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partypoker Cash Games Now Available on Revolutionary Mobile App

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Posted on 06 April 2020 by "T".

partypoker has added Cash Games to their new "revolutionary" mobile app, putting the popular format alongside their fastforward cash games and SPINS jackpot Sit-n-Go tournaments.

Recently, the partypoker mobile app underwent major changes, the biggest of which is the portrait orientation. While most other mobile poker apps around force the user to play in landscape mode which requires both hands to play, partypoker's tech team has made the perfect mobile app that allows for one-handed play.

Playing in portrait mode makes it easier to play online poker. Fold, call, and raise buttons are all within easy reach of the player's thumbs, while the bet slider works by just sliding a finger or thumb.

Just like in SPINS and fastforward mobile games, partypoker's mobile cash games have seen a revamped lobby. Players can choose from a tiled or carousel view and employ a range of filters to make finding their favorite cash games a breeze.

Also, one can play up to four tables simultaneously. Switching between the tables is done either automatically by the partypoker software, or with a simple swipe. You don't even have to only play one format. Those four tables can be a mixture of all available game types.

New Social Features of partypoker's Mobile App
The new social features launched when partypoker made SPINS available on the new mobile app have made their way to the Cash Games.

Rabbit Hunt

The ability to Rabbit Hunt has become a very popular feature in the new mobile app. It's also available in their SPINS tournaments.

Rabbit Hunt enables players to see what cards would have been dealt had the hand played out to completion. Did you make a big fold on the turn and wondered if you'd have hit your draw on the river? Click Rabbit Hunt to see what the river would have been.

Hold'em Showdown Equity

You can now see how much equity you and your opponents have in all-in situations. All-in equity is now displayed whenever two or more players are all-in at the Hold'em tables.

The odds of winning the hand are shown on each player's respective player plates. The figure updates on each subsequent street, keeping you updated on how likely you are to win.

Equal Big Blinds for Heads-up Games

Listening to feedback from HU players, partypoker made changes to their heads-up games. The update entails that both heads-up players will pay the same number of big blinds during their battle. Players can only sit out or leave the table once they have paid an equal number of big blinds as their opponent.

Should a player quit the game before an equal number of big blinds are paid, they will automatically post the big blind and then their hand folded.

Earn Diamonds on Desktop and Mobile

Diamonds are a virtual currency available in the new mobile app and desktop client.

Earn diamonds by playing your usual poker games and spend them to Rabbit Hunt and throw objects at your opponents.

Any Diamonds earned while playing on a computer carry over to your play on the mobile app. Same goes vice versa.

This latest round of updates underscores partypoker's commitment to delivering a best-in-class mobile poker offering. Team partypoker members have put the app through its paces and they love it.

Team partypoker pro Joni Jouhkimainen is definitely a fan! "The new mobile app is so good! Definitely the best poker app I've ever used. I look forward to you guys being able to see for yourself!"

Brazilian teammate Renato Nomura plans to grind more cash games on his mobile after this latest update.  "It was great to be able to test the new mobile app ahead of the launch and provide feedback to the team on improvements. Overall I thought it looks great and I will definitely be playing on the app a lot more."


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13 comments on "partypoker Cash Games Now Available on Revolutionary Mobile App"

 maragatero06/04/2020 14:16:52 GMT
Beautiful app! I think that is more beauty than the app of 888poker. And I wish, for all its future users, that it works better than the app of 888. I tried to play there several times, but I don´t be used to play in a phone, despite the bad funtioning of the app. Is too little for me, and if I wanted to do some particular bet, it was impossible.
 dule-vu06/04/2020 19:47:28 GMT
its interesting how they improve their app every week or every few weeks,they always something new and something better for players!this must be great option,that players can play with only one hand and to move tables as fast as they can swipe fast and four tables in same times!very nice move party poker!
 CALICUL06/04/2020 19:54:47 GMT
It's nice when you have good and safe technology but in the last months 5G it is the most criminal option and this is not good for anyone. They are now working on an update to move 3G and 4G to 5G and that means great danger and fried brains. Poker rooms should give up with that.
 antonis32107/04/2020 09:37:45 GMT
Very nice that they have improved their mobile app , adding new features . Mobile poker is really cool , freedom to play poker wherever you are eassily and fast , the games you like most .

Personally I have tried 888poker and Pokerstars mobile versions , PokerStars mobile version was/is not good at all I will try mobile version in the near furture , see how it is . They share the same lobby and games with Party , probably it might be the same mobile version with Party Smile
 maragatero07/04/2020 20:37:53 GMT
CALICUL you have 5G? and you are claiming? As I read about it, 5G should be better than 4G, that I have in my country. What happens with it? It´s slow, or have some bad functioning? the servers fail down and you lost the connection...Or you are claiming for sport, like you be used? hahaha. The problem with a perpetual claiming man is that no body can know if his claim is right!
 CALICUL08/04/2020 09:07:59 GMT
5G has a high-speed internet, my friend, and it roasts the brain. I don't have this option because i hate. People in some countries set fire to 5G poles/pillars/antennas. I like that these poker rooms to have good technology, fast and healthy for general good.
 maragatero08/04/2020 22:42:44 GMT
Ooops! I fell behind in the information! I think that these technologies are developing in China and the United States, but not where available in other countries. You could saw it? When the 4G technology arrived to my country, the differences with the old stage was really notorious. I cant imagine how could be the 5G. who knows it says that is incredible!
 CALICUL09/04/2020 09:32:00 GMT
There is nothing interesting here because you feel the radiation from 5G and often even from 4G. Public danger and if you look at the night in the sky it is possible to see a low altitude satellite of this tehnology. It is good for the internet but the specialists have to work hard at it to eliminate the radiation.
 maragatero10/04/2020 01:00:56 GMT
Health dangers? Radiations? This is it? I not hear it anywhere, are you sure? Here in my country nobody talk about that technology, it seems like an urban legend. In wich countries it are installing? All Europe? But tell me about the daily works with it. I think you can make magic with images, movies, etc. And downloading? It maybe a flash!
 CALICUL10/04/2020 10:18:04 GMT
I can prove this and it is not difficult but i cannot because BRM has some rules. The technology from the past years is very good, but from now on the danger is great. Party Poker can offer good old versions and it's ok for all gamblers or for they.
 antonis32113/04/2020 18:20:14 GMT
I prefer playing almost always on my laptop , cause I feel relaxed and it's cool . But , otherwise I will use my desktop pc , if a game is very important , if my laptop starts sometimes lagging , or if the games I want to play are too many . Mobile I will play very very rarelly , only for fun and very short sessions , I don't like it on my android , maybe it's not so big to enhoy it , maybe if I had a larger one , or a ipad kind of device . I have the redmi 6 model phone , extremely nice and unique for the 200euros that it cost me , both phone , accessories , and guarantee .

Anyway , if sb uses his android or ipad a lot , if he's outside a lot (these days a litlle difficult) or before and after the work , while on the bus/walk to work or home , or another time in a place away from his home , wherr he doesn;t have his laptop or another one's pc , the mobile poker is on the schedule , a good choice to have fun , and PartyPoker gives the possibility to try its games through its mobile version . Gl everyone trying it Smile
 CALICUL14/04/2020 13:10:32 GMT
Professional players will be among the most skilled gamblers in this very fast technology and revolutionary app. They always manage to have a very good speed with their moves, and that is an incredible asset. Very successful with that, guys.
 antonis32114/04/2020 20:30:14 GMT
Mobile poker I believe most of the times is for fun , not so seriously . Because I tthink you cannot play many tables , such as on desktop pc , also I don't know if you are able to use your HUD (I don't use one ) , but if not able , that's a great disadvantage . Anyway , better play on pc to be able to do anything you like with comfort , mobile for fun or if you cannot access your laptop or pc , or if you are outdoors , but then also for fun , imo . Also in mobile phones , not the ipads , it's very likel;y to make a mistake misclick , the window is very narrow and small ....

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