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Natural8 Latest Promo - Stay Home with $100 Freeroll every Hour

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Posted on 18 May 2020 by "T".

Natural8 cares about their players, so they are offering a nice promotion that offers both safety and fun!

Jump in to the daily #StayHome freeroll tournaments from the BEST place to be - Your Home.

The best part - No deposit is required to play!

First things first, sign up for an account at Natural8 via BankrollMob here.

It's simple. There is a #StayHome $100 Freeroll every hour, and you can grab a seat in one per day.

For those who love tournaments, there's more good news: The BEST tournaments with the LOWEST fees - how does this sound?

Guaranteed Tournament Fee Discount - 8% across the board

To make staying at home even better, poker tournament fees on Natural8 are down to a maximum of 8%!

Why not try out some of their most popular tournaments? Or take a shot at their High Rollers or Bounty Hunter tournaments with fees at an even lower 5%!

What are you waiting for? It's time to get busy at home, get as comfortable as possible and fire up some tourneys!

Home is where you will always have a Good Game.

See you at the tables!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. Each account is only allowed to participate in one #StayHome freeroll per day.
  3. Natural8 reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
  4. If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, Natural8 has the right to investigate and remove the players once it's confirmed.
  5. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel/modify this offer at any time without prior notice, at its sole and absolute discretion.
  6. The promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the site. which can be found here




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68 comments on "Natural8 Latest Promo - Stay Home with $100 Freeroll every Hour"

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» Natural8 Latest Promo - Stay Home with $100 Freeroll every Hour

 CALICUL30/05/2020 19:18:58 GMT
Wow. A tournament with 1000 players should have 108 paid seats, not 10. This strategy is very weak for gamblers of course, but that means Natural8 force players to make a deposit. This decision is not a bad one and everyone should be happy with it.
 antonis32130/05/2020 19:41:06 GMT
ACR freeroll with $10 gtd used also to split the prize to top 10 , that didn't stol players to keep on playing them all the time to enlarge their bankroll . And ofcourse many more players were playing it on ACR , and the prize was only $10 , when on Natural8 the prize is $100 , and the players playing it are less I believe . I also had very good results when I was playing these top 10 awarded freerolls , I wasn't playing more cause I didn't know if the winnings had a rollover wagering or not , asked the ACR representative , didn't get an answer Smile

So , $100 is good money , if you play other games at the same time , on Natural8 , or on another poker room , you can also play this freeroll , without investing any more/extra time to your daily schedule , only for this freeroll Smile Exception , if you have time to spare , mostly to have some fun Smile
 Mober31/05/2020 12:19:50 GMT
If the tournament has 1000 players as i see here and it runs every single hour.
then it is still a very good one, even with only ten paid places.
We are talking about 24 chances per day to get in the money.
It is gonna happen at some point. How unlucky can you be? Smile
 dule-vu31/05/2020 19:40:48 GMT
if there are only 10 places that are paid,then this is big suprise for me,no matter how many players are in tournament!its strange rule that they could have 1000 players and to give money only for 10 players,its not like on some satellite where you give tickets,its different thing!
 CALICUL31/05/2020 21:35:33 GMT
You can't play if don't like it but if u have a lot of time can try because can do something good. I played in the Americas Cardroom and finished a few times in the top 10 players. It is possible if u take advantage of the good cards you receive.
 Mober01/06/2020 13:11:11 GMT
Well it is their site and they decide on how to give away the money Smile
I have played in the past 100USD freerolls with only top three places in the money.
And with more than 1k players.
So you can say that this is still a good deal. And it makew it even better the fact,
that uou can play so many of them each day.
 CALICUL01/06/2020 21:40:17 GMT
I haven't seen a freeroll tournament with $ 100 prizes, 3 paid seats and with over 1000 players. Now it depends on the poker room that did not calculate this well... A room on the I Poker network had a free game and the winner took it all ( 5 or 10 dolllars ).
 maragatero02/06/2020 19:33:02 GMT
I loved the freerolls that was running in the old version of Coral poker, that was named "Winner takes all" There you fight against between 100/200 players for a prize of $10, and was funny. But you had one of it in each hour, and it didn´t take more than 30 or 40 minutes. This freeroll with that kind of characteristics is an annoying propose.
 CALICUL02/06/2020 22:52:43 GMT
That freeroll is only good if you win 1st place because for this money we play. Coral Poker it has a destructive turn and river, but it was nice when i played there. Natural8 it can become a good thing if you get over the inconveniences...
 geseco1210/09/2020 19:41:42 GMT
I did not play that freeroll, but investigated and I was surprised that 1000 players played and with 10 winners, that is an abuse and it becomes disappointing, I think they do it for people to deposit, so it is not worth ps natural 8.
 CALICUL13/09/2020 08:23:42 GMT
You are right Geseco. This award format is terrible and i don't like it. They copy one of freerolls in the Americas Cardroom. Natural8 need something more special for his players. I don't think it's hard. $ 100 can be divided into 100 people out of 1,000 and it's much better.
 ligador3714/09/2020 00:40:33 GMT
This promotion still exists? I haven't played poker in a long time, and the truth is, I'm a bit rusty. It would be nice to start with some freerolls to try to win something without depositing, so I don't give money away.
I don't know if there is a place where there are good freerolls. But maybe I open a new thread in this regard, so as not to distort this one. Anyway, any advice is welcome.
 CALICUL15/09/2020 10:38:56 GMT
You can enter in this poker room to see what it's all about. Even if this promotion no longer exists, u will must search to find out if there are others. Normally they have to come up with something... for keep a number of amateurs who wanting that.
 ligador3716/09/2020 00:25:52 GMT
If you're right. You would have to research to see what promotions you have.
At the moment I have approved a no deposit bonus in another room: Rounders.
But it looks pretty poor. Only 27 players online, it is difficult to find regular game tables to fulfill the tasks to get more money from the bonus.
Anyway, it seems that there is some tournament with good prizes and very few registered users. Pretty weird
 CALICUL16/09/2020 13:53:31 GMT
Number of poker rooms has increased in the last 8 years and this is an real annoying reason where we can't have many players to play with them. I like that many sites who offer Holdem to unite together in one. It would be much better for players.
 ligador3716/09/2020 21:02:59 GMT
Yes, it seems to be a big problem. Perhaps it may be that people are not as motivated to play poker as they were a few years ago.
Tried playing poker at Rounders Casino, only 13 people logged in! Tournaments were canceled due to lack of people. I'm going to try my luck in a couple of hours; there is a tournament with a slightly bigger guarantee, and maybe it will attract players.
 CALICUL17/09/2020 14:21:40 GMT
We adapt after possibilities. Where are few players there is not too much money. I avoided many poker rooms with few clients after the Duck Poker period... because it is more a waste of time, need more wager or they have small gains.
 ligador3717/09/2020 22:19:20 GMT
Finally yesterday I was able to play my first tournament at Rounders Casino. He had a guaranteed 100 and was a progressive KO. Few people, I think it did not exceed 25 people.
After a couple of hours of play, I ended up winning it and took home about $ 58 if I remember correctly.
Room with few people, you can make some profit, but the problem is the form of deposit / withdrawal: they only work with bitcoin!
 CALICUL18/09/2020 14:27:09 GMT
I don't know how this rule of Bitcoin works, because mathematical calculations are very complicated, especially since this virtual currency is worth a lot and people don't run so much money that the numbers are easy to solve. It's a nice win and good job.
 ligador3718/09/2020 22:45:57 GMT
Thank you very much. I do think that, to begin with, it was a good victory. But the site is pretty boring. Always the same faces, just about 9-10 users trying to get people to play tournaments. Some play well, many play poorly (I think partly because the site is not motivating).
 CALICUL19/09/2020 15:01:26 GMT
Lack of customers brings this sadness for many players. I can't say exactly if they will be able to attract gamblers because people who have lost money in last 15 years have resigned and "left the scene." That's how it is in every room.
 ligador3719/09/2020 23:09:10 GMT
The room is definitely not recommended, at least now. Be careful, if you use bitcoin, I think you can make easy money. I am not used to that type of electronic wallet, and maybe that is what does not motivate me.
Today I was able to add more money in another tournament, that is, there would be no problem on that side. There is not much level. Could also improve the interface
 CALICUL20/09/2020 20:53:24 GMT
I don't use Bitcoin and don't know how it is. Several years ago had the chance to win more virtual currencies when their value was insignificant. I was lazy and gave up. Now i'm sorry because could be a little richer. Fate made me stop working for that.
 ligador3720/09/2020 23:14:05 GMT
Yes, I don't use them either and I have no idea how everything works. Maybe if I had paid attention from the beginning I would get more involved, but now I'm not very convinced. Too many electronic wallets have appeared and I do not know to what extent they are reliable.
Anyway, we are not in investment times now. It could be dangerous. It's all very changeable
 CALICUL21/09/2020 22:49:02 GMT
I heard that Jews want to withdraw all cash from the market. Virtual currencies can become a new rule and we will be checked by system at each transaction. That will be good for them, but not for people in general. Anyway, play you must to play here if opportunity to earn more money is good.

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