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Natural8 Latest Promo - Stay Home with $100 Freeroll every Hour

Tags: natural8.
Posted on 18 May 2020 by "T".

Natural8 cares about their players, so they are offering a nice promotion that offers both safety and fun!

Jump in to the daily #StayHome freeroll tournaments from the BEST place to be - Your Home.

The best part - No deposit is required to play!

First things first, sign up for an account at Natural8 via BankrollMob here.

It's simple. There is a #StayHome $100 Freeroll every hour, and you can grab a seat in one per day.

For those who love tournaments, there's more good news: The BEST tournaments with the LOWEST fees - how does this sound?

Guaranteed Tournament Fee Discount - 8% across the board

To make staying at home even better, poker tournament fees on Natural8 are down to a maximum of 8%!

Why not try out some of their most popular tournaments? Or take a shot at their High Rollers or Bounty Hunter tournaments with fees at an even lower 5%!

What are you waiting for? It's time to get busy at home, get as comfortable as possible and fire up some tourneys!

Home is where you will always have a Good Game.

See you at the tables!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. Each account is only allowed to participate in one #StayHome freeroll per day.
  3. Natural8 reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
  4. If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, Natural8 has the right to investigate and remove the players once it's confirmed.
  5. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel/modify this offer at any time without prior notice, at its sole and absolute discretion.
  6. The promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the site. which can be found here




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49 comments for "Natural8 Latest Promo - Stay Home with $100 Freeroll every Hour"

 roeish318/05/2020 14:15:46 GMT
Looks like a great promotion. Too bad they don't let me play. I wish we could play those sites once again - the sooner the better.
At the site I play in there used to be great freerolls but they ended it right when I lost my last money there. Not going to put nore money in soon anyway.
 maragatero19/05/2020 01:06:38 GMT
Well, this convinced me to register there now. My only doubt is that, if I want to make an account tracked with Bankroll Mob, the only option that is offer here is with 100% bonus. This says that I have to deposit there? I wait that that only means that, IF I want to deposit there, they could give a bonus until 100%. That is righ? Let me see and then I will tell you...
 dule-vu19/05/2020 11:20:37 GMT
must admit that I dont know anyting about this poker room,but this kind offer looks very good for all new poker players,who will start to play poker!they can learn a lot from freerolls and maybe to earn something for free every hour!hope that this room is secure and that nobody will have problems with them!
 CALICUL19/05/2020 11:23:36 GMT
I told you two weeks ago that should try this poker room or Unibet. It is convenient because players can earn money here. This kind of game is preferred by many people and opportunity is good to create a bankroll. Good luck with this.
 peronibar19/05/2020 15:26:50 GMT
This is same like GG poker exept they have sometimes freeroll. This stay at home freerolls is unavailable, every day is setup for next day but can't register that day. I can only play on middnight but its not my time for play.You can't play every hour freeroll, just once per day, I hate when somebody promote something and don't say everything.
If you wish to withdraw via ewallets they charged 1$ per transaction.
 maragatero20/05/2020 02:25:23 GMT
What a deception! That´s why I asked about this poker´s room...another garbage in my computer! This is the same software than GGPoker. In fact, they announce some tournament there. The same stupid Moonface talking dope things. The same kind of asian players, who goes all in with 28o, and if that was not enough, they only allow to play one freeroll by day!!!!
 roeish320/05/2020 06:53:50 GMT
Okay. I was probably wrong, and this is not such a good freeroll.
I guess the budget for new customer retention is relatively low for these kind of sites and they try to get you to play without puting too much money in.
What this kind of behaviour causes is mistrust between the site and the player, which is more damaging than just have lower freerolls but being truthfull. Deception is never the right way in the long term.
 vaci3820/05/2020 09:23:55 GMT
i have played a few times these free roll tournaments but no success Big Smile it was good while we were in quarantine,I thought it was good to have a free roll tournament but the bad news is that only one tournament could be played during the day and I can confirm that there were a lot of players who mostly played all in with any cards and it is a miracle that they won Aww crap!
 dule-vu20/05/2020 13:41:43 GMT
if this is rule,that you can play only one freerolls per day,that they should say this in rules right away!but on other hand this can be very good for players,because with this rule they need to choose when they will play in day and you will have small number of players every hour any you will have bigger chance to win something!
 CALICUL20/05/2020 16:40:51 GMT
I'm sorry for you, my friend because you hate the software of this poker room but not all players agree with this. They play for a better bankroll and some chances to make money. I hope you find something more suitable and have fun when play.
 antonis32120/05/2020 18:58:25 GMT
Yes , one freeroll per day doesn't sound so good . But , on the other hand , it's a freeroll , free $100 for the players to play among them and win as much as possible for extra boost to their bankroll Smile Also , you don't have to deposit to participate , and the fees of the tournaments you will choose to play your winnings , are too low , 8% or less when in most or all othwrs are 10% or more (like in Stars ) Smile
 dule-vu21/05/2020 15:32:01 GMT
I think that we had something like this at poker stars few years ago,that you could only play one freeroll per day,which as I said,it was good on one hand,because less people will play on every freeroll and you can come to prize pool,instead to play every time against 5000 players!
 vaci3821/05/2020 17:02:16 GMT
in these tournaments the maximum number of players is 1000 I think that number is correct Question but I wanted to say that the number of players in the tournament fills up very quickly and in a short time the registration closes in a few minutes it's all over and not bad but it's nothing special this free roll tournament Smile
 CALICUL21/05/2020 19:59:54 GMT
Players must to send many emails to this poker room and the tournament organizer must change this registration time. Sometimes these things are resolved quickly because it is not normal for something like this to happen. amblers must have time to enter in tournament.
 antonis32121/05/2020 22:24:02 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
I think that we had something like this at poker stars few years ago,that you could only play one freeroll per day,which as I said,it was good on one hand,because less people will play on every freeroll and you can come to prize pool,instead to play every time against 5000 players!

Yes , but if most choose a freeroll running at the most rush hour , ( because this is better for them , then they play most of their real money games , then prizes are better , more are the players , etc ) , then this freeroll will have the worst payout and the most competition . Not everyone can play 24/7 , even these corona virus days Smile On stars one freeroll only ??? I don't remember sych a thing . In the past stars had so many freerolls running 24/7 , not you can count them on the hand of one of your palms , lol ......
 roeish322/05/2020 07:59:29 GMT
Freeroll is not a gift but a marketing and sales tool that help attract and retain customers, and as such must be measured in return in investment criteria.
As such, freerolls need to make you feel good about playing the site, so when you choose to put some money in you will choose one site and not the other. And that depends less in the quality is the freeroll and more on the quality of the site - how fun it is to play, the variety of games and the quality is other players.
 maragatero22/05/2020 12:51:56 GMT
Hey vaci38, if you want to see a tournament that is filling really quickly, you have to see the tourney of Party Poker like: Live, Million, Big or PLO. Those are satellite´s freerolls because you may win a ticket for a next step, but the speed is really fast. Some tournament (always being announced with 15 minutes) directly pass from announced to filled! (200 places in each one).
 av196622/05/2020 14:55:54 GMT
hello my fellow mobster
This seems to be a pretty good offer but not for me due to legal restrictions in my home country still the old same issues Aww crap! Aww crap!
They say that we have freedoom but them the law says different thins Evil Evil

Stay cool and enjoy life
 Mober22/05/2020 19:54:00 GMT
No doubt, if you can play there, a freeroll every single hour with 100 USD prize pool,
sounds good.
And its not one of the big sites, and along with the country restrictions,
the players participating cant be that big. A chance for the grinders, for some
extra money probably Smile
 vaci3822/05/2020 20:52:04 GMT
no no Mober you didn't understand exactly,the truth is that there is a free roll tournament every hour but we can only play one tournament in 24 hours,It certainly sounds great at every hour of a free roll tournament but we can't play in all these tournaments just one Big Smile
 CALICUL22/05/2020 21:22:00 GMT
This freeroll is very restrictive because i have never heard of such a thing before. A free game at 24 hours it's like a dictatorship in poker rooms. The decision is up to those there and cannot be remedied if the players do not specify this.
 dule-vu23/05/2020 17:20:53 GMT
yes,probably she didnt read all post and to see this rule,that only 1 freeroll can be played by one user per day!as I said,for me this is good rule,because you will not play almst every of them and lot of them will play all in on first hand!so this way is better!
 antonis32123/05/2020 18:18:59 GMT
It would be better if you could play them all , I mean , what , they have so many participants that it would cause a clasg , or the priz4s would be so little ??? Give me a break . Is it completely free , then find a max winnings rule to restrain players from winning too much . I don't get it , but anyway , their money , their rules Smile I mean , the last thing to think is that this is free money , so , why not ?? Money back or extra winnings besides the ones from real money buyins , even with wagering it's still goo money . So , good luck to everyone playing them , to every country where they have acess to Natural8
 CALICUL23/05/2020 21:50:12 GMT
The most important thing is to play when you have freeroll games with cash prizes or something consistent. The bankroll is growing and you will be able to try for more dollars. Natural8 can become a good poker room and you you can earn more here.
 maragatero23/05/2020 23:27:41 GMT
They are a false company with misleading publicity, thats is what they are. BUt they show with that delusion that the offert of freerolls atrack new players. They are trying with a cheap effor, but they confirm that a good policy to atrack new players and earn their loyalty to keep them playing in your room, is giving a lot of freerolls...just like 888poker!
 vaci3824/05/2020 16:11:52 GMT
maragatero my friend natural8 poker is in the GGPoker group and is not false and for us free roll players their decision is very bad but they set the rules we can accept their rules or not play with them at all Big Smile
I just wanted to say that I played in these tournaments and I still play but I have no success because there are a lot of all in players with any cards Big Smile
 dule-vu24/05/2020 20:22:03 GMT
so you can imagine vaci what would happen if that players could play every of this freerolls and to play every hand all in!at this way,at least thisn players will have only one chance and maybe normal players will have chance to win something!on this way they couldnt get anyting!
 CALICUL24/05/2020 22:58:17 GMT
You like it there then will play and if you hate this poker room, then must to avoid. We don't need to have bad opinions, if we didn't have many games in Natural8. There are chances to earn 2-3 hundred dollars and then the opinion will change for the better.
 maragatero24/05/2020 23:59:38 GMT
I understand to you vaci38, but I´m annoying because I asked for that room situation because I don´t want to make a download to my computer of a software that then I have to erase. I asked that when here appear the first news about a big tournament that was starting there. I had not information, and whern the announce of freerolls was appear I didn´t read it well...
 vaci3825/05/2020 18:09:25 GMT
I understand you my friend maragatero that's why I'm here to help you and explain the situation in this poker room Smilei think there is another free roll tournament but i am not sure how many times during the day we are allowed to play and I think you have a few more ways to play here of course if you want to play Big Smile
 antonis32125/05/2020 21:01:48 GMT
It's very nice to be able to have the choice to play one or more freerolls on a poker room , also as part of a casino games' promotion , etc . If you bust your bankroll . by mistake or severe unluckiness with harsh downswing , it's good to know you still can play some games , earn some $$$$ and continue trying playing games , so as to win more or put the first stones to start building again your bankroll . Even one $100 freeroll is important Smile Good luck everyone playing on Natural8 Smile
 dule-vu25/05/2020 21:36:40 GMT
for me its great that smaller poker room give lot of free money,so its 2400 $ every day,which isnt small amount!you cant find that party poker or somebody else give so much money every day,without any restircitons or with small restrictions,so its same do they have lot of players or not on this freerolls!
 maragatero26/05/2020 01:00:46 GMT
Thanks vaci38! I ever count with you and my mobster friends. I remember in my first days here, that I didn´t understand anything, and all of you help me to learn the procedure. But something is wrong, I insist. If this is a small room (where a daily tournament of 1000 players is filled in a few minutes), what about Grey Snow Poker, That have a lot of freerolls and satellites everyday with low prizes and few players
 CALICUL26/05/2020 09:24:51 GMT
In poker rooms where you have the opportunity to make money with freerolls must to play, but carefully to prevent a new duckpoker case. There are options to make a good bankroll but need to find weak players for real money.
 maragatero27/05/2020 02:11:29 GMT
Don´t named the devil! Duckpoker is a bad remember of steal! But the asian poker´s room haven´t that profile. They are strange for us, at least for me. But it maybe because is a real different culture of a country with thousands of million of people and thousand of years of contibuity in his history. Is normal that we (or I) find all of it strange or unusual...
 CALICUL27/05/2020 09:55:17 GMT
You have told me a lot in the past... about what kind of games u prefer and to win some dollars, u will have to opt for what is best for you. I like to make poker money more easier but it's not like that. The same for many, but we must insist when we can.
 dule-vu27/05/2020 22:40:43 GMT
so did anybody played this freerolls and what number of players are every hour,did you won something or not?we write a lot about this rule,1 freeroll per day,but nobody to say did he played or not and how is to play on this site,to make transacations and other things!
 maragatero28/05/2020 02:13:39 GMT
I played there and also told about the kind of tournament and the type of players. It have 1000 `players to $ 100 pool of prizes, that´s not to bad relation. The register close very soon (I think that there are a lot of players waiting) so the poker´s room have a minimun of 24.000 freerollers. The skills and type of playing is almost loose agresssive, with many stupid cartoons saying "¨I´m so good". I played 4 or 5 times and couldn´t arrive ITM
 peronibar28/05/2020 12:56:16 GMT
I played this before month when was normal shedull. Now in my lobby is tournaments stay at home from 00 till 1 pm which not my time for play. So this not 24h tournaments just 12 h when most time is for sleeping. And they pay if i remember welll top 10 of 1000 players.
You have other freeroll there like buelhero whit usually password kappa. And if you like i can give you other passwords when I had.
 CALICUL28/05/2020 13:29:52 GMT
Some things are annoying is true but players can request an upgrade or removal of what bothers them. I also met in different poker rooms but sometimes you adapt or give up. You have multiple possibilities to choose in the situation where Natural8 is not for your tastes.
 vaci3829/05/2020 21:00:40 GMT
I played in this tournament in March and several tournaments in April,I have already written that I have not won a single cent in these tournaments because it is very difficult,many players in these tournaments go all in with any card Angry now, as peronibar wrote, there are changes in the timing of these tournaments and I am not able to play also to repeat to you that the number of players is filled very quickly and registration closes in a few minutes
 Rogerio1030/05/2020 07:57:44 GMT
This freerolls are the waste of time, i mean only 10 playees get paid? And like every freeroll there are so many guys who push any two, so you must survive a ton of flips and other coolers to get that 10th place to cash. And every tournament has 1k players. I mean i play freeroll but this one i try once and dont bother about them anymore
 dule-vu30/05/2020 10:52:10 GMT
we have few players who play only play freerolls,they dont invest their money,probably they cant spend it,so thats why we talk so much about freerolls!yes,you cant get much from freeroll every time,even if you come on final table!if its some bigger freerolls 500 $ or bigger,then you cant take something,but when you finish on 30. place on 100 $ freerolls,you can get maybe 0,10 $!
 CALICUL30/05/2020 19:18:58 GMT
Wow. A tournament with 1000 players should have 108 paid seats, not 10. This strategy is very weak for gamblers of course, but that means Natural8 force players to make a deposit. This decision is not a bad one and everyone should be happy with it.
 antonis32130/05/2020 19:41:06 GMT
ACR freeroll with $10 gtd used also to split the prize to top 10 , that didn't stol players to keep on playing them all the time to enlarge their bankroll . And ofcourse many more players were playing it on ACR , and the prize was only $10 , when on Natural8 the prize is $100 , and the players playing it are less I believe . I also had very good results when I was playing these top 10 awarded freerolls , I wasn't playing more cause I didn't know if the winnings had a rollover wagering or not , asked the ACR representative , didn't get an answer Smile

So , $100 is good money , if you play other games at the same time , on Natural8 , or on another poker room , you can also play this freeroll , without investing any more/extra time to your daily schedule , only for this freeroll Smile Exception , if you have time to spare , mostly to have some fun Smile
 Mober31/05/2020 12:19:50 GMT
If the tournament has 1000 players as i see here and it runs every single hour.
then it is still a very good one, even with only ten paid places.
We are talking about 24 chances per day to get in the money.
It is gonna happen at some point. How unlucky can you be? Smile
 dule-vu31/05/2020 19:40:48 GMT
if there are only 10 places that are paid,then this is big suprise for me,no matter how many players are in tournament!its strange rule that they could have 1000 players and to give money only for 10 players,its not like on some satellite where you give tickets,its different thing!
 CALICUL31/05/2020 21:35:33 GMT
You can't play if don't like it but if u have a lot of time can try because can do something good. I played in the Americas Cardroom and finished a few times in the top 10 players. It is possible if u take advantage of the good cards you receive.
 Mober01/06/2020 13:11:11 GMT
Well it is their site and they decide on how to give away the money Smile
I have played in the past 100USD freerolls with only top three places in the money.
And with more than 1k players.
So you can say that this is still a good deal. And it makew it even better the fact,
that uou can play so many of them each day.

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