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Las Vegas Slot Machine Malfunction results to Gaming Board tracking down $229K Jackpot Winner

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Posted on 07 February 2022 by "T".

A lucky man from Arizona became richer by $220,000 from a slot machine in early January after a visit to a Las Vegas casino, but he only learned about it recently.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced on Friday, February 4, that Robert Taylor had won a jackpot worth $229,368.52, but a "communications error" in the slot machine prevented him from knowing that he had won the big prize.

On January 8, Taylor won the jackpot at a progressive slot machine at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to a press release from the board.

However, due to a communications error at the time, the slot machine malfunctioned and did not promptly inform Taylor and casino personnel that a progressive jackpot had been won.

Taylor had already went back home to Arizona by the time a thorough review of the slot machine was finished and communications technology confirmed that he had indeed won the jackpot, the board stated in the release.

After the casino failed to identify the winner of the jackpot, the enforcement division of the board launched an extensive search. They carried out several interviews and reviewed multiple hours of all the surveillance video, ride-share data and purchase records they can get in order to determine the winner.

The investigation took over two weeks, but in the end they were finally able to successfully identify the casino patron as Robert Taylor, the board said.

Chief of the board's Enforcement Division James Taylor said, "The Nevada Gaming Control Board is charged with the strict regulation of the gaming industry, the protection of the gaming public, and ensuring that the industry benefits the State of Nevada. I commend the agents of the Enforcement Division, particularly Agent Dan Nuqui, for ensuring that the public trust in the gaming industry remains strong by spending countless hours over two weeks to ensure that a patron is awarded winnings owed to him."

Taylor was notified that he won a jackpot on January 28. He will collect his winnings during the first weekend of February 2022.


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23 comments on "Las Vegas Slot Machine Malfunction results to Gaming Board tracking down $229K Jackpot Winner"

 dule-vu07/02/2022 11:20:22 GMT
what to say then congratulations to this winner and such a big jackpot for slot machine!its bit strange that he will get this money after long time!now we can see how machine can do wrong,but its good that contacted him and that he will enjoy in this money!great success!
 geseco1208/02/2022 04:47:45 GMT
This man returned that day very sad of not winning anything, and when they called he found out what had happened, he had won tremendous money, these are things that happen and you can not avoid them, it is the technology that in the end is responsible for doing justice.
 dule-vu08/02/2022 06:07:10 GMT
We can hope that this would not happen to some of us!we can see what machine can do it!
 ligador3709/02/2022 05:08:07 GMT
I miss everything that happened and what a surprise for the winner haha. How nice it would be to know that I have won an award that I never thought I had won.
In any case, the most remarkable thing is the concern for wanting to locate the winner and give him the money that corresponded to him. Applause for that.
The only concern is that this glitch does not provide much security to the player, because it shows that machine can fail.
 dule-vu09/02/2022 05:51:50 GMT
at least they called him to say that he is winner!
 eloy212/02/2022 00:57:34 GMT
It is very strange what happened, this man came back that very sad day for not having won anything, when he called and found out what had really happened, he had won tremendous money, there are things that happen and things that life has prepared for us and not we can avoid it
 CALICUL12/02/2022 00:59:24 GMT
this story it's very bizarre...
 eloy219/02/2022 00:25:03 GMT
Of course this news is very rare, this man returned that day very sad for not having won anything, and then he realized by surprise that he had won many congratulations
 CALICUL19/02/2022 00:35:51 GMT
a lucky man and a good amount of money
 geseco1219/02/2022 02:16:04 GMT
these are very crazy news, it seems that it is difficult to happen but in this world anything can happen, that's why the most important thing is to give our 100%, the rest always comes, in this case the technology took care to do justice and give the winner his deserved prize.
 CALICUL19/02/2022 02:16:44 GMT
many strange things happen and some of them have happy endings Cool
 ligador3719/02/2022 20:20:36 GMT
Strangely, lately we have read stories like these, of winners who had not found out that they had won, like the woman who found the email in her spam folder notifying her that she was the winner; or the boy who found out from his mother; and this case(I even think I forgot some other).
But this one here is the one that seems the strangest to me
 CALICUL19/02/2022 20:24:33 GMT
there will always be different stories, but we can't know how true they are. There is a possibility that they will be directed to make people play, but the winners who tell them are real of course. There is also the option where the stories are still directed, but the winner is fake ... However, many people win correctly.
 geseco1222/02/2022 03:38:26 GMT
The important thing was that it was all transparent, and I think that should always be so, sometimes the machines can fail of the moment but everything is recorded, and this player had won a great prize, a good gesture.
 dule-vu22/02/2022 05:42:51 GMT
We can see how machine can do wrong and make big mistake!its good that they called him to inform him about win!
 eloy224/02/2022 04:16:45 GMT
This story is very rare but I am surprised by how lucky he was to win $229K I was quite surprised but sometimes the machines can fail at the moment but the prize I win is amazing congratulations
 dule-vu24/02/2022 06:01:40 GMT
Machine can make mistake,but its on people to admit that and to pay player like they did in this case!
 geseco1201/03/2022 04:21:14 GMT
machines can make mistakes for various reasons, but the human being is there to correct, that is why this man was able to receive what he had won in these games. always justice first.
 dule-vu01/03/2022 06:03:28 GMT
Thats why we need to watch machine do when we gamble!
 eloy203/03/2022 04:52:30 GMT
This is a difficult story to explain because of the great luck of this man, I did not imagine winning a tremendous prize, congratulations, I hope that this year 2022 will go well for all of us
 dule-vu03/03/2022 05:49:37 GMT
Sometimes we can stop this kind of mistakes!
 geseco1203/03/2022 22:53:24 GMT
that happens many times, but there are companies that hide that and do not give the award, but there are others that are transparent and very professional, recognize and do justice to what happened, good for this man great victory.
 dule-vu03/03/2022 22:54:16 GMT
Its good that they admit mistake!

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