





Steve O’Dwyer




Ali Imsirovic, who won the Purple Jacket back in 2018, placed 5th this time in the overall standings, earning over $1 million from 9 cashes throughout this year's Poker Masters inaugural online series.

The quest for the Purple Jacket was really intense. At the beginning of the final event, Kolonias was actually fourth in the rankings. Lady Luck was with him all the way as he won in Event #30 for $367,782, enough to send him straight to the top.

When his closest rivals failed to cash in on the $51,000 Main Event, which was eventually won by Linus Loeliger, the Poker Masters Championship title and a sweet $50,000 bonus went to the Greek player.

Kolonias said after he won, "It feels amazing, I really wanted to win this. It means a lot to me winning the Purple Jacket. I am very proud of this win because I think I played the best poker I have ever played and the competition was really tough. The Purple Jacket is an important title and it feels about the same as winning the WSOP Europe Main Event last year, but that time I had some tears when I won, I was more emotional."




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21 comments on "Alexandros Kolonias wins Purple Jacket at 2020 Poker Masters Online"

 CALICUL29/04/2020 14:08:43 GMT
This kind of series with such important tournaments is the favorite of all players who can afford to buy entries or are qualified by satellites. A super good prize of over a million dollars for Linus Loeliger who made an excellent game. Purple Jacket it is also a huge result.
 dule-vu29/04/2020 21:47:25 GMT
when you win on 2 of 30 events,when you get 11 cashes from this 30 tournaments,they you deserve to be on first place,to earn almost 1,2 million and this top award of 50000 $ and jacket!this is great win for this greek player and this show that he know how to play poker!you cant be on top from 30 events if you dont know much!
 maragatero30/04/2020 10:18:38 GMT
What a perfomance! Eleven times in the money in thirdteen tournaments, playing with regular winners of that tourneys is too much. Sustain the concentration trough 30 tourneys, with their movements, changes of tables, players, etc. When you have different feelings about your needed is a really epic thing. I have some problems to deal with a long tournament, seated in my house!!
 antonis32130/04/2020 14:06:57 GMT
Congratulations to Kolonias for winning in the overall standings of this Poker Masters Online , winning the Purple Jacket , the 50.000$ extra cash thanks to this first place . He was lucky in the end ,tough competition with the rest of the players , but he managed to have many cashes and many winnings , giving him the title , although he dind;t have the most earnings in the series . Congratulations again to him .
 CALICUL30/04/2020 19:06:17 GMT
Luck always has its share of success and many players have enjoyed it. Big tournaments are an art of luck at times when gamblers win with cards in a beautiful or impressive way. This series was a great one for Party P. and many persons who won big money.
 dule-vu30/04/2020 22:01:56 GMT
maybe you can say that he had luck on end,to have not so big difference between second player,but you must know how to play poker to be able to come in cashout on 11 events,so he must play very good to be able to do it!maybe he didnt earn biggest amount,but he got biggest number of points!
 Mober01/05/2020 18:52:19 GMT
Not often that we see greek players winning such tournaments.
A good win with nice earnings for him.
He is talking about the title. Are they really playing for the title or the money? Smile
And what a name that he has. If translated his last name means cologne Smile
 maragatero01/05/2020 19:06:17 GMT
The good players need the good luck like every of us, only a little less. I think that when I make the better game the luckier I have! And you can see how, when the variance works against, the better player makes the better play, with the better pair, and lost like the worst. The poker is a game where all of us are trying to domesticate the random, trough an incomplete information!
 CALICUL01/05/2020 20:56:33 GMT
This is professional poker, my friend. Where the entrance is high, the prizes are just right. Here people have too much good thinking and it is not easy to win in front of them. They know the game very well and their fold is too fast for you to create a stack... They are formidable with this.
 maragatero02/05/2020 21:12:27 GMT
I´m not saying that he aren´t a good player or that all you need is luck. I said that the luck is absolutely necessary in poker´s game. We can discuss about the proportion between skills and luck, but you can´t be successful in poker if you haven´t luck. Maybe, I´m sure, that in your loved sport bets or in slots, you need much more, that´s true!
 CALICUL02/05/2020 21:54:52 GMT
In this life i will not play big tournaments because i do not want to learn strategy. Online poker rooms are too pretentious ... and i'm bored of it. I try to get a bigger buy-in with my abilities and almost always the software that destroyed my dreams. Who can do more than me must to try.
 maragatero03/05/2020 23:49:24 GMT
Yes I understand to you, study is bore situation. But is irreplaceable if you want to improve your playing. And I´m noticed that neither is useful study any format. You have to start in cash, by the micro levels, and only when you are a winner there, you can think in another format to specialiced. I avoid that, and I was wrong. I have to fix it!
 CALICUL04/05/2020 11:41:01 GMT
This year i set out to play less poker but from 2021 i will play more and take more lessons. Of course, i will not reach this level... to play with very well trained players and professionals. I want to be able to advance for me to make some money easier than in this moment.
 maragatero05/05/2020 00:33:22 GMT
Good for you CALICUL! This is the first time that you tell about make an effort to study poker. This is the way, without any doubt! And how you think to do it? To me, the more useful way was several articles of a poker´s page (is banned his name here) and see a lot of videos od the same two or three godd players. I advise to you be select to chose the medio and the referents!
 antonis32105/05/2020 17:21:21 GMT
Congratulations to this fellow greek player , not few greeks have proved that they are good poker players in live tournaments , ofcourse some of the Greeks that play online poker games have proved they have a tedency for cheating , lol .

Anyway .... To reach this level and play high rollers or very expensive buy in games , live or online , need a lot of skill .To aquire this skill you need a lot of studying and practice , alone and with fellow pro co-studying players , one-two poker pasters to guide you why not . The books , artticles , software tools , hands , theory startegy that you need to pick and choose , the best for nowadays games and more usefull, not an easy task ....

 maragatero06/05/2020 00:30:14 GMT
Yes, you have the reason antonis321. Today is too difficult to go to a high level in poker´s game. Especially in live poker, because online you could have many software, screens, pictures, etc., to support your game. But in live poker you only have your mind. I think that this is the reason to find younger players, more and more. And how your studies go?
 dule-vu06/05/2020 15:40:06 GMT
this greek poker players must be in poker world for long time,when he can win 11 tournaments and to have money for every buy in,so he know what he do when he play poker!now its just question whrere is his end,just that live poker tournaments come in every country after this corona and for sure we willl read about him again!
 antonis32106/05/2020 22:44:50 GMT
Yes , ifhou are able to win many tournaments or finish in very high ITM posiions in many tournaments , this is a clear sign you are very good . Live tournaments have more pros these days , who are familiar with GTO decisions , making it really tough to play against them , to have successes on the felt , but very good players can still win big . Also some of the old school poker pros , need to take some new lessons , needto refresh thir knowledge , or else they won't have any future or at least great future , lol Smile

Online you have many tools to use (which i can't say I like unfortunatelly ...) , but live I think you are not allowed to use analytical tools , mining data info , programme or whatever . I wrote in a forum that i believe using programms online is a little cheating , one told me that on sportsbetting you also use data , analytical info , programmes to compare statistics , etc , but there it's not a scam , why should it be on online poker ?? Ofcoursxe , the fact that they don't allow this cr&& on live tourneys on casinos , this didn't tell him anything at all ..... wtf....
 maragatero07/05/2020 01:01:14 GMT
Yes! 11 tournaments won (ITM) after played 30 is a crazy proportion! He have to be very good, not only about his poker´s skills. He have to keep the concentration trough all those tourney! And antonis321, the matter about use software to make a part of your work in poker online, is the decision of make money with the game or keep playing only for fun!
 dule-vu07/05/2020 19:27:26 GMT
maragatero he didnt win on 11 tournaments,he was in cash on 11 tournaments,he won on 2 of them,but still this is something that everybody need to respect,to make such a big succes on so many events!even point was to make as much as you can points,he still have 2 win and thats why he had first place on this leaderboard!
 maragatero08/05/2020 02:35:44 GMT
Yes this is it, that´s why i write (ITM) to make some clear.He win (1st place) the tourney 7 and 30, and he overall had five finishes inside the top 3 spots. But in that tournaments makes 11 ITMs with a tables full of pro-players is a destacable goal! His big prize, the Purple Jacket, was winning by the summary of all his hits, and he really deserve it!

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