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Florida Poker Rooms to Reopen This Week with Restrictions

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Posted on 21 May 2020 by "T".

Two poker rooms in Florida are going to reopen their doors this week. Players who will be coming in should very well expect an entirely different experience than what they used to know.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa and Bestbet Jacksonville are readying their venues for reopening. Both shall start accepting customers, including poker players, as early as Thursday. Seminole aims to reopen on May 21, whereas Bestbet will do the same on Friday.

Seminole Hard Rock, one of the biggest poker rooms in Florida, has 46 card tables. Meanwhile, Bestbet Jacksonville, home to the popular yearly WPT Bestbet Bounty Scramble tournament, has a huge card room featuring 70 poker tables.

Are Florida Poker Rooms taking a Gamble?
There are risks involved when opening a casino amid a global health pandemic. In the Florida state, there are 47,471 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2,096 deaths as of this writing. Despite this, a couple of cardrooms are ready to welcome their players back to the felt.

For now, playing poker shall be a bit different. According to Bestbet's Twitter post, all guests entering the casino premises shall be required to wear a face mask and added, "We will be practicing social distancing guidelines through our facility."

At Tampa's Hard Rock, to ensure social distancing, plexiglass dividers will be placed at the tables. Also, checking of temperatures will be done when entering the casino. Anyone with a temp above CDC guidelines, including casino employees, will be asked to leave. Poker players and all casino patrons will also be required to wear face masks. The casino will be placing hand sanitizer stations throughout their facility.

Other US Poker Rooms set to Reopen Soon
It could take a year or even two before live poker in America returns to its normal, pre-coronavirus, way of life. Slowly but surely, cardrooms are starting to reopen again all over the country.


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28 comments on "Florida Poker Rooms to Reopen This Week with Restrictions"

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» Florida Poker Rooms to Reopen This Week with Restrictions

 roeish321/05/2020 21:21:42 GMT
As long as they keep their clients safe, this is very good news. It is actually not that hard to put a transparent dividers between players and as long as the dealer's hands are clean you can go through a game completely safe from the Corona virus.
I guess is it works all casinos will follow very shortly and poker players' lives will go back to normal.
Let us all cross our fingers for that.
 antonis32121/05/2020 22:08:40 GMT
These plexiglas dividers , are they really needed ?? LOL .. Anyway , I hope these measures have good results , so as more poker rooms and casinos to reopen , and I hope very soon , not in a year or two years , everything to go back to normality , and all live events to be played once again . Some casinos are reopening , that's very good and promising .
 ImRincewind22/05/2020 06:35:12 GMT
First of all they should guarantee the custumers and employees safety, after that, it's good to hear that, slowly things are getting back to the way they where before... it's a step forward... I really hope things go well...
 maragatero22/05/2020 13:05:52 GMT
Again antonis321...ALL IS NEEDED! we had this talk in another threat. You insist in make some light to the restrictions and I explain there that all the measure into the poker´s room have to be taken. not only the plexiglass, also the mask, the temperature´s control, the station to sanitized his hands, etc. You are fighting against the virus, doing it with a no sense fight against the measure...
 Mober22/05/2020 18:38:34 GMT
The pace can be slow but at some point it will be a turn back to the way
of life we used to know. At least this is what we all hope for...
It is remarkable seeing that the live poker may take up to two years to come
back to normal rhythms. That is a long time to go...
 CALICUL22/05/2020 21:30:25 GMT
Be glad that there is no restriction and now you will see the WSOP in the fall on TV, or maybe you are lucky to qualify for a live tournament. In this way may visit Florida as well and can play poker with pleasure. It is important to arrive in the USA.
 antonis32122/05/2020 21:38:06 GMT
I don't know maragatero , the plexiglass what purpose serves ??? I mean , if you have mask , ....Ofcourse one player can touch the other , so if they were gloves there would be no need of these plexiglass dividers , as contact between players through hands or mouth saliva would not be possible . Am I missing sth ?? This plexiglass ... It reminds me of the communication rooms in JAILS , so as the prisoners , especially the ones in a death row , to communicate with their visitors , friends or relatives . Very depressing Sad
 roeish323/05/2020 06:00:30 GMT
Gloves are useless, unless you know how to operate them. They say it's even worse than not wearing gloves. If you touch your face with an infected glove you will get sick and everybody touches their faces. It only makes you feel protected which makes it worse.
The Pexiglass is to make social distancing - the most important element of fighting the Corona virus. This works great in the outdoors, not sure that it will work with an airconditioned environment.
 antonis32123/05/2020 18:59:16 GMT
If you clean the air inside a closed doors/roof facility , like a casino , with air-conditioning system , things are much better . If they have gloves , things are better as well , imo . if they wear also masks , then the possibility to get infected goes down , almost to zero . If you add the thermo detector in the entrance , scanning players and personnel , 24/7 , the cleaning personnel working 24/7 , then you know if plexiglass is needed or not . This stupid plexiglass I also see it in the supermarkets cash desk , in front of the emploees , in my country , but at the same time these employees don'rt wear gloves , they touch your products , touch their face or neck or surfaces , and then again your products ... This plexiglass is for their protection only ??? Also laughable .....
 CALICUL23/05/2020 21:39:57 GMT
In a month, the masks and gloves will probably disappear because i think people will have a hard time with that and the heat will be guilty. Scanning is a colossal abuse. Don't allow that. Something is wrong with these 5G, vaccines, scanning, chemtrails, gas etc...
 maragatero23/05/2020 23:07:22 GMT
Supose this antonis321: a player is fighting for a big pot, he take his mask down to touch his nose that was itching, in that moment sneezes and cannot prevent a part of its dew from splashing everything around it. That is only one of the thousand of situation tha make the plexiglass an useful prevention. And it might be use to give some psichological security, don´t you think?
 roeish324/05/2020 05:30:24 GMT
Thermo detectors only detects the ones that shows symptoms. The problem with this particular virus is that it is contagious long before symptoms are shown.
Gloves are useless. Masks really help but the best thing is social distancing and the best way to do it in a close vicinity is by the plexiglass. The only problem I have with that solution is the ventilation system. I would be much more calm if it was in an open safe outside but this is probably asking too much.
 CALICUL24/05/2020 23:07:41 GMT
The virus will spread in anonymity and people will throw away gloves or a mask. Life returns to normal for most of us. The others will think differently, as a frustrated member of BRM, but this is the situation. Poker will be played in Florida and everywhere where there are casinos with this.
 antonis32124/05/2020 23:22:14 GMT
I suggest we could play live in a casino wearing these very good uniforms , then everything would be much better , or even more there would be no need to use any extra precaution . They can also use breathing mask , like the ones the frogmen use , lol , for better protection . They can also be plugged to blood machines , like the kidney disease people do , lol , but they will use them to check their blood real time for corona virus or other deseases , tests will be running evry half an hour Big Smile

The best way to check body temperature is from the ass , maybe players will be playing while plugged in with thermometers , you know where Smile

In 6max tournaments , they can place 7 bath tubes around the table , 6 for the players , one for the dealer , and fill this bath tubes with disinfection liquids , lol .

Also , it's not ony Maria Ho , many players do go to casinos and stay before and after tournaments in the hotel rooms there to have fun , sex , . So why not , close the hotels , or give them the pills they give to soldiers in many countries' armies , to reduce their sexual impulses , lol , so as to acieve isolation .

Or impose them to wear darth vader kind of masks , opening only with keys the casino men will have , lol , also they could wear metal gloves , firmly locked to the hand , also the keys will be in the casino responsible personnel , and they will unlock them when the players want to leave the casino Smile

Or wear to the players chains , like they do to the dangerous criminals and convicts , then lock these chains on the table , in a way that the movement freedom grades for the hands will be very few , a;llowing them to move around their chips only , so as no yo be able to reach the other players .

Also they can enchain the whole body of the poker players , not only the hands , at the tournaments tables , BDSM like , so they will use only their mouth to say what moves they want to make , and a floor manager or the dealer will make these moves . A little change in the poker rules and habits , but necessary .

I could think sooo many other ways to guarantee safety , Plexiglass dividers is only the beginning . Let's try all these methods , and many more , see which method fits us best , which isolates us completely Big Smile

 maragatero24/05/2020 23:51:41 GMT
Yes roeish3, I agree with you. And all the problems that are trying to solve with these measures are only a little and obvious proportion that all the possibilities of infection that can be happen in a poker´s room, with a tournament with thousand of players. Inclusive, the way that all that people travel to the place. I don´t think that play poker maybe an essencial matter.
 roeish325/05/2020 08:34:00 GMT
I agree with you - Maragatero. It is really not an essencial matter, but eventually all matters will come back to normal, or at least the "new normal". This "new normal" will include casinos and poker room actively accepting players and gamblers. The two questions are when should they open and how should they operate.
It maybe too soon still, but I don't think that casinos will not operate in July/August. I just hope they will manage to make it as asafe as possible for the staff and players.
 maragatero26/05/2020 00:43:33 GMT
Yes that´s true, with the new normality, finnally, the tournaments could return withi their thousand of people walking around. But, the list of activities that need to be starting in first place is really long. In m y country, we couldn´t see our friends and loved people, the childs couldn´t goes to the schooll, all the system education, inbcluding superior levels, are stoped. A lot of people can´t work...
 roeish326/05/2020 16:04:10 GMT
It's the same here. The schools are just getting back and malls also. Restaurants will follow and later also entertainment. The real issue will be the financial status, as there are tons of new unemployment in the country and recession is on its way. Maybe the worse one in the national history.
Not sure how many that could afford playing poker online or abroad will make a timeout until the financial status will let better.
 maragatero27/05/2020 02:00:35 GMT
Here we have a little advantage because the virus arrives a couple of month after the european and chinese aclotion. So we are expecting to see what happen with the measure that all the rest of the countries are doing now, and we will try to adjust the better practice to our situation (culture, geography, politic system, etc). We have crossed fingers!
 CALICUL27/05/2020 09:58:03 GMT
Florida it is a very beautiful place where people visit a lot and there many of them will play at the casino. I've seen this in a few movies and the same thing is in reality. I think it's good because it's hot there and there will be no epidemic that turns into a pandemic.
 dule-vu27/05/2020 22:37:28 GMT
for europe is same thing,but now everything will be normal because of warm weather and corona will stop,but nobody know what will be in september and every country expect that it will return when colder time come!at least we will have normal summer,with football,sea and everyting!after that they can close everything again Big Smile
 maragatero28/05/2020 02:27:54 GMT
Maybe that that will be the new famous normality. We will have some tiemes in the year to live an almost normal life (without situation of overcrowding in multitudes) and some distance in the friendly relation (to the latinos, that is very hard), and another times in the year where we have to be in some kind of isolation. All of this with a certain number of additional deaths for this new cause, like background...
 CALICUL28/05/2020 14:01:49 GMT
I like normality and now in my country people started walking on the street and in a few days many things will open. The casinos will be full because football will reappear and the slots will be occupied by gamblers. Is a good things and enough pleasure.
 maragatero02/06/2020 19:46:24 GMT
Good luck with your wishes CALICUL, but I think that you are wrong. The publics events with many peoples sharing a space, and travel trough the cities will not be open for a while. You have to be happy with can walk along in the street (taken good distance), and share a big space with a little group. Here in my country, is starting the allow to make little family weekly reunions
 CALICUL02/06/2020 23:06:14 GMT
In Romania the traffic is good and it is not allowed with a group of more than 3 people. People are forced to wear masks but many of them do not listen to it. Here, fines of over 130 million euros were imposed because the citizens did not listen. They know that this COVID 19 IS A BIG LIE and now in USA is a little war.

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